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  1. So... let's pretend this never happened. Lol. New challenge here...
  2. Well, I flopped right out of the last challenge, heh. Work is not good right now, so I am choosing how I respond. Goals: - work with my health team - focus on positive connections - have fun with my creativity I'll get into more details as we go. Let's do this!
  3. W1D3 Breathwork - none yet Health Team Homework - Taylor - being gentle with myself and enjoying vacation (check) - Rebecca - asking my mom about childhood recipes - Rebecca - reorganizing my kitchen cabinets - Rebecca - overnight oats - Amy - drop into my body when I experience shoulds - Amy - one minute of dropped in mindful movement
  4. That's... true, isn't it? My brain really likes to tell me that I'm not doing enough, but you can't argue with checkmarks. I've got my call with Rebecca (RD) tonight, so I will get new homework. Tomorrow is Taylor (therapist).
  5. Seconding this. You're here and doing you're best = winning.
  6. Hi Blaze. I think your original goals are great. Starting very small is a great strategy. Good luck whatever you decide!
  7. Hi Lara, sorry to hear the continuing strife with the in-laws and sleep deprivation. Hugs and support.
  8. Hi Oromendur! Looks great as usual. Glad to see you!
  9. Slides in to week one... ... have we started? We started? Blink blink. I'm back to work after a week of apartment lounging. Trying to balance all the things again. This is the first real zero week that I've taken in a while. I feel behiiiiiiiiind, but we are doing just fine. Right? Right. W1D1&2 Breathwork - did a good long session over the weekend, haven't done any yet this week Health Team Homework - Taylor - being gentle with myself and enjoying vacation (check) - Rebecca - cooking a few meals (check) - Amy - drop into my body when I experience shoulds (check) - Amy - one minute of dropped in mindful movement (check)
  10. Yeah, the Adventurer tag appears to be borked. Thanks Team! We really appreciate all the work that you do!
  11. Week 0 Day 1 Breathwork - did a ~20 minute session which was mostly relaxing honestly Health Team Homework - accomplished Taylor's homework - breathwork as above, and didn't push myself to do things I didn't want to Here are some of my assignments from my health team: - Rebecca - go to the grocery store and stock up the pantry - Taylor - breathwork, be gentle with myself - Amy - drop into my body and do one minute of mindful movement
  12. This is the post that MrsVan is talking about, btw... it's got a summary of where I'm at. Be gentle, good nerds!
  13. Oh my friends. I've missed each and every one of you. Come here...
  14. You moved to an Enchanted Forest!!!!! And Enting is getting so big! Also, your goals and XP plan are masterful. Here for all of this!
  15. Hail, fellow adventurer! Welcome and lovely looking goals!
  16. Well, I guess, I have followed you.
  17. Hello Friends! If you're new to my threads, feel free to check out my battle log for some backstory. It turns out being an infectious disease doctor in a global pandemic comes with a fair amount of stress and over-work. I'm trying to regroup and dig deeper into self care and healing. Goals: 1) Breathwork - I found a teacher named Eryn, who leads frequent courses on breathwork. I've been using this three part active breath to really help calm my nervous system and convince my body that it's safe. It's allowed me to do some deep processing of wounds that I received in childhood. - Sign up for any classes that Eryn offers. - Use recordings from Patreon to practice at least weekly. 2) Health Team Homework - My health team currently includes Taylor (my therapist), Rebecca (my IE-certified dietician), and Amy (my health coach). I work with them at least weekly and they frequently assign me homework to work on between sessions. - Report on my calls with my health team. - Work on my homework between calls. There's a lot of stuff going on in other areas of my life as well, which I'm happy to talk about if people are interested. This is a good start however!
  18. Annyshay gets a big pot of earl grey lavender tea and heads to an unoccupied corner.
  19. Oh cool! The first thing for me was rejecting the diet mentality. For me that has been an ongoing journey to make peace with my body however it shows up and not hold on to some fantasy of being smaller or “thin” or looking a particular way. Losing weight is not a goal for me any more.
  20. Hi Athena! Intuitive eating basically says that we eat what satisfies us. There are ten principles from the ladies that invented the approach. Here’s the link... https://www.intuitiveeating.org/10-principles-of-intuitive-eating/. They have a wonderful book if you’re looking to learn more. I’m happy to answer any questions too, as it’s quite the journey!
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