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  1. Thank you everyone for stopping in! I'm a fan of MyFitnessPal. Week 1 was tough but shaking it off. Just got finished tracking my dinner after a refreshing workout. I was so tired but glad I got it in because seeing the progress in terms of stamina really encouraged me. Now just need to remember to make time to relax and breathe for those 5 minutes a day.
  2. Gonna keep it simple and try to build on the basics I've been working on. One of my biggest goals over the next couple of months is to get safely out of the pre-diabetic/diabetic range. With that in mind, my goals are: Nutrition: Track all meals and snacks Nutrition: Don't go out to eat more than 2x a week Fitness: Work out 4x a week Level Up: 5 minutes meditation daily
  3. That meal plan looks on point. Also, looked up the Smaug figure and oh my goodness that is just the most adorable thing ever!
  4. Great goals! I'm also now intrigued by Kvaldlo's workouts. They look great.
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