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  1. I'm a bit late to the party, but I'm here for the awesome! Also, the Zombies, Run! app (I used the 5k training one. I'm still not quite there yet, but getting better). Sorry about the migraines I get them every couple of months, and almost always in the middle of the night. I have found that it I make sure to drink enough water, that I don't get them as often. Magnesium has also helped...just not too much! Congrats on kicking so much ass so far! It looks like your week 2 is shaping up to be great!
  2. HelllooooOOoooOooo! Yeah, ranking it is pretty tough - they're all so close, and awesome! I'm with you on the repeating enviro in DA II, and, ugh, the Deep Roads were my least fave part of DA:O. It must be done...but damn it, why so boring??! A lot of "...haven't I been in this cavern already...?" Yaaaay Treva! Glad you're here! Mostly I've been scheduling in presentation stuff while I'm at work. Though, I have a feeling that since work is so darn busy, that I'll have to do some work at home too. I'm feeling okay about it so far, I keep reminding mys
  3. Thanks! And that's a good question! I think it's because how 'normal' or average, relatively speaking, Hawke is vs. the Inquisitor (with the mark), and the Warden (with the whole surviving the taint thing). A lot of 'hard work' vs. 'hard work + special power' (well, which could be a limitation in the case of the Warden, and was a limitation (later) for the Inquisitor...but I think you know what I mean ). It's that 'step-by-step' progress and work that I think is a good model for these challenges (it's also why I like the Mass Effect series and FemShep). Now, as far as the games actually go,
  4. Seriously. I'm that person who will show up to the designated room for a work meeting about 5min early. Sitting by myself. Awkwardly. And now here I am, showing up late for the challenge...but hey, at least I'm here, so, here.we.goooooo! Awwhhh-yeah! Some awkward Shepherd-shuffle! I am back from 'shore leave', after all. Which is the theme of this challenge: recovering from shore leave, getting back on track, and continuing to be awesome. Goal One: Back to Good Habits, get Moving: Measure: Be active 4x/week. Being active could mean: walking home
  5. Thanks, folks!!! I called on Friday (the Friday before I left) for an update, and the kitty is doing well! Had some ticks removed, but is doing well and will be put up for adoption soon. Yaaay! I'm baaaAAAaack! Well, I've been back for awhile, but work has been such a shit show that I haven't really had enough time in the evenings to update. The vacation...didn't go quite as planned. On the upside: I got two runs and one weight session in (so, 3 challenging workouts), and then met my walking goal (or surpassed it) 5 of the 7 days. The other two days, I was still close. So, I would sa
  6. Yowzers, week 3 is almost over!!! The rest of week 2 went pretty well. Food: B+ (darn you, chocolate bar!!!); workouts: A (3 runs and 1 weight session, so made my 4 activity days); Sleep? I'll give myself a B. I've been hovering right around 7.5hrs, sometimes a few min less, but closer to 7.5 than 7. Diss work: Getting into a better habit, worked on it 4/7 days. Week 3 so far: It has been my worst week. I went running on Sunday (woo!), went for a few walks...but that was it. Tuesday's workout was sidetracked BECAUSE I SAVED A KITTEN! There was this wee orange tabby kit
  7. Soooooo....week 2 is almost over! Week One: Success, over all. Sleep: A-. I was always in bed 8hrs before my alarm went off, but, didn't always fall asleep right away. Still, I flirted with 'close to 7.5', or over some days. I'm going to see if cutting screen time even more will help with falling asleep faster. Staying Active: A. Success. I was active 4x last week. 2 runs, one lifting session, and one hour-and-a-bit long walk. That day was going to be a lifting day, but I wasn't feeling the greatest. I did stay active though and went for a long walk inste
  8. YAAAAAS!!!!! I may have to 'borrow' this idea from you.... Also, awesome goals AND even more awesome ass-kicking!!! Hope the rest of the week goes well! :livd: Get it done!
  9. Here for the ass kicking! I mean, you kicking ass. Not to get my ass kicked. You know what I mean. Also, love the antlers! And dancing! Yay for everything! Except early mornings. Those are less fun.
  10. Aww, thank you Treva!!! I always love meeting another Bioware fan! I know they have more things than just ME and DA, but they're my favourites. I've played through the entire DA series multiple times. I'm not sure which one is my favourite yet...it's a tough call, since I like all three of them! Also, your "BE A DRAGON AGE WARDEN. ACHIEVE THE MASS EFFECT GALAXY. DO THE BIOWARE" made me laugh! Today was one of those days where I needed a laugh, so, another thank you Haha, FemShep with thyroid issues! Awesome. That would be super-awesome if you come across any information (I do lov
  11. Amaya - yes, indeed it is; but I did way better on my last challenge than I had when I first joined NF (and then took a long hiatus), so, I'm pretty sure I can get through it Glad to have you along! Badger - I just laugh-choked on my water reading the "I was saying boo-urns"! Awesome. I figured that there would be a good amount of people that would get the reference. Aaaaanyway! Thank you! Yeah, it does suck to know this is 'hanging over my head' and will likely always be with me. However, I'm not about to give up on myself and not try and do things if there's a chance it might wo
  12. Well, if not a celebrity - then at least an inspirational person/hero of mine (your story was how I found NF! ) Life seems to be a death sentence, so, there's that I take the broader point though - focusing on the negative does tend to make things feel worse/becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy kind of thing. So, thank you again! Based on your challenge thread, I'm thinking you're on vacation now. So, hope you're having the fun!
  13. This is what I'm after: The Mass Effect series is probably my favourite. Neck-and-neck perhaps with the Dragon Age series, but I like the use of the same character across all three ME games, and really, who doesn't love FemShep? I think it may also be an interesting way to plan and complete challenges long term, as I would go through the N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, and N6 'training levels'. With four weeks per challenge, plus a weeks break in between, that's about 7-7.5 months or so; putting the achieving 'N7' around end of March/beginning of April of 2017...which is perhaps cl
  14. Whoa. I kind of feel like a celebrity of sorts just waltzed in here. Aaaaanyway! Thanks, Spezzy! Glad to hear that it hasn't been too rough on you. I think I may have over-read all the 'horror stories' of others dealing with it. Then again, they could have been dealing with it for years, or have other complications...who knows. Still, thank you! And, thank you for the link; I've been browsing about his site, but hadn't come across that one yet. -- Thanks, Treva! Yeah, seems like my immune system was going crazy with those numbers. But, I'm not too easily discouraged,
  15. Time for the end of challenge check-in! Yesterday, Saturday, was an enforced rest day...because it pretty much poured all Friday night into Saturday, and all day Saturday. We really needed it though, lots of crunchy grass! Just as well, really, since it was a pretty intense leg workout on Friday, having a break was likely a good idea. Did the final Zombies, Run! workout of week 3! I'm no runner yet, but I'm getting better. Overall, I would say the challenge was a success. I tracked food every day, avoided wheat for about 3-ish weeks of the challenge, (still haven't ha
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