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  1. So... maybe daily updates are more than I want to do at the moment. If I'm not doing them when I'm on vacation, that's probably unlikely to happen when I go back to work, right? Right. Week One Update Health Team Therapy - we talked a lot about body image and some of the deeper stuff underneath it - brought up the idea of trying to figure out how I feel safe in myself and in relationships Nutrition - eating enough snacks - cooking about once a week - body grief workbook - call went well and we worked through the first exercise in
  2. These are great! Thanks musical nerds! W1D2 - Monday Health Team - worked on anger expression - sent my foot some gratitude - did my full day of PT exercises Positive Connections - updated my challenge - chatted on discords - connected on voxer Creative Fun - not sure W1D3 - Tuesday Health Team - sent my foot some gratitude - did my light day of PT exercises (supine IT band stretch, calf stretches, and towel toe scrunches) - met with my RD and talked about how food and bo
  3. Haven’t heard Pantera before. You weren’t kidding about the vocals!
  4. For this at the moment, I'm doing System of a Down, lol. I am open to basically any kind of music but have been tending towards indie, folk, and other things that aren't exactly angry lately.
  5. Still drinking Earl Grey over here, with a bit of lavender please!
  6. W1D1 - Sunday Health Team - cooked some pasta, nom - worked on anger expression (see separate post for details) - sent my foot some gratitude - did my light day of PT exercises (supine IT band stretch and towel toe scrunches) Positive Connections - put up an NF challenge - cheered some rookies - chatted on discords - connected on voxer Creative Fun - did a little challenge on the WB discord Not a bad day one at all!
  7. Work has been... bad. I'll type up an update at some point. I'm looking for new jobs though. Always glad to have you around, love. Yes, I lurk. Happy you're here, chaplain! Thanks Addelas. Welcome welcome! Sorry about being in the brutal work club. It's like the least fun club... Highly recommend, lol.
  8. Creative Fun I finished the first draft of my second novel this last week!!! So I'm going to give the story about a month to sit and rest before I dive into editing. That means that I have time to play around with other forms of creativity. Maybe I'll write some poems or short stories or mess around with other types of creativity.
  9. Positive Connections I am very lonely during this pandemic since I moved fairly soon before it and didn't have time to make local friends before everything was locked down. This means that I'm leaning on online communities. - NF - Writer's Block discord - World Anvil discord and offshoots - Embodied Witch Inner Circle
  10. Health Team I am working with my therapist (Taylor), nutritionist (Rebecca), and coach (Amy) to try to heal and take excellent care of myself. I'll report in on the homework that they give me as we go forward. Therapy - working on trying to do nice things for myself when I get stuck in a shame spiral Nutrition - eating enough snacks - cooking about once a week - body grief workbook Coach - mindset : anger expression - mindset: "what can I learn as I hold this?" - mindset: gratitude for my foot - movement: PT exerc
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