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  1. Kewl topic - I've only ever come across one broad article/post on the subject: http://blog.chaosandpain.com/drive-trucks-break-arms-and-arm-wrestle/ There's some interesting training systems used by some of the best. Warning! NSF^
  2. Hey bro, I'm no PL expert so take everything I say with a grain of salt but I do have some thoughts on your current predicament. 1) I agree with everything SpecialSundae has said. 2) I personally go along with Jamie Lewis' belief in NOT peaking for a meet. Getting in 3 solid attempts and 3 green lights. This is just my opinion but I want to roll up knowing exactly what I'm capable of hitting and not "hoping" for a new PR. 3) If you're worried about lack of recovery I would stick with an EOD (Every Other Day) setup like you've been doing but really turn up the volume. I'
  3. Awesome! I'll definitely look into that. Yeah, I agree about pressing more. As as a side note: does anybody else get light headed/grey out when they clean & strict press? Well I suppose it's more of a power clean and then strict press but I went for a new max today (3 days before my meet, I know...) and worked up to 170 lbs power clean & strict press @ a bodyweight of 131 lbs (w/ shoes on) but on certain sets I thought I was gonna pass out! I do have naturally low BP though...
  4. Yeah, that seems to be the consensus. Carter talks about how the shoulders can take a lot of volume and recover quickly. Starr made a similar observation and recommended pressing AT LEAST 2x a week. I'll have to look up Wendlers perspective on the subject. I know he mentioned it in 5/3/1 and Beyond 5/3/1 but it's been a while since I've revisited his works. As far as upper back goes - that's my secret weapon. I love training my back more than anything else, neck included. I've yet to see a guy/gal with a big press that didn't have big traps to go along with it.
  5. Evening all, So I'm kinda a$$-backwards and posted here in the intros after already posting in programming but I thought why not? I'm a 26 year old guy from eastern PA (Reading, PA) who loves lifting heavy $h!t and listening to even heavier metal. On top of that I'm an avid reader, cook, outdoorsman, and make believe film critic. Oh, and of course total NERD! Video games, comics, GoT, zombies (really anything horror), and old pulpy stories by gents like Lovecraft, Howard, Hodgson, and the harder than you crew. I joined up up cause I'm constantly looking for
  6. Haha, like how Lamar Gant's scoliosis made him into a deadlift juggernaut. Good stuff. After a coupe cycles, probably like 6 weeks or so, building up my OHP I definitely want to to start focusing more on my deadlift again. I made the mistake of obsessing over my squat cause naturally that should be my easiest lift since I have short legs...nada. In actuality it's my bench and deadlift. If only I spent these last several months pulling like my prepubescent self I think I could've easily moved into the mid 4 hundos at the same bodyweight. I went months on occasion without actually deadlift... Eh
  7. Jeez...sorry to here bout the kyphosis. Is it just pressing to the front or can you go behind the neck (Kloklov style)? I can sympathize with the ceiling height issue too. I train outta my basement as well but I have an advantage in being mad short, hahaha. So I can press full diameter plates no problemo.
  8. Thanks! What's your current press at? I'm eyeing up the OHP leaderboard on here once I find my new maxxx.
  9. Well since there hasn't been a lot of feedback on this particular subject I guess I'll go ahead and be the Guinea pig. Staring next Monday I'll be running a wee little custom routine I threw together that's two parts Smolov Jr., one part Bill Starr and one part Paul Carter, two very powerful pressers and manly men. I'll be updating this over in the logs but I warn you: if you're sensitive to "overtraining" then keep your distance.
  10. Shout out to my fellow barbarians and amazons of iron! So here's the deal-o... I've got my first powerlifting meet coming up next Saturday (8-6-17, day after Suicide Squad hits and you know I've got tickets for that already) and I'm booored with squatting, benching, and pulling. I follow the Chaos & Pain philosophy of weightlifting which can be summed as the following: frequent, heavy, varied, and violent. Which is fine but I've dropped the variety for lots of back squatting and benching. A typical week for me looks like this - Monday AM 1) *Bodyweight Curcuit 5-10 Sets
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