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  1. My other thought is are you getting enough protein during your cut? Have you done a form check on your Deadlift and bench lately either? I am currently cutting and am still able to increase the weight on my Deadlift/other lifts using a 5/3/1 cycle (230lbs Deadlift for 5'4" female). I just have to make sure I pay close attention to the protein/fat/carbs I am getting.
  2. ^ I agree with Gainsdalf about playing with volume to possibly progress the OHP. I would sometimes have to do 3x5, then 3x6 up to 3x8 of the same press weight to be able to make the next weight increment starting with the 3x5s again. On the flip side, sets of 10s just absolutely kill my shoulders, so you will have to find your happy medium with what volume you respond the best to Also do you have fractional plates available to you? Some times a 5lb jump is just not going to happen for the OHP. I will take every half pound I can put on that lift!
  3. 4th vote for vinegar It is my cleaning godsend! For laundry, dishwasher, and bathroom it works great. And yes, it will stink when you put it in, but your clothes won't remain smelling like that. You can also use it on carpets to help clean and de-stink. **Cleaning rant ended**
  4. If you are getting 2 reps out of the 45lb bar, I think I agree with what ShortGorilla said, you can do dumbbell press to help get you up to being able to the your set of 5 with the bar. Then go from there.
  5. I second Jdanger, if it is a technique bar (15lbs) , then it is probably not best to use it with heavy weights. Not the same grade of metal at all. There are also women's Olympic bars which are 15kg/35lbs which are fine with the heavy weights. I have not seen too many gyms have these though (save for gyms that teach Olympic lifts or crossfit boxes). But probably not what you are talking about as you said it is the same diameter as a regular Olympic 20kg/45lber.
  6. ^ I super Second Gainsdalf! Same issue. Had crummy knees since I was 15. Started squatting and I have no issues with pain or knee discomfort at all anymore.
  7. There are acceptable jerkys you can purchase, or you can always make your own for a little more protein variety!
  8. I would add to the conversation, that favoring a slightly more forward stance in a squat is not necessarily a mobility issue either. I favored a more 'weight forward' stance on squats and in the receiving position for my snatch because my quads were way more developed than my hamstrings (yay for starting lifting on your own). I added in RDLs to help correct that and to be able to be more comfortable in a more solid landing/bottom position. Also some of the newer folks I lift with have issue keeping their backs up straight in front squats, squats, and at the receiving position of the clean. Once again I would say that this might be an issue with the back muscles needing to be strengthened and not necessarily mobility issue either. Not saying this is what it is or isn't, just how I fixed my issues with similar form descriptions.
  9. I love my squats and had some issues hitting proper depth when I first started. I didn't ditch the squats entirely though. I still did them and had no qualms about dropping weights to focus on the form. Can't get better at something you don't do Also while deadlifts are still a stellar full body, Squat are fantastic too and they do not work the same muscles in the same way, so it would not be an apples to apples training trade. Also, I thought I had incredibly tight calves/Achilles area. They always felt 'tight' and I had some severe cramping issues. This stopped for me entirely when I started taking magnesium supplements. Just something to think about. Sometimes your diet (vitamins and minerals you may be deficient in) can royally screw up ones training too.
  10. ^ Agreed. I am doing Wendler 5/3/1 currently, and I make sure I am braced properly after the plates touch the ground (I don't bounce, bouncing may wreck back positioning if you are using bumper plates) before going for my next rep, but I don't break grip or tension. If you let go and walk away, you are doing singles not the set of 5. The time under load for a specific set is a crucial part of building up your strength in a program. Rest in between sets it fine, and ridiculously necessary if it is a heavy day.
  11. Yeah, You are looking at an over 10 dollar take out dinner Not saying to live off of it, just saying it saved me once on my last whole30 Also, if you feel your only option for lunches is to eat out, don't feel ashamed asking for ingredients and how things are cooked. If you are nice about it, you can become a regular places and they won't begrudge you your special request.
  12. The sore/bruised shoulder and clavicles should go away with time and regular practicing of the lift.
  13. If you have a chipotle near by you can eat Whole30 there. You do a salad with double carnitas (the pork) and pico and guacamole and it is Whole30 compliant. Only the carnitas though. The rest of the meats are cooked using soy bean oil.
  14. I had this same situation happen to me when I added Olympic lifting on top of my regular lifting routine. My first day doing front squats I got up to 165lbs (Had been squatting for months), but did not know how to ditch a front squat properly. Ditched stupidly and tore the shit out of everything that connects in my wrists and thumbs, had minor fractures, and had to tape them up ridiculously to get any lifting done. I still wrap my wrists to this day when doing Olympic lifts as I already injured them once. Only could do 50lb snatches and power cleans for 2.5months. (could still squat and deadlift just fine though, no bending of my wrists ) I did a similar front squat (I used the body-builder style, or what I liked to call, the genie). With that arm position, I found it much easier to shrug properly and make sure the bar was nestled on the 'sweet-spot' on my delts to keep it secure. It was easier for me to practice keeping my 'elbows high' in my front rack from that position. Was great training for learning to keep my back straight and locked as well. If you are still having slipping issues, you can always use chalk to help with grip/moisture issues. What sort of shirt do you lift in? When I am doing heavy front squats, I tend to go with a regular cotton t-shirt for the added grip benefit. Bare shoulders can be slippery when wet. Also a lot of the 'moisture-wicking' gear is not a good resting place for the barbell.
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