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  1. So I'm not Back to Nerd Fitness right now because I have too much procrastinating going on irl to maintain activity on this forum but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night I put Habitica on my phone and tablet today to help me keep track of the Things that I need to do. Username there is Snickie. Feel free to send me guild invites if you so please. *goes back into her rabbit hole of (un)productive procrastination*
  2. So I didn't mean to disappear on you all again BUT in my excuse I have been Very Busy. The tenants moved out of the rental house and so we have spent six of the last eight days getting it ready to put on the market. They left it kind of grimey so there's been lots of cleaning and painting and their dog tore up part of the yard so today we laid sod. Mom says we saved at least $500 by laying it ourselves. I told her to let me know what the chiropractic bills come out to be. And the cost of the pain meds and rehab from the pain meds. And of whatever meds we need to fix these mystery bug bites because we did not wear long sleeves (because Florida, and the sod wasn't delivered until about 1pm so we were laying sod during the hottest part of the day). I've also been making sushi at home (fake sushi since I'm using lox and jasmine rice but who cares) and with friends and stuff. Saw my best friend on Thursday and we made sushi and went swimming. Saw my other two best friends from university on Sunday for her birthday and we were going to make sushi and it didn't happen because there was too much other stuff going on but it was a lot of fun. University is being a butt. First they lost my payment and I had to jump through many many hoops to prove to them that I paid them $31 for my application. Now they want my AP scores, which are 7 years old, so I had to fax a paper to CollegeBoard and pay $25 to have my scores dug up and sent to University. Our phone line has been down for a month but miraculously fixed itself this weekend and so I was only able to send that fax yesterday. Last time I did this for community college it took about 2-3 weeks to come in but I was able to still take courses using one-semester overrides. University, on the other hand, is deferring decision until they receive my AP scores from CollegeBoard (they're on my other university transcripts). Collegeboard's website said that order processing could be delayed for as long as 8 weeks due to reduced staffing due to COVID-19. So I'm going to have another minimal semester (maybe I'll get into Fluid Mechanics 1 which would be good because I know that course is going to be very hard) BUT it should finally be fixed after this semester so I'll be able to dive in for real starting in January. I emailed my boss at the community college so hopefully I'll get some hours but I'll probably try to do some freelancing as well. Chin-ups are not happening. At all. Too busy cleaning and painting to pull up my weight on a bar. Maybe I'll try tomorrow but we'll see with my back since I used Very Bad technique today while sodding the yard. I will likely spend some time in Constructive Rest (Alexander technique) while waiting for my mom to be done with the hot water so that I can have my shower. I don't have a plan for the rest of this week. The house is pretty much done - all that's left (that we're going to do) is sweeping the entryways and doing some staging for the pictures and showings. I do have to take my dad to an appointment for his new wheelchair Thursday morning and I have to do about two weeks' worth of meal planning. I'm doing a comment thing for Flash Fiction Month and they're trying out a Drabble Month in September as well so I guess I'll be planning for that.
  3. I have no idea why that song of all songs is going through my head right now. I fell off the last challenge wagon. That's okay. I ended up with a B in Solid Mechanics so we're only in tepid water right now. Flash Fiction Month is also wrapping up and I currently have zero income (furloughed at Dr's office + between semesters at the community college) so! Gotta find some other way to entertain myself until August 24 when class finally starts back up. Ideally in ways that don't involve screens. (This is going to be hard as my mother was recently forced into early retirement and she is rewatching House which is one of my strongest kryptonite.) We're starting off with a hurricane about which I can do absolutely nothing. Fortunately it's so small and weak that they didn't even put out an advisory for even the eastern end of our county. After Monday I can probably maybe focus on actual funness. In the meantime, here are some vaguely defined goals: * Get up and move. No sitting on my ass all day. I might go back to using the timer that tells me how many reps of xyz exercise to do. * Focus on rows for the chinup challenge. Secondary pushups (normal width knee pushups ideally but I'll probably end up going wide like before). Tertiary any leg exercises. * Continue new brushing and flossing routine. I had six cavities filled plus an extra tooth drilled and expanded so I wouldn't get irritated on that section of gum anymore. I also no longer have dental insurance so gotta make sure these babies stay strong and healthy until we do carry dental again. * Limit screen time. I don't have any hard limits in mind but if I end up with a headache like I have been (until recently a necessary evil in order to pass Solids) then it's been too long. This includes television and Animal Crossing (which I haven't touched since Test 2 anyway). * Get school stuff squared away for fall. Specifically this looks like getting my AP scores from Collegeboard archive sent, informing my boss what time slots I can expect to be available for work, getting paperwork ready for class registration, and more. * Actually talk to the guy I was dating (but I still don't call him my boyfriend) before coronavirus went ham on our social lives. And my best friend. And my other friends (if I still have any of those). * Address the contempt issues when I'm not too busy to drown it out with mindless noise. (This probably won't happen.)
