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  1. It certainly is! Thought I would put some variety in those snowflakes So here's my last update of this challenge: 1. Drink 1.5L of water a day. This went quite well! I didn't always keep a precise count of my water so I might have missed some days, but overall I did it no problemo! I will step up this Litre count next challenge. 2. Workout 3 times/week. The transition from summer to school went great! I only missed one workout! My school has all free-weights which I love! 3. Spent 10 minutes in prayer and Bible-reading every morning. Loving the idea of "No Bible, No Breakfast" - it's been phenomenal for me to get that 10 minutes in the morning to get my priorities straight and focus myself on what truly matter. 4. Find 5 healthy snacks I enjoy. I found them! Apples with almond butter, Spitz, trailmix, hard boiled eggs, and got a whole bunch of fruit! As for the other to-do's: Wedding prep has taken a bit of a hit. I really need to step up my game for that since the wedding is only 5 months away!!!! The textbook is done!! I finished it yesterday morning. I just need to re-read my long textbook summary and make changes before I hand it in. The woodburning also took a hit this month. I will need to talk to my cousin about the wood he offered me. The Inkscape tutorials went well! I am almost done my spaceship tutorial!!! I just need to add some background material. I have posted the work-in-progress below. I had to shrink it quite small in order for it to fit the size restriction.
  2. School started this week! I missed a workout earlier this week, but made sure I did it today at school and going again tomorrow Never going to skip twice in a row! My cousin told me he has some cedar laying around at his house which he offered I could use for my wooden coasters. I'll be taking a look at those hopefully soon. I finished the snowflake tutorial! The simplest one is from an online tutorial and then I expanded what I learned to make the other ones. I'm working on a spaceship tutorial right now, which is proving to be a lot more time consuming than the snowflakes, but that's alright! Other than that, I got chapter 6 done for my textbook summary. I'm hoping to get 1 or 2 more done this weekend. My fiancee and I finished out center pieces and we are loving the result! We really need to get a caterer and florist booked now.
  3. It's been almost two weeks since the challenge has started and there's still so much to do! My challenges: -Drinking 1.5L of water a day has been good. Some days I missed it but overall i have been managing to do it. A couple days I even drank 2L, which was great! -I've been working out 3 or 4 times a week with my fiancee. The other day we did a leg workout and we were both super sore! Had troubles going up stairs haha. It sucks being sore but you know you're muscles are getting stronger! -I've taken the suggestion to read my Bible and pray before breakfast. This has been wonderful! Some days I look at the clock and realized I've done 20 or even 30 minutes! It's been nice doing it before anything else because now I don't forget or get too busy. And it feels like a great way to start off the day too! -For healthy snacks, I've taken a liking to almond butter and apples. Such a great snack! I got some trail mix as well. Just yesterday night I was playing a board game with my family and while they brought out the candy snacks, I decided to grab my trail mix. Small win!! A couple years ago I tried Spitz and really loved them, so I'm going to the store later today to get some. I also found a healthy high-protein pumpkin chocolate recipe. I'm going to make that this weekend and see if I like it. I think that will provide a nice alternative snack to the nuts and seeds. As for the wedding to do list, I'm picking up my altered suit on Saturday! So excited!! Also, wedding favors have been decided on and for groomsmen gifts I think I'm going to wood burn coasters for them. The center pieces are almost done, just need to assemble them to see if we really do like it. We have our eyes on a musician but we want to hear him play and sing first. And for the honeymoon we decided to go to Europe so now we need to look at countries and then at places! I've been working on a Inkscape tutorial about snowflakes. They are quite simple but I've been learning more about making shapes and all. The book summary is coming along quite nice! I've halfway done chapter 5 (out of 12 chapters!)! I'm hoping to finish chapter 5 and 6 this weekend. I have yet to buy the wooden coasters, I hope to get a chance this weekend to do that.
