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  1. my advice would be, rest it, ice it, and slow easy stretching, and maybe back off on the weight for now. If it is just inflammation, rest with ice and maybe some ibuprofen will do the trick, then slowly build the strength up in the joint/tendons/muscles of that area. I am having to work on that with my shoulder at the moment. It really sucks because snatches and overhead squats are pretty much out for me for while, I can't do more than 30lbs for those moves right now.
  2. when I go through stages of counting calories, I always use my food scale. I have a digital one I bought at Target a couple of years ago. I tried myfitnesspal for awhile because it worked with my BodyMedia Armband but I really didn't care for it. I use FatSecret instead.
  3. I'm not competing, but will be doing the WOD's, since they are being worked in to the regular weekly programming. Looking forward to seeing how everyone does
  4. fresh green beans, tossed in bacon grease, roasted till slightly brown and crispy. Best thing ever!
  5. there are lots of foods people feel are healthy for them. You just have to do your research, and decide the 'why's' of what you feel is best for you and what is not. I know paleo is best for me, because after taking sugar and grains out of my diet, and then eating them, how horrible I feel. How much more pain my body is in, the increase of mood swings, and increase in rashes I get from my own hormones and other things. What if you do your research, find that you start to agree that grains and sugar are harmful to the body? Could it change how you see your job? Just some things to think about. There are plenty people who will agree that fruits, veggies, lean meats, low fat, and whole grains are what is healthy, and some people disagree with that.
  6. Fran and I met up again today. 55lbs thrusters, 2 purple and 1 red band for pull-ups 9:34 Before we met, we worked on hang snatches. I dislike snatches and thrusters. Give me any other lift.
  7. I am on day 2 of wearing it. The first day, my arm ached wearing it, not sure why, today I barely noticed it. Im liking the data, I had 1130 cal deficit yesterday, but only 172 deficit today. I still have dinner to eat so not a good day. Had I not known the numbers, I would still be assuming, I did just fine today. I had a smoothie for breakfast, chicken and veggies for lunch and a little frozen yogurt, tonight I am having Italian sausage and chicken. I had a very light day at the gym today so not a lot of calorie burn. I am going to have to some sort of activity tonight. Knowledge is power
  8. I made some sweet potato chips tonight, sliced thin, tossed with some coconut oil, laid out on a cookie sheet and sprinkled with cinnamon. I still need to play with cooking times and temp, but the ones that were not burned, were AMAZING and I don't even like sweet potatoes.
  9. the WOD today was Filthy 50. Since I am still relatively new, and have never done that WOD, It was scaled to 30. I subbed box jumps to step ups on the 20in box, and subbed 90 singles for the 30dubs. My time was 29:29. I was pretty proud of that. We also worked on squat cleans. i LOVE squat cleans. 75lbs EMOM for 15min. Up from 65lbs last month.
  10. I ordered one. it will be here tomorrow. I have not lost weight in almost a year, and no change in clothing size either with working out 3 to 5 days a week. I am having pretty good strength gains, but that's it. I still have a good bit of fat to lose and I hoping that keeping track of both cals burned and consumed are going to help figure out what's going on. Do you like it, do you find it accurate, do you wear it everyday?
  11. anyone have any experience wearing a BodyMedia arm band?
  12. mandy75

    Coconut flour

    I made an amazing pie crust with coconut flour, coconut oil and eggs once. I lost the recipe though
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