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  1. @Elastigirl You're so right. Thanks! I think I had blinders on because I want to look like the super athletes I see on IG, which is unrealistic probably. Social can be so curated but it's hard not to lose myself in it. If that makes sense? Plus, none of my friends are really into sports or fitness, so I find myself at a loss sometimes. @Harriet That's part of my problem. I'm not sure what my goal is...I mean, I have an idea, but I'm not sure what it looks like for me or how to get there. Part of me wants to looks like the women I see with strong legs and nice arms that can lift he
  2. I've moved into the stage of trying to build muscle and strength, not focusing as much on weight loss. I've tried to look up successful before and after stories but they either 1) look possibly fake OR 2) women who lost a little weight, so the before and after of getting "super fit" isn't relate-able. Or they were never that out of shape to begin with. <.< I'm not in the "tying to lose 70+ lbs" phase anymore, but I'm not in the "just need to gain 4 lbs muscle and run a marathon" phase either. I'm trying to get to the next level, to be fit and strong, but finding a role model or inspirati
  3. Hello! I'm not new here, but I'm coming back after a break. You got this!
  4. I'm using google to help too, but I want to see if anyone has ideas here. The problem: my boyfriend is unhappy with his job. He's looking for new jobs, but he keeps just settling because he doesn't know what he wants to do...let me explain: He hates office jobs and can't stand to sit still for long periods of time. BUT doctor's orders...he can't be in sunlight for extended periods of time because of a skin condition. So what jobs will let someone move around and stay busy, but not be outdoors? As you can imagine, most people try to hook him up with outdoor jobs, like construction..
  5. I've completely derailed my progress. I've gained back inches and fat. I've been overeating all summer and I can't seem to stop. I don't even know how to set goals for getting rid of this new habit. I've always had the opposite problem. I feel like I've lost all willpower and I don't know why. The advice I find on a general google search isn't working. I'm at a loss. Please, any advice would help at this point. It's starting to make me lose hope. Clothes are starting to not fit. Note, I'm not binging, just overeating.
  6. I'm an expat. American living in Canada. I'm still in the middle of the immigration process. It's been harder to adjust than I thought. It also negatively affected my fitness routine and my social life is...gone. Anyone else an expat? Where at? What is your experience?
  7. I'm close to my goal weight, but my body has made changes I didn't expect... I don't have loose skin...just tons and tons of wrinkles and some serious eye bags. I'm so embarrassed. I got a bikini, excited to fit into a size 8 again... but I hate showing my body now because I feel like I have the wrinkles of a much older person. My skin is more stretchy? I stopped smoking a little over a year ago too, even though I wasn't a heavy smoker at all (about 1 to 2 a day, but then months at a time of nothing). I eat well. I drink water. I use sun protection like it's a religion. I'm not sure what else
  8. Hey yo from Canada. I'm around my goal weight, but I'm wanting to focus on my least favorite part of myself: my legs and glutes. I really need to kick my own ass, pun intended. The basic hip thrusts on the floor aren't doing anything. So many workouts I see on Pinterest and whatever look really basic and I don't feel any burn from doing them? I'm watching my form too... What are your favorite/most effective exercises for lower body? I've heard hiking is great too, so I might add that to my routine. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Welcome and good luck! You can totally lose 40 lbs in that time frame...if you make a great plan and stick with it. I'd advise figuring out your diet. You can't out train a crap diet. Undereating isn't any better than overeating junk food. You got to feed your muscles! Nerdfitness has plenty of great articles about it. So, help yourself...look around, ask questions. This place is really supportive. For a busy life, I find that meal prep on the weekends has helped me A LOT. I just grab something from the fridge and I'm good to go.
  10. Godspeed and don't give up. That "down" and "don't feel like it" is the breaking point. Most people stop and that's when they lose it. I plateau for months but I don't stop the good habits and then finally see results. I'm sure you know this, just trying to be encouraging! I get through it by reminding myself it's a lifestyle change to be healthy, not only about the results and my body will catch up eventually. Carrots are my favorite thing right now.
  11. Welcome! This place has really helped me out, I hope it you find what you need here!
  12. That's crazy! I've lost a punching bag....
  13. -55 lbs so far. Kinda proud of myself.
  14. Seems like I need to find a gym with weights near me.
  15. @farflight Thanks! It makes sense when you say it that way. I'm wanting to get into hiking too. Doing cardio doesn't seem to do it for me anymore. It's like I'm trying super hard to burn a few calories. I don't mind strength training or dance or running (sometimes). Lifting weights sounds hard but fun.
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