  4. Haha we thought so too Although I stopped using bookmarks and just remember where I was last time. I tend to forget things often so its a good memory exercise! And thanks, that is helpful! I'm a youth leader at my church and we are going to the beach today. I had apples and almond butter packed until I realized that a couple of the youth are allergic to nuts
  5. That's awesome! You're doing great!
  6. Well I tried the apple slices with almond butter and it tastes really good! Should I be cautious with the high fat content? I could eat that by the spoonful haha. Also we decided on wedding favors and will have our photographer booked tomorrow (forgot to add that to the list). For wedding favors we'll give the guests a choice between two: musical note bookmarks (I love reading and we're both avid musicians) or mini whisks (my fiancee is a baker). We'll be looking around for ones that are good quality yet not too pricey.
  7. Update! Just got my wedding suit today! It's a slight pin-stripped charcoal-grey suit. And the jacket is a perfect fit so I don't need to get that hemmed at all Feeling like a boss with the suit haha Didn't know peanuts aren't actually nuts haha. Learn something new every day! And I'll be giving that a try this week. And thanks! I'm definitely loving the origami animals too!
  8. Oh wow! You got a big garden! I admire that! I hope to start a fruit and veggie garden too once I have my own place. And Kiwifruit? What kind of climate do you live in that you can grow that in your backyard? Tropical I presume? And good luck on the sewing goals this week!
  9. It's looking good! Great to see you getting those goals done quickly. And loving the garden by the way! What are you growing in it?
  10. Thanks! And ya my fiancee is all over pinterest haha. It's quite neat to be able to see all those ideas in one place. We've already used it to start looking at center pieces and wedding favors. Oooh that could be quite the motivation! I will try that this week and see how that goes. And then I won't keep putting it off since I'll want breakfast aha. Thanks for the suggestions! What type of nut butter do you normally use for with the apples? Almond butter? Or does any nut butter work well? And that high-protein chocolate pumpkin pudding on that link you send me looks delicious! I'll be trying that for sure! Here are the graphic design pictures. This first one is Rolling Hills and it's the first tutorial I did with inkscape. I used it to get an understanding of the various tools that inkscape has and didn't do anything else with what I learned. I learned how to create shapes, fog, and the jagged effect on the mountains. I also learned how to combine shapes together in various ways to make the archway. This one is Origami Animals. I did the lion with a tutorial and then used what I learned to create the penguin, rhino, and pig. As a person who loves minimalist design, I really love how these turned out. I learned more about creating shapes and using shading to create the folded origami effect. My biggest difficulty was getting everything to align properly. I have yet to learn how to do that properly in Inkscape.
  11. Thanks! And ya I'm sure that not being around the candy will help a lot haha. Ahh okay that is helpful. I will check those threads out and see about those apps. That could help me out a lot
  12. One of my biggest enemies to productivity is schedule changes. I find that as soon as my schedule changes dramatically I neglect my new good habits and return to my old bad habits. And these next two weeks my enemy is returning. I just finished my summer internship at my church and will be going back to college after a 2-week lull. So my schedule is changing twice over the next two weeks.This means that I need to be extra careful to keep up the good habits I have been starting to form with my last challenge. I'm mainly going for consistency this challenge instead of trying to do more. 1. Drink 1.5L of water a day. At work I brought my water bottle with me wherever I went. I will continue doing this at home and at school. 2. Workout 3 times/week. Although over the next two week this will be easy with all my free time, this won't be the case when I go back to school. Working out while being stressed with homework and exams will be the challenge. 3. Spent 10 minutes in prayer and Bible-reading every morning. As a Christian this is super important for me. Yet these I seem to neglect the most during major schedule changes. 4. Find 5 healthy snacks I enjoy. In my last challenge I had troubles substituting unhealthy snacks for healthy snacks. I think it will be easier if I can build an arsenal of healthy snacks to combat the unhealthy ones. If you have any suggestions for healthy snacks let me know! Since I have several things I would like to get done over the next couple months, I will add in my personal to-do list for accountability. One of the big things is that I'm getting married in February! And with all that excitement comes a lot of planning! We are going for a short engagement (we got engaged in July) so we have to get going on getting it all ready! We have already done a bunch of planning over the past month and a half but still have a lot to do. Here are what we hope to get done over the next month. Wedding To Do's: A. Buy a suit. I'm going to use a suit instead of a tuxedo at my wedding. I don't have a suit yet and want