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  1. Welp, this wasn't really the return that I had been expecting. I meant to post way more often, but that hasn't happened. Not gonna make excuses though. It's my own fault, so I'm just gonna have to make a conscious effort for the next week, and really dive into the next challenge afterwards. My progress so far has been as follows: FITNESS- Walk for the sake of exercise 30 minutes every day. 17/22, good enough for a solid C+ DIET- Track all food with MyFitnessPal. 20/22, a strong A- grade right there. WRITING- 3 pages a day, every day. 0/22. There aren't letter grades low e
  2. That's neat, I hope they all had very happy birthdays!
  3. I wrote this all out and meant to post it earlier this morning, but whatever. It’s been almost two whole months since I've used the forums. Loads of stuff has happened since then. What hasn’t happened is good fitness. But my life has settled down a fairly significant amount, so I’m ready to jump back in. It seems like an especially good day to do that, not only because it's the first of the month, but it's also my 25th birthday. And I'm promising myself that this is the year that I get myself back on track, that I figure stuff out, the year that I really get my life going. It starts today.
  4. Finished the mask! I was up until all hours of the night last night, but I didn't want to go to bed until my work was done. Okay, technically it's not actually finished, but all that I have left to do is sharpie the moon onto the mask's forehead. But there's a quandary here. On the cover of the issue this costume is in, the moon symbol is red. In the actual pages of the comic, it's a black outline of the moon. The pen that MK steals and uses to make the costume is red and appears to write in red ink, except for when it draws this symbol. I haven't made a decision as to what color I'm going to
  5. Oh man, I guess Thursdays just aren't for me. This time I made a conscious decision beforehand to be a certain amount of unhealthy, then accidentally wound up being way more unhealthy than planned. I went to a football game with friends last night, so I decided on letting myself eat and drink like crap for the game. But getting the tailgating stuff set up took more time than expected, so I didn't get my workout in (gonna have to shift around my rest days like last week). I didn't have time to cook, so I ate garbage stadium food for dinner, and garbage fast food for lunch. I bought too many sna
  6. I hope those potatoes trying to be chips successfully became chips. Also, any time anyone mentions potatoes, this song starts playing in my head. I wish I knew how to embed youtube videos.
  7. I don't have any specialization, at least not yet. There's just so many exciting events and time periods and cultures and civilizations across all of world history, it's hard to narrow things down and focus in. Probably something I'm going to have to do soon though. That sounds daunting, but really cool. I wish you luck as well. What made you gravitate towards that field of study specifically?
  8. I'm going for History and Secondary Education, and throwing in a minor in Anthropology for good measure. The plan is to be a teacher, but I'm also not gonna shy away from other work opportunities related to history, like in a museum or something. All of my professors have had really exciting careers in their fields doing a myriad of things so I'm gonna pick their brains about job possibilities throughout the semester. Thanks!
  9. See, I can't do long series. I have problems committing to one book by itself, let alone a series of them, so most of what I read are just one-and-done's. I just finished reading "Roosevelt's Beast." It's a fictionalized account of a real expedition taken by Teddy Roosevelt and his son Kermit down a previously uncharted river in South America. The Roosevelts get separated from the expedition and are conscripted by a local tribe to hunt and kill a mythological monster terrorizing their village. It was pretty alright. Not amazing, not terrible. It could have very easily gone for campy, goofy fun
  10. Late night update, woo! I got out of work way later than I expected to today, and didn't eat at all during my shift because things were crazy. So I had a late dinner (crap food too), then waited until midnight to work out. And now, while I debate between making myself some food or just going straight to sleep, I shall post. WEEK ONE SUMMARY FITNESS GOALS Walk every day for at least half an hour. 7 days. 7 walks. A+ Workout 3x a week. 3/3 Shuffled around my rest days due to a terrible hangover, but I didn't actually miss any workouts. A+ DIET GOALS Cook at least
  11. Can confirm, burpees are the worst, also can't unsee boob light.
  12. I think it's great that when you felt like you were on the verge of giving up, you turned towards NF this time instead of shying away from it. That really says something, and that decision shouldn't be overlooked. Failing to some degree is kind of inevitable for everybody. But being able to get back on track and not let that deter you from your ultimate goals is what's important.
  13. The thing is, I don't particularly go out too often. Last challenge, I only drank twice. Didn't drink at all during Week 0 (one of the few things I kept up on, actually). And only once so far this challenge. I don't feel compelled to go out every night or anything, and I turn down drinking with coworkers more often than not. So you're probably right, my goal should be to limit my number of drinks, because that's what I have a problem with. I get going and then don't know when to stop. I've flippantly tried to set limits, but drunk me usually just ignores them in favor of having a good time. "O
  14. Happy (belated) birthday! Good luck on the job hunt. I hear you on customer service jobs being terrible. I work in a restaurant and not a shift goes by without me wanting to burn the whole place to the ground. I hope you find something consistent and tolerable soon.
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