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  1. I got a little busy last week but here is my first update which I meant to do days ago. So this challenge also happened to start the week my summer classes started. Not fun lol. I have managed to have a few good running days. I'm pretty steadily increasing my ability to run longer distances before having to stop and walk. I think three miles by the end of this challenge will be a fairly easy goal. I have to admit I have been neglecting the hand stand goal. I will work on that the moment I finish this post. Oh the joy of burpees. Thats another goal I have been kind of neglecting. I
  2. I just did one about two weeks ago. I would suggest doing lots of burpees in preparation lol.
  3. I have been reading the articles on this website for a long time but have never done one of these challenges. Due to the last article being posted about the challenge, I figured why not try it out. 1. Be able to run three miles continuously. I used to run alot but lately I have slacked off a bit. 4 STA 2. Do a hand stand for 5 seconds. I have not worked on hand stands in a long time but I was once able to get about three seconds on average. Now Im down to one to two seconds. 4 DEX 3. Be able to do 40 burpees continuously. This one was inspired by Spartan Race. I ran one a few
  4. I have actually been reading the articles on this website for a while but have decided to make an account here because I want to try out that six week challenge thing. As for my background I actually lost weight and all that good stuff a few years ago. Now I'm just working on improving my fitness and bettering my diet.
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