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  1. HALF WAY MARK. Fizzy drinks are almost entirely out. Have had a few, but they are rare. Down to about 1 a week. My French is coming along well. Few problems with pronunciation, but the amount of words I know has increased greatly. I have managed a 3 km run. This is close to 2 miles. It was a struggle though. I have been able to bench press increasing weights. Hopefully will have my body weight done by the next three weeks. This week i will find it difficult to work on my goals due to a number of important exams coming up. I must remember to take time out from studying to work on these goals.
  2. Here's a more detailed plan of how I intend to achieve my goals. No fizzy drinks - take a bottle of water with me wherever I go. Conversation in french - I have some basic French at the moment. I intend to learn new words/phrases on a daily basis. Run 2 miles - I'm going running every 2 days for half an hour at the moment. Not constantly running for that time, have to alternate between walking and running. Bench Press Bodyweight - Currently working on the beginner body weight workout and the angry birds workout. 2 days on 1 day off.
  3. I'm 21. University student in my final year studying engineering. Haven't really given much thought to fitness and health until recently. I wouldn't say I'm unhealthy, but definitely below average when it comes to fitness. This is my first challenge. Hopefully my goals will be achievable but challenging Strength (STR) - 2 Dexterity (DEX) - 2 Stamina (STA) - 2 Constitution (CON) - 2 Wisdom (WIS) - 4 Charisma (CHA) - 3 MY GOALS No Fizzy Drinks +3(CON) Be able to have a conversation in French +4(WIS) Run 2 miles without stopping +5(STA) Bench Press Bodyweight +3(STR) Will post again soon
  4. So after several weeks of meaning to, I have finally signed up. I'm a student from Northern Ireland who never realised how unfit I was until I moved house. I was struggling to lift boxes I know I should have been able to lift. So I aim to increase my strength. And of course make my body something I am proud of. I am awful at putting things off until they are never done. This includes exercise, assignments, phonecalls....everything. Hopefully by joining Nerd Fitness and posting regularly I will stop putting off exercise. I want to be a do-it-now-not-tomorrow guy. This is my first step.
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