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    New challenge time!! This challenge is mostly about getting back into the swing of things after the unique chaos of June and July - but also looking towards some new things on the horizon. Things to keep -tracking food -gym twice a week These things are good for me – body and mind. In the gym I’ll be focusing on increasing my endurance (move longer) and general cross-training for dance. I do want to start poking around with other stuff down the road, so prep work now isn’t a bad idea. Also, I’ll be going to a training intensive in October, so I’m stealthily preparing for 18 glorious hours of dance and movement! New goals -75% of food homemade or raw (i.e. less pre-packaged foods and eating out) This is deceptively simple. In order to do this, I will need to pack my lunch most days and stop relying on pre-packaged/processed food and eating out for lunch. I think approaching it from the angle of “as much homemade as possible” feels better than “eat out less”. -Daily practice sessions: Dance I want to figure out the flutter!! I understand it on a technical/anatomical level, but I’ve never really put in the effort to get my body to do it. And now that there’s no impending giant gig to prepare a thousand things for, I can refocus on things I want to explore. -Daily practice sessions: Japanese I have been dabbling in learning for a while, but now I’m planning a trip with my friend post-Olympic season! We have started to actually narrow down dates and look at locations. She is learning Korean, so we’re going to Kyoto and Seol and we will be translating for each other. So, uh, better step it up, huh? So, check in will look something like this: Food tracked? (35 points possible, one for every day tracked) Homemade? (40 points possible, one for every day all my food is homemade/raw, and 1 point for each week I hit 75% or more) Dance? (35 points possible, one for every day) Japanese? (35 points possible, one for every day) Gym? (Goal is 10 points, though I could get more than that - each workout session is good for one point) Sooooo, an A+ super score would be 150+ (because let’s be real, there will be days I’m not eating 100% homemade, and that’s okay). I will consider 120 or more a win in general.