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  1. Great work on adapting your life over the last 5 years! That's awesome!
  2. OOC: For a quick and dirty introduction that's still in development: Lorcan Cuirc. I'm not new to Nerd Fitness, or even the Rebellion Forums to be accurate (though I haven't participated much in the last year). But, I am coming at this as if I am brand-spanking-new. Any helpful suggestions or advice would be much appreciated. I read the book in two days last summer and instantly LOVED the concept of gamifying my goals. I've been applying it inconsistently since. Now, after some life events I've decided to really look at myself, my life & goals, and rebuild. That's why I'm h
  3. I think that's a cool idea!
  4. I think it's great & inspiring what you've been doing! And awesome in the Berg Lake Trail hike! I'm looking forward to reading about it!
  5. Thanks @Tanktimus the Encourager
  6. Haven't seen anything about singles on the forum. Is this against the rules?
  7. This is what I think most of us are here for. It's tough taking the steps you've taken so far! But you did. And now you're here and we can support you. It gets better from here on. Welcome!
  8. Thanks Kestrel! I haven't posted my stuff yet, still working on it. But I'll have something posted soon! My poison: I like jogging and am also working on a weight training program as well. Not too interested in competition levels, except for my personal bests. So right now it's just about getting back into better fitness for health sake. Edit: Been exploring different jogging routes around Leduc and noticing woodpeckers and bluejays around (not too common in Edmonton in my experience. Will be getting back to the 24hr World Health Club in south E
  9. Hi Kestrel, I only recently started following your post and a couple others', being new to NF. I'm sorry to hear you had that kind of experience at a gym but I'm glad it's sorted out and in your favour to boot! Keep up the great work! Lorcan (Leduc, AB)
  10. Been gone a long time, folks. Apologies. There's another page for an Edmonton meetup that has additional commenters:
  11. I'd like to organize an Edmonton meetup for Rebels, new and veteran alike, to meet and get to know each other. It's a great opportunity to creat a support network and maybe even a group to adventure with. Anyone interested? Reply here!
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