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  1. I'm close to my goal weight, but my body has made changes I didn't expect... I don't have loose skin...just tons and tons of wrinkles and some serious eye bags. I'm so embarrassed. I got a bikini, excited to fit into a size 8 again... but I hate showing my body now because I feel like I have the wrinkles of a much older person. My skin is more stretchy? I stopped smoking a little over a year ago too, even though I wasn't a heavy smoker at all (about 1 to 2 a day, but then months at a time of nothing). I eat well. I drink water. I use sun protection like it's a religion. I'm not sure what else to do? Will just focusing on my strength training help? Or just give it time? Thanks. (I'm 32). I'm proud to have lost all my extra fat, but I didn't expect to have such weird skin. Sometimes I laugh about it, but sometimes I hate it. My hands look way older too! D: