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  1. Hi folks. Thanks for your support and concern. *hugs* I'm back with a stripped down challenge. I'll be with the druids this go around.
  2. For those that don't know me as well, a little perspective. I've been a member of the nerd fitness forums for 8 years. I've pretty much had a challenge running at all times. In that time, I've learned to meditate, embraced intuitive eating, and stopped punishing myself with exercise. I've embraced Health at Every Size and am working to dismantle my internalized fatphobia. Last challenge my brain just noped out for a couple of weeks. My mood and energy had been bad for months, and I think I just couldn't try to pretend I was meeting my goals any more. I'm starting to feel my mood lifting, and hoping that my energy comes with it. Either way, I think it's time to really focus in on the connection between my mind, spirit, and body. I work with a health coach, Amy Clover, who is the most amazing person honestly, and she has been helping me realize that maybe I can listen to my body when it wants to rest instead of pushing through. She has been encouraging me in these habits, and I want to continue to strengthen them as a solid foundation for my mental health. I've been doing the mindset pack for over a year at this point. More recently, I started writing it down every morning as added accountability instead of just doing it in my head most of the time. I meditate for five minutes. I write down one thing that gives me joy. I choose a mantra to set my intention for the day. I'm happy to share these things with y'all if there's interest otherwise I will just report that I did my mindset pack for the day. Compassion is meant to work on counteracting all the negative self talk that rolls through my mind on a regular basis. I'm pretty good at recognizing it, but given my traumatic childhood, I'm not particularly good at nurturing myself in those moments. This can be small things like saying something nice to myself or bigger things like fancy baths. Dropping into my body is the newest practice that I'm coming to embrace. The idea is that after work I get into a meditative space and then just check in with my body. I can do a body scan, pay attention to sensations, or otherwise just hang out with my physical body. This happens for a few minutes and then I'm up about the rest of my day. Bonus self care activities will be noted as well.
  3. Hello Friends and Nerds! I'm annyshay. I'm an adventurer at heart, and I'm going to spend this challenge with the druids. I'm finally starting to see the end of a long, deep depression, so I am prioritizing my mental health. I'm working to maintain my current habits and expand the last one. Mindset Pack - every morning - meditate - joy journaling - intention mantra Compassion - at least once per day show compassion to my inner child Drop into Body - every evening Allons-y!
  4. Friday w1d6 Mindset Pack (intention mantra, meditation, joy journaling) Compassion Meditation Woke up at a reasonable time and worked through my morning routine. Chatted with my friend. Had therapy, which was rough as ever. Headed into work and had a meeting about a couple of residents that had a hard time on their last rotation. Came back and tried to get work done. We had an ice cream sundae party for lunch, which was a lot of fun. Then I spent the afternoon trying to get myself to do something. My boss was super late in signing out, so I didn't get to leave for two extra hours. When I got home, I ate, played video games, and went to bed.
  5. Thursday w1d5 Mindset Pack (intention mantra, meditation, joy journaling) Compassion Meditation Slept in quite a bit. Got some of my morning routine accomplished. Headed in to work where I had a full day of patients. Came home, had dinner, played Animal Crossing, read a bit, and went to bed.
  6. Wednesday w1d4 Mindset Pack (intention mantra, meditation, joy journaling) Compassion Meditation Woke up with just enough time to do the bare minimum before heading in early to a new program that I'm apart of for faculty development. Spent most of my work day trying to figure out what to do with one patient. Also got some writing and other tasks done. Came home, meditated and napped. Woke up for Stardew with my gaming group. Went back to bed.
  7. Tuesday w1d3 Mindset Pack (intention mantra, meditation, joy journaling) Compassion Meditation Slept in. Got my morning routine sorted out. Showered and did my hair. Work was busy with patients, but I managed to catch up on all my notes. Stayed a little late handling one patient that had an unexpected lab value. Ate dinner, played Animal Crossing, and went to bed.
  8. Monday w1d2 Mindset Pack (intention mantra, meditation, joy journaling) Compassion Meditation x2 Slept in way late. Rushed around to get ready for work in time. Spent the entire morning trying to get one patient admitted to the hospital, gave up in the afternoon and sent him to the ED. Had lunch with my work buddies, one of whom has one week left before she leaves. Saw a few more patients in the afternoon. Had dinner, played Animal Crossing, meditated, and went to bed.
  9. Sunday w1d1 Had another very chill day with naps, a little bit of writing, and finishing off season 2 of Umbrella Academy.
  10. It was quite pleasant. Yum yum. Glad to inspire.
  11. Saturday w0d7 Baked a loaf of Irish Soda Bread Cleaned around the house Slept a lot yesterday. Relaxed with writing, meditation, netflix, and music.
  12. Friday w0d6 Slept in, didn't get through my morning routine. Chatted briefly with my friend. Headed in to work early so that I could get to the morning lecture which was on an infectious disease topic. Had a telephone doctor's appointment. Worked hard pretty much the rest of the day on new consults that were complicated and somewhat worrisome. Tried to help get my team out by 5, but my resident really wanted to do a thorough note on one patient. Came home, watched Umbrella Academy, finished her note, and then went to bed.
  13. I've heard about it but not watched it yet.
  14. Thursday w0d5 Did one legged balances while brushing my teeth. Slept in late. Managed to tell my friend that it bothers me when she shows up late to our chats. She took it ok. Work was really heavy because one child is doing particularly badly and another mom is particularly anxious, so I spent hours talking with family members of patients. It was hard to do anything else at that point. I came home and watched Umbrella Academy until it was time to sleep. The new season drops tomorrow.
  15. Wednesday w0d4 So I'm going to take a break from any specific goals. My health coach thinks this will help with the general feelings of overwhelm and resistance that I'm having. Instead, I am going to use tools when I want to that might make me feel better. I'll still keep you guys posted on what's going on as we move forward. So, Wednesdays are always a bit overwhelming because of all the appointments that I have in the evening. I slept in a bit as well, but I managed to complete most of my morning routine and have my chat with my friend. The work day went fairly well as we didn't have any new consults until the end of the day, when we decided that we would see them the next day. I got home and had therapy, my coaching call, and my gaming group in a row with no real breaks until after my bedtime. Therapy
  16. Tuesday w0d3 Earth - not yet Air - nope Fire - hip flexor stretch + one legged stance Water - nope Was up early, but my friend was late to our chat, so I took a small nap. My team overslept, so I wasn't able to start my work day for an hour or so, which made me feel behind all day. Had only one new consult thankfully. Spent a lot of time talking with my colleagues about one particularly sick kid. Finished up notes late into the night. When I came home I re-watched some more of Umbrella Academy (season two drops on Friday!).
  17. Re-reading the Hunger Games. One of my favorites and strangely comforting.
  18. Monday w0d2 Earth - not yet Air - spent 15 minutes on nerd fitness Fire - hip flexor stretch + one legged stance Water - made salad It was back to work today. There was some catching up to do because I was out of the office on Friday, but I was able to get through it. I submitted a revision of an IRB protocol for research in the morning. Then I was on service in the hospital, so I saw a bunch of kids with a brand new 4th year student who has never been at our hospital before. That meant a lot of orienting. We had lunch but were otherwise going until 4pm, so it was a full day. When I got home, I sent some emails back and forth with Amy, made dinner, played Animal Crossing New Horizons, and did some meditation. Read a bit more before bed.
  19. Yeah, I will just continue to be inspired by both.
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