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  1. Welcome and good luck! You can totally lose 40 lbs in that time frame...if you make a great plan and stick with it. I'd advise figuring out your diet. You can't out train a crap diet. Undereating isn't any better than overeating junk food. You got to feed your muscles! Nerdfitness has plenty of great articles about it. So, help yourself...look around, ask questions. This place is really supportive. For a busy life, I find that meal prep on the weekends has helped me A LOT. I just grab something from the fridge and I'm good to go.
  2. Godspeed and don't give up. That "down" and "don't feel like it" is the breaking point. Most people stop and that's when they lose it. I plateau for months but I don't stop the good habits and then finally see results. I'm sure you know this, just trying to be encouraging! I get through it by reminding myself it's a lifestyle change to be healthy, not only about the results and my body will catch up eventually. Carrots are my favorite thing right now.
  3. Greetings...

    Welcome! This place has really helped me out, I hope it you find what you need here!
  4. Lost 55 lbs

    That's crazy! I've lost a punching bag....
  5. Lost 55 lbs

    -55 lbs so far. Kinda proud of myself.