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  1. Quick before-bed update [emoji42] Monday: Food tracked? Yes! Homemade? 100% Dance? Yes Japanese? Yes Gym: not today Points: 4 Tuesday: Food tracked? Yes! Homemade? 83% Dance? Yes! Japanese? Yes! Gym: Yes? Points: 4 I may need to rename that gym goal. Right now, it’s mostly about wanting to make sure I make time to movement outside of class/practice. So, for example, I accomplished that today with some extra walking and stairs. I didn’t need to do that, I could have just moved my car closer to the studio, but I chose the extra movement [emoji16] Past few days have been pretty good, and I’m
  2. Sunday: Food tracked? Yes! Homemade? 100% Dance? Yes! Japanese? Yes! Gym: not today Points: 4 Points for the week: 21 + bonus point for 83% of my food being homemade/raw, so 22! Sundays are great. They are very much my day. I spent most of it cooking up things for the rest of the week, to fend off that “oh, there’s no food at home, guess I’ll get something on the way” feeling that usually strikes mid-week. I made a huge batch of curry, and with the cold-ish rainy weather we have the next few days I’ll likely be taking some of that for lunches too. Flutter update: Something is happening here
  3. Friday: Food tracked? Yes! Homemade? 50% Dance? No, I forgot. Japanese? Yes Gym: not today Points: 2 Saturday: Food tracked? Yes! Homemade? 75% Dance? Yes! Japanese? Yes! Gym: not today Points: 3 These days were a bit off, but in a good way. Had a girls night on Friday, which was very needed. Went adventuring a bit on Saturday: first to the farmers market. On the way home, my sister was talking about venues to get married at, and I had to show her my favorite little chapel - it’s hidden away on campus (where we lived growing up while my dad was attending university). Now, the adventure pa
  4. Actually, I agree. I think for most people, gaining literacy is unnecessary and probably a hinderance. I just know that one of my (eventual) goals is to be able to read folklore and poetry as they were written, because I love them! And, at least right now, I’m not following any specific method or program - just going with what interests me in the moment. Oh, p.s. - Fridgely is that app [emoji4]
  5. Quick update:: Wednesday: Food tracked? Yes! Homemade? 80% (this has been unusually consistent) Dance? Yes Japanese? Oops Gym: not today Points: 2 Thursday: Food tracked? Yes! Homemade? 100% (there we go!) Dance? Yes! Japanese? Yes! Gym: not today Points: 4 Anyone else just... so worn down by the world lately? That’s where I am at.
  6. I’ve tried “serious” meal planning in the past and it’s always fallen flat for me. It seems I crave a lot of freedom and flexibility in my diet, so I try to allow for that. It’s a lot easier now that it’s the height of farmer’s market season here. I go every Saturday and scope out what looks good and try to plan my week around what I pick up there. And now that I’m thinking about it, I used to use this neat little app (because there are aps for everything, right?) that helped keep track of what you had in the fridge and would also give you a reminder if something was about to expire or neede
  7. Right!? As long as it doesn’t become a regular thing, it will be okay. Anyway - check in time: Food tracked? Yes! Homemade? 80% Dance? Very yes! Japanese? Working on it. Gym: not today Points: 3 What a day!! Had a dance event - So practice today centered around that. The Downtown Development Association put on a free dance event with instructors from studios all around town and I observed the hip hop class and jumped into the ballroom one before I taught my little intro class. I am exhausted, but it was soooo fun. I am gonna get some Japanese in before bed. But first I’m taking a momen
  8. Food tracked? Yes! Homemade? 80% Dance? Yes! Japanese? Yes! Gym: not today Points: 3 Not a bad day one, all in all. Especially considering I have been in a not-ideal mental space - the past few days have been really tough (large scale, not really in the personal sphere). I’ve been having a tough time sleeping, and also I had my first bout of sleep paralysis in years on Saturday. I sure haven’t missed that. For movement today I focused on hip mobility and also followed along with some workshop snippets from a few dancers spotlighting the flutter. I followed that up with my Japanese - focuse
  9. Yay for trying things - but be careful! [emoji23] It’s just something I’ve never had luck with. Bellyrolls/deep body waves/backbends I do pretty well with, but this little move has always escaped me. And, in fairness to myself, it might just be a move that doesn’t work well on my body - but I have to give it a fair shot first before determining that.
  10. Me too! It’s my personal favorite (though not particularly authentic/traditional) prop. Always a crowd pleaser.
  11. Following along!! Handstands are on my short list of tricks to work up to, so thanks in advance for inspiration [emoji16]
  12. That. Wub-wub-wub-wub with the belly. It is done by locking the airway and contracting the diaphragm while relaxing the abs.
  13. New challenge time!! This challenge is mostly about getting back into the swing of things after the unique chaos of June and July - but also looking towards some new things on the horizon. Things to keep -tracking food -gym twice a week These things are good for me – body and mind. In the gym I’ll be focusing on increasing my endurance (move longer) and general cross-training for dance. I do want to start poking around with other stuff down the road, so prep work now isn’t a bad idea. Also, I’ll be going to a training intensive in October, so I’m stealthily preparing for 18 glorious hours
  14. Okay, real quick: That’s so dang adorable!! Moms are great. Following along for your awesome goals!
  15. It is!! I’m happy with how it turned out since it was my first time really trying that pattern. And that green top is near and dear to my heart, my dance partner and I have matching-ish ones. I made the bases and we embellished our own. I have enough trim to make more for our far-away dance sisters, and I really should get on that!! For ref: mah dance partner and her ingenious use of necklace as belly-drape.
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