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  1. I don't know if I have these problems or not. My two biggest concerns are T and bones. I don't currently have a main doctor.
  2. I go to the gym regularly. But it's just now dawned on me that maybe there is a reason for all of these. I weigh over 150 now, when at this time last year it was over 140. I got up to over 160 this year but tried to cut and now I'm back in the low 150s. I mean if I am not able to lift the bar past 45+25 for all this time then something's up. I have been lifting for over two years now and I go 4-5 days a week. Even arms and dumbbells I can't go past 20s. I just think that I may have something internally wrong. I have not posted here in a while.
  3. So I am wondering what conditions may be affecting me. The bench press I can still only lift to around 25 lbs on the bar. I don't feel there is enough muscle being made and I should be having more. Also, I could have testosterone issues. So I think my progress may be hampered by the following conditions.... Bone issues, hopefully not Osteoporosis Less T Klinefelter, but I do have leg hair, facial hair, but lack hair between chest and stomach and it's sporadic there. Marfan Syndrome Scoliosis may also be affecting stance. My chest seems like it's not pushe
  4. So I was getting concerned a while back and some of these remain, as evidenced by my last post. Someone at the gym who has not come around that time for a while came up to me and suggested I drink a half gallon of milk a day. Since I have started doing this, I have noticed weight gain on the scales. I believe I have gained about four-five pounds in two weeks. Also, I believe chocolate milk is best after working out so I have about two cups when I get home. Now, the concern. I have read by a poster at BB.com in an old thread through a google search that milk takes calcium away from
  5. I end up eating too much of this stuff. For instance, fast food biscuits and microwaving previously cooked meals as well as actual microwavable foods. I have heard microwaving kills calories especially and it seems people are always saying grilled over fried.
  6. Unfortunately it's sold at Wal-Mart. I don't go in Wal-Mart.... Recently I got this Edy's ice cream with Splenda. But I have heard splenda is bad because it's in diet sodas.
  7. I drink mostly unsweet tea myself, but on the go, I go for the half cut. And I have sweet cravings I try to reserve for just after working out unless I need to amp up my calories before bed. Last night, I had two ice cream sandwiches.
  8. I can feel my pecs(I don't feel flat-chested) but they are not out enough yet to really notice with my shirt off. I am not sure if it is possibly my scoliosis or the fact that I still don't weigh enough. I often feel like going the route of pec implants. It just feels this is a long process and if I am a long way of having definable pecs then maybe I should really consider this.
  9. That's what I'm doing now. Basically the left arm has reached it's peak compared to my right about two reps short or so.
  10. I feel I need help when it comes to when to stop a set, adjusting the seats, and some form. I don't need a trainer all the way through for all of this except for when to quit a set.
  11. Will35

    Blender help

    I have tried raw veggies before, when I was a kid. I have avoided them since. I ate cooked onions until I got a certain age. I can eat some foods with diced or dehydrated onions but I am swallowing basically. What vegetables would you suggest? I am not into tomatos or onions. Carrots, I can eat cooked, as well as collards, turnips, I can even eat celery. But at my age you just can't suddenly start eating something you haven't. As I have seen numerous times, protein builds muscle. And veggies contain about ten extra calories per serving. Veggies are also low in protein. I have b
  12. No it's not a sharp pain. It's like a sting, and it is usually where I am working out. I think the word I was looking for was "sore". I have done some alterations these last few weeks. I tried something of Bradley Martin's but they were upper chest and arms only. Now I am trying some Jeff C workouts and this is what he's offered in his YT videos for my chest and arms. I always get burnt out doing legs the way I am doing them, so I don't feel I need help there. (hope it's not against the rules mentioning that). I did notice though that I actually was getting a better fe
  13. Will35

    Blender help

    I have never eaten raw veggies so I have to juice them. And I ended up getting the nutri-bullet. Walmart had it on sale it looks like or the price has really gone down. Less than $50. I don't even know if I even need vegetables to build muscle. I always thought they are needed to cut. I have read some articles which is saying a cup of vegetables at every meal and eating them after working out does something to the muscles. It seems the only side food I can think of is rice and baked potatoes.
  14. I talked to the new employee, and brought up Jeff Cavalier. He basically told me that Cavalier does not show enough to help you because he wants you to buy his programs. So is it safe to say that Cavalier's free workout exercises are not worth it because you're not paying for his Athlean-X program. Also, I was told that this guy that works there was "affordable," which is not sitting well with me. So in order to now find out the right workouts is to pay?
  15. Let's say you're left arm is weaker than your right arm how do you even the reps out? And I say testy because the right arm is more active in general than the left arm. I use my right hand to write with and other particular things I cannot get into on here. Therefore, my right side is stronger than my left side.
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