to buy one so I decided to buy the suit for my wedding so that I can use it afterwards. I will need to look online for what kind of suit I want and then I will have to go out and buy it! B. Plan table center-pieces. We have been looking around at how we want our tables to look. We just need to make some decisions and try it out to see if we like it. C. Decide on our honeymoon. We have to decide where we want to go and what we want to do! D. Find a musician. We want someone to play the guitar at our wedding. We have a lot of musical friends and hope to get one of them to play for us. E. Decide on wedding favors. We need to look around for what we want to give our guests as a thank you. This needs to be done early in case ordering takes a while. F. Decide on Groomsmen gifts. What will I get my men? Not sure yet so I need to spent some time thinking about that. Non-wedding To Do's: G. Complete my book summary. One of my teachers for next semester is giving us the option to complete one assignment early. We have 18 pages to make a summary of our 500-page textbook. I want to complete this before school starts so that I don't have to worry about it during school. H. Complete 2 more Inkscape Tutorials. I want to learn about graphic design so a couple weeks ago I found the application Inkscape. I have completed 2 tutorials already (pictures to come) and hope to do 2 more this month. For each tutorial I complete I also have to use what I learned to make something else (i.e. I can't just duplicate exactly what they did but have to also make my own artwork). I. Woodburn a design on wooden coasters. I have also been learning the art of pyrography. I really like the minimalist design and want to try out a design on wooden coasters. This will require going out and buying a set of wooden coasters, making a design, woodburning it, and then applying a finish to it. I realize this is a lot to do but I do have 2 weeks of spare time. I will aim to do at least 1 post every week with updates but I hope to do it more frequently than that.
  13. This four week challenge has gone quite well. I passed my water and workout goals! It's been quite hot here the past week - 34 degrees Celsius, which makes it easy to drink lots of water. However, I don't feel very motivated in the heat to workout. I'm glad I got my fiancee working out with me though since we can encourage each other to workout when we don't want to. This past week we had a children's summer camp happening at the church I work at. And boy is there lots of enticing candy everywhere! I definitely failed my goal to substitute unhealthy snacks for healthy ones. In fact, my diet has gone quite downhill these past two weeks. I've eaten so much junk food... I guess that on the bright side I have a super high metabolism that no matter how much junk food I eat I don't gain weight. I will definitely be trying that challenge again next time. Also, on a positive note, I have been eating healthy salads for lunch this past week! The meditating 5 min/day went well at first but within a couple days I completely forgot about it. Next challenge I will try to instill some reminders to help me remember. I like waking up early and not being rushed in the morning so I'll see if I can add it to my morning routine.
  14. Haven't updated in a while.... mhmm I should try to do so more often. Anywho! It's been going great! I'm working out with my fiancee three or four times a week at the gym! I'm slowly moving up in weights which is great! Also, turns out that we are very similar in strength. We often end up using the same weights for workouts! Then when one of us decides to try a higher weight, the other wants to keep up and goes for the challenge. There have been no snacks at my job for the past month. So good news is that I don't have to worry about the temptation to eat the junk food. I find that the hardest thing to do is to stop doing what I am doing and take the five minutes to just sit still and think. There is just so much stuff I want to do that there doesn't seem to be any time (like all the books I want to read! And there just doesn't seem to be an end to wedding planning) Although drinking 1.5L a day was harder at first, I'm finding it easier now. I think I'll move up the amount for my next four week challenge.
  15. I joined Nerd Fitness last month but got distracted and haven't posted anything. I'm quite skinny and tall. I joined Nerd Fitness because I volunteer at my church's youth group and found that I was barely able to play the games with the youth without running out of breath. I want to become fit so that I can have energy like them and become a force to be reckoned with during game time I'm also getting married next year and hope to be strong and fit for the married life. Here are my quests for my first challenge. I'm keeping them simple to begin building those habits. - Substitute 3 unhealthy snacks at work for healthy snacks (There are always cake and cookies around at my work and my hand can't help but grab them... Curse those chocolate chip cookies!) - Meditate 5 min/day (I spent way too much time doing nothing all day without giving thought to anything) - Drink 1.5L/day (I don't drink much throughout my day and probably am quite dehydrated) - Workout 3 times/week (I've been starting to workout with my fiancee which makes this a lot easier to do)
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