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  1. Hello good friends and rebels. I just returned from two weeks in Antarctica. I have SO MANY penguin pictures and other things that I want to sort through and share with you that it seemed like a pretty good idea for a theme. There's too much goodness to put into one post anyway, so I will be weaving the story of this epic journey through my challenge for the next few weeks. If you want more backstory on me, head over to the battle log. The link is in my signature. I'm not really sure what goals I want to focus on for these weeks, but I figure that I'll get that sorted out in the near future anyway. Let's get moving!
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    karinajean self loves like LIZZO

    Hi KJ. I hope things are going well!
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    Annyshay's Antarctica Travelogue

    Ok, rebels, let's start the trip recap! Sunday, February 3rd was the first day that I began travelling. As I think I told you guys, I got on a plane in the afternoon that took me to Dallas. I had a few hour layover there where I got some BBQ for dinner, and then hopped on to the longest plane ride that was to Santiago, Chile. It was a 9+ hour flight, and I had the very good luck of not having anybody in the seat next to me. I was able to spread out, watch Ant-man and Avengers, and get a sizeable nap in, so it was quite the success in terms of a long flight. We landed around 9am in the morning on February 4th with the time zone changes. I quickly realized just how much the trip would be holding our hands along the way as there were people with Lindblad/National Geographic signs every few feet to make sure that we got our luggage and through customs without any difficulties. After I was collected, we waited in a group before boarding a tour bus that took us to our hotel for the night, Hotel Santiago by Mandarin Oriental. When we arrived at the hotel, there was a little reception set up for us as we checked in. They had fruits and drinks ready for us that overlooked the glorious central pool with a waterfall. I got my room and keys and headed up to the room. A few minutes later some of the hotel staff brought up my luggage. It was weird for me to trust other people to move my luggage around not least of which because we had been told that no tips were expected or required. It was going to be an hour or two before my traveling buddy arrived from her flight through Miami, so I decided to take my book (Endurance) down to the poolside area and read until she got there. The time passed peacefully, but eventually it had been quite a while, so I went up to the desk to ask if there was any news about her flight. At that point, I learned that her flight had been delayed by more than 12 hours and wouldn't land until after midnight that night. I was worried for my friend and anticipating how tired and cranky she might be, but it at least made clear to me that I didn't need to wait for her any longer. There was a tour of Santiago organized that I decided to join at 2pm after having a late lunch with a couple from Seattle that were going on the same trip as I. For the city tour of Santiago, we piled back onto the same tour bus that brought us from the airport. Our guide talked us through a lot of details about Santiago in a fairly monotone voice. I didn't fall asleep, but many of those around me did. About an hour in, we got out and walked through some of the downtown old monuments like the Presidential Palace in the Plaza de Moneda and the Stock Exchange. We then walked down a pedestrian boulevard to a the Museum of Precolombian Art. It was so hot that I was glad to be back in doors. The museum was brief but well organized, and I was struck by the diversity in the world that is so often seen as something to be suppressed in my all-too-often Eurocentric culture. We got back on the bus and returned to the hotel with a bit of time for a nap before an opening reception on the lawn behind the waterfall pool. There were lots of snacks and drinks to be had while one of the naturalists explained how the next day or two would work for us. I met quite a few people and made the start of some friendships for the trip. Afterwards, I returned to my room and ordered room service for dinner. Dinner took a while to come up, but it was delicious when it arrived. I slept in a few bursts in between the delivery of a dinner for my roommate and her arrival around 2am. It was great to see that she had arrived safe and sound with all her luggage despite her travel debacle. I got caught up on her adventures as she ate some and repacked quickly. We headed to bed to catch a few hours sleep before an early wake up call around 5:30.
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    Raptron on Ice but the Floor is Lava?

    Hey 'Tron. I'm finally back and catching up. Good luck with all those meets!
  5. Looking good! Love the new moniker.
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    [Sylvaa] - EXTREME!!!!

    Extreme! And cute baby pictures. Here as always.
  7. Hi Wolfen! I'm back and just wanted to encourage you. I know there's a lot going on in life for you lately, but God's got you. You've got this.
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    Annyshay's Antarctica Travelogue

    When I woke up from my nap, I took a much needed shower and felt a bit more human. Then I spent most of the rest of the afternoon poking around online, playing some video games, and doing some laundry. I got delivery food because the house was only full of things that I should have thrown out before I left for two weeks. I spent some time journaling and catching up on 4 the words as well. It's Love Week over there which is a celebration that they do yearly for Valentine's Day. I went to bed pretty early around 7pm because I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. This morning I woke up at 7am. I got ready for the day and then did some writing which I posted already for you. I transferred my photos onto my computer. Then I headed to church where I served communion even though I wasn't scheduled (somebody didn't show up). Afterwards, I went straight to Trader Joe's to restock my house. I think I'm going to work on cooking a bit more often now that I'm back home. We'll see how well that works out though. Now I'm getting my photos uploaded into google photos so that I can start organizing and working on sharing some penguins with you all. It turns out that I have 737 photos, so there's lots of penguins to go around. Don't worry too much!
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    Annyshay's Antarctica Travelogue

    Well rebels, I am back in my own apartment and starting to catch up on sleep and essential things like laundry and groceries slowly. As I type this, I'm working on transferring all of my photos over to my computer from my memory drive. I have hundreds of them but not thousands, and I feel like I struck a pretty good balance between actually enjoying things while I was in Antarctica and taking enough photos to remember and share the experience with you. I'm not sure if I want to use Instagram for posting everything, so I might experiment with some different ways of uploading photos over the next few weeks. Before I bust into the travelogue (I know I'm trying your patience a bit, but I want to do this thing right, so bare with me), I want to tell you a bit about how things are going in my current life. I got home around 10am yesterday after over 26 hours of traveling by planes, boats, and automobiles. The last leg was a ride in a van full of my friend's family. They were kind enough to pick me up from the airport, so I was able to not worry about the final stretch of my journey. In exchange, I got to answer questions from her young kids and play games with them. It was a delightful way to end the trip, actually. They dropped me off at home, and Dragon was immediately all over me in excitement for my return. I picked up the pile of mail that had been collecting while I was gone. I moved the suitcases into the house. Then I just sat with Dragon for a while and got all the snuggles that either of us could want. I unpacked the big suitcase, since I borrowed it from the same friend that picked me up from the airport. I wanted to be ready to return it to her when it was time, and I usually feel better if I start unpacking pretty quickly. I piled up some of the papers that I got on the journey next to the mail, so I will have to organize that later. Eventually, it was time for a nap.
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    Annyshay's Antarctica Travelogue

    Patience is a virtue, Chaplain.
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    Annyshay - PENGUIN!

    Let's do this right...
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    Annyshay - PENGUIN!

    As some of you remember from various drops and hints, I'll be travelling to Antarctica in early February for two weeks on a National Geographic cruise. It's going to be AMAZING. A big part of why I want to go is to see as many penguins as I possibly can, so I figured what better way to theme the challenge leading up to my epic adventure. Let's find some penguins!!!
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    Annyshay's Antarctica Travelogue

    *** Saved for Goals ***
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    lucky fire dragon - rock paper scissors

    You did TWO for me and should feel free to share them.
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    Annyshay - PENGUIN!

    I’m baaaaaack. 33 minutes from boarding the last flight home. The trip was outstanding, and I can’t wait to share details with you guys!