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  1. And now for even more abuse 😃 Definitely a "wander around without a definite plan" day. I didn't log them, but I did 5 pairs of walking lunges going in. A little nervous about the DB Romanian deadlifts because this was the gym that's like "no deadlifts" and so I was kind of hiding to do them. And looking around and switching to farmer's carry whenever the people with the authority to kick me out were walking around lol. Anyway I'm not sure about my form or even the movement itself so that's fun. I don't understand my aversion to ab exercises. I swear I'm going to do it on Friday at home or Saturday at work. Darebee has some good ab circuits. Negatives on the assisted pull-up machine. No weigh-in today as I forgot to weigh myself so I don't know exactly how much I was doing there but the assist was lower than I usually do so I'm happy. Am not ready for 20 lb DB presses. Stabilizers. I put them away before I could hurt myself because I was going to hurt myself if I kept on.
  2. On Android this is only available to premium (paid) members although it's only like $2. Also there is a limit on how many real life trees you can plant due to company/developer resources. I think it's 15, which is no small number but also not a lot.
  3. Idk maybe? I was switching out dumbbells a lot, putting back ones I didn't need when I was finished with them, but I'm on different weights for different exercises. Like I'm not ready to go up to 12 lb on the vertical press until I solidify my form so no matter what I'll have a pair of tens on that circuit while everything else including the horizontal press I can take up to 15 or 20. Also I rely on the long super sets to give my muscles a little extra time to rest between sets. I set up my circuit this way this time so that I could just do all the dumbbell stuff at once and then move on to different equipment. But I also revise my circuit every single time lol so we'll see.
  4. Wednesday's bricks: Shovelling dirt mountains into dirt foothills Thermodynamics LS 6 Thermodynamics video quiz 6 Finish Prince Caspian Make sweet plantains Thursday's bricks 40 minutes clarinet (Strauss) Wash bedsheets Gym (Leg day) Finish Ezra Visit registrar about 2nd degree undergrad status I picked the wrong building. So I'll have to go back next week. Friday's bricks 40 minutes clarinet (Strauss and Expose) Start Voyage of the Dawn Treader Finish Nehemiah Pick an ab workout on Darebee. Do eet.
  5. If anyone's wondering, the DOMS today is still not as bad as the DOMS I had the first week I went to the gym. 🙃 In other news, I plan to shovel dirt this morning because my mom was complaining last night that she gets home too late to do much (she won't shovel dirt in the dark I guess but also my grandma is obsessed with making sure dinner is freshly on the table when my mom gets home so any time she would have had is taken up by Thanksgiving dinner) and she's just itching to plant her garden. So maybe hopefully that'll work out some of the DOMS (and replace with brand new fresh DOMS). Edit: Last night After 2 hours of shoveling
  6. Behold the way in which I abused my body today: I took some creatine before I left the house this morning so I felt really good but omg my shoulders already hurt. Although my right shoulder already had a twinge in it this morning for some unknown reason and I was trying to mind it while lifting but I never felt like I was hurting it so idk. A note on the 15 lb dumbbell press, I actually used the 30 lb barbell because some girl made off with my second 15 lb dumbbell even though I only had one set left with it. The problem with circuit training with dumbbells I guess - people think they can make off with one of my collection of dumbbells because I'm currently using a different one. It was easier than I was expecting but that's probably because I'm using fewer stabilizers for that. At the very end I also did a dead hang and didn't last 10 seconds lol.
  7. Not exactly a party, but we do have church group at my house every week (~50 times a year). And never underestimate the amount of fur, claws, pee, and vomit four beasties can produce in one week. Not Swype or autocorrect's fault, my way of keeping PG-13 on this forum. In other news, we saw ducklings at Rural King yesterday. And baby chicks. They were so cute! The ones labelled "Meat birds" were noticeably lethargic compared to all the others they had there, which was kind of heartbreaking in a way that could only be cured by chicken.
  8. The theme behind the wall (see the link to Monkey Tamers United) and the forest are "Get off the damn phone." I had to take YouTube off again. I might have to take Minesweeper off too. Books are to be my new distraction. Especially until I get a new phone since this one has such a weak battery these days. Whining like a little kid in the spoiler. No need to comment, I'm just venting. So yeah. No exercise this week. Can't even say I got any by helping my mom with the garden. Other than that, zero week went surprisingly okay. Here's to week one.
  9. This challenge is about planning and crossing off items on my to-do list. Challenge To-Do List Get off the damn phone! Build the Wall. It'll be a glorious wall with no monkey shit on it at all. Everyone will want a wall just like mine. The monkeys, they'll pay for the whole thing. Those voices in my head that day this'll never work, they're just afraid, they're ruled by fear, so they spread fake news. We don't want fake news, that's what the monkeys want, that's what the monkeys bring. Now the monkeys, they're good monkeys, very hard working, I love the monkeys and they love me. But we don't need the fake news they all bring, so we're building the wall. Grow my Forest. Read a book for leisure Read another book for leisure! Adulting Tithe File taxes Launder all the things (we have a flea infestation 😫) Finish the closet and actually get rid of some things. Get thicc Gym (Thicc Thursdays) and home bodyweight routine 3x /wk. Biking (weather and mother dependent) Catch up on Bible reading plan FUTURE. FUUUUUTUUURREEEE!!!! Ace thermodynamics Meeting with advisor for biomedical engineering program Build CV and submit to advisor in preparation for applying to BS-to-MSBME program. Find and attach syllabi for advanced math classes. Meet with program coordinator and potential graduate advisor