  4. Hmm well, if you're out of fat right there then you're basically left with muscle, bones and organs. You're trying to shrink your waist so definitely don't do any strength exercises or else your muscles will grow which is the opposite of what you want. Most of your organs are essential for daily functioning but you might be able to get away with losing your spleen, some small intestine, part of your liver, and maybe a kidney. Your female organs too, if you don't plan to have kids and don't mind going into early menopause, especially that pesky uterus that leans against the wall of the abdominal cavity and makes that little pooch nobody can seem to get rid of. You can sell some of them too, which will pay for the surgery to get a few ribs removed as well to complete the look. As a less expensive but perhaps just as extreme alternative, you could just accept that you look the way you do and you don't need to have a 60 cm (23.5 in) waist to be beautiful or have the perfect body and that anybody who tells you otherwise likely doesn't have your well-being in their interests.
  5. We probably have those too, but not as bad as the paper and mud wasps that build their nests on our house and in our doorways. Winter? What is winter?
  6. Post Title: Week 2 Report CLARINET Less than minimal PHYSICAL Pretty much none SOLIDS So much procrastination, but the c11-12 assignment due date was moved so I am significantly less stressed over that now. Homework for chapters 6-10 is due on Friday night. Fortunately I have most of 6-8 done already so I just have to do 9 and 10 this week. *smiles but also cries because already off-schedule for that* WORK I'm working half-days at the Dr's office all week except for Friday and Saturday (both off) which gives me time to do the things for Solids (as long as I actually do them). Friday is supposedly a paid holiday, but I am a contractor there not an employee, so we'll see if he pays me or not. I expect he won't. I'm also dog-walking this week. They are sweet puppers but I have a complicated relationship with their new leashes. Online tutoring is the same: three hours twice a week of sitting on my computer scrolling through Facebook hoping somebody logs on and says "halp." TEETH I'm 100% on brushing my teeth every night. Not on flossing, but still. We're about to see if any of it has paid off. (Probably not, since a few weeks of consistent brushing probably aren't enough to undo years of highly inconsistent brushing habits.) I have a dentist appointment on Wednesday. I expect to have three or four more appointments following this (cleaning + filling the many cavities I probably have T_T) MINOR STUFF Flash Fiction Month starts on Wednesday asdfghjkl I don't know if I am ready for this! I got voluntold to lead Bible study tomorrow night and the subject is prayer and I am definitely not ready to talk about this because my prayer life is practically nonexistent. Fortunately someone else agreed to lead the actual prayer but still. OTHER The guy I'm dating wants to hang out on Friday or over the weekend. I told him yes but it depends on whether or not I finish with the Solids assignment prior. Still need to open a credit account. It's between the Discover IT Cash Back card and the Chase Freedom Unlimited. One of the things I like about the Discover card is their ID protection thing, but they're not taken in as many places and I don't necessarily relish altering my list of places I frequent based on where I get cashback (even though I have done this before given coupon availability). And again, my meager income will probably land me a credit limit of some $500 which is manageable so I don't know how much I can really benefit from the.... benefits.... of the cards but still.
  7. New work schedule! I'm only working two evenings a week for the college - Monday and Wednesday. For the next two weeks, I am welcome to work as much as I want at the Dr's office. I am definitely working tomorrow afternoon and all day Friday. Starting July 13, I work there on Monday afternoons and all day Friday in addition to the Saturdays I'm already working. This situation is indefinite but may change once the fall semester starts and I can hopefully take a decent course load. The Dr's office is supposed to hire a full-time receptionist anyway, so tbh it's only definite until they hire someone and the former office manager (who is "retired" but is somehow still at the Dr's beck and call) trains that person. It's so temping to just go in and take the hours but also I have a test in two weeks for Solids that I am not even halfway through the material for, nevermind that two chapters of the material for test 3 is on the homework that's due next Friday. Also, I need to get my own credit card this week because I am not using my debit card to get gas. I have good credit (thanks Mom) so I have some good options even though with my tiny and ridiculously-taxed income I'll only have like a $500 limit probably. I've looked on NerdWallet and I've picked out a few I like with 0 annual fee, but if there's anything you guys would recommend as well I'd love to hear it.
  8. Isn't that what the murder hornets are known for? My mom wouldn't spray the wasp nests this spring because they sting / lay eggs in tomato hornworms which kills/prevents the hornworms from destroying our tomato crop. Luckily our tomato plants aren't blooming anymore (too hot) so she reluctantly allowed our neighbor to spray all the nests she could find. Fact: wasps come with facial recognition software.
  9. Post Title: Zero Week Summary I'm behind schedule on Solids. Quite behind schedule. I was supposed to have done chapters 6 and 7 by Friday night and I got caught up in the boot socks. Which, admittedly, were fun and they will be useful (albeit not matching any other piece of clothing I own) come boot season. Yesterday, being at work on a Saturday (slow day), was my chance to get caught up but I didn't want to be running YouTube on work computer (even with incognito mode) with headphones and miss a phone call of a patient outside or something. (We make them wait in their cars and call them when it's time to go in.) As it happened, I built from scratch an income tracking spreadsheet, after which I realized I had another sheet that was similar but had more developed input (for income prediction) so I combined those two sheets. So now I can stay on top of my taxes and not get blindsided next February when I eventually receive my tax documents. This move was motivated by two things: going back to work at the 1099-MISC job (no income or FICA taxes deducted) and a rekindled fury and hated toward TurboTax courtesy of Bitches Get Riches. I also learned that my W-2 job is taking out more in social security tax than is necessary. Anyway so now my timeline has me doing 4 chapters this week for Solids. Because, you know, human sponge with absolutely no executive dysfunction at all. :"I'm in danger" meme photo I'm too lazy to look for: I'm also behind on clarinet. I was supposed to have the entire Kovacs under my fingers at severely reduced tempo by yesterday. But this is less important than Solids.
  10. My boss dragged his feet about it but I now know I am down to 6 hours a week (previously 20). The thing about the Dr's office is that I have next to no practical knowledge about anything medical and I also lack assertiveness on the phone. Bitchy co-worker had been doing this kind of stuff for her entire life and I don't know what to do without her yelling at me aggressively correcting me on all the shit I do wrong. (Bitchy co-worker is officially retired now.) Now, once I had an idea of what I was doing the days without bitchy co-worker were nice so long as we didn't get swamped. I'm not HIPAA trained/certified (I don't think anyone at the office is except for maybe the ultrasound techs on the weekends because they have hospital jobs during the week). Yeah my self confidence is basically in the toilet regarding that job lol. Maybe it'll be different with bitchy co-worker gone. It'll be sink or swim for me managing the whole front (fielding phone calls and urgent faxes and fighting with insurance companies on the copays which I've never done ever) by myself. Only complaint I have about working on the weekend is, well, it's Saturday. (Also people calling and demanding scripts and not wanting to wait until Monday to get them even though there's nobody in the office to sign for them.) I love my weekend co-workers. Idk. It's a thought process and I'd insist on only being there a few weeks because I don't know what fall is going to look like yet. Hopefully I'll be full time at uni and get enough hours and scholarships to pay for my being full time as well as other adulting endeavors.
  11. I know right? It's so much fun and also stressful but in a good way? I FINISHED THE SOCKS. Well, minus the weaving in of the ends but they're going to be in boots so what do I care lol. I think from now on I'm going to do circular toes rather than shaping them. It's just easier to fit them that way because then I'm not thinking about orienting when I get to the heel / ankle.
  12. I was about to say there is metallic yarn (which is more pricey than regular yarn). I've worked with it before - looks cool as long as you don't accidentally nick it since the shiny metallic looking stuff is only on the outside and the inside is black. I'd say go with crochet rather than knitting (I find increases and decreases, which you need for shaping, more straightforward on crochet than knitting) but I'm definitely biased. On the other hand, you could *ahem* commission someone who, ah, *ahem* knows how to do that to make it for you. *ahem* *puts on facemask*
  13. I miss climbing the tree in my backyard. Maybe I'll try on Monday morning, when my mom isn't home to freak out.
  14. I am so sorry After I-4 Ultimate is complete through Orlando they're planning to bring the same kind of messy construction into your neighborhood. Think about where you'll be working and the commute. A lot of us don't work in the city/town where we live because most of central Florida is a bedroom community to Orlando or Tampa (with the maybe exceptions of Lakeland and Sanford and maaaaaaaaaybe Leesburg area). My mom's commute puts a good 300+ miles on her engine every week, not counting going out to lunch or grocery shopping or taking detours when something awful has happened on the toll roads. (Mine was some 200 but not since I've been working from home.)
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