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  1. I find that box squats work really good for getting that explosiveness out of the hole. My poverty bench has been climbing pretty steady since I started including close-grip bench and using mark bell's slingshot for accessory work. Your lifts are a little ahead of mine but I figure a little brainstorming can't hurt.
  2. went on a bit of a writing hiatus, things to note from the past few weeks: Strict IF style eating is not for me, I do far better when I eat when I want to. IF might work if I needed something to shake my diet up but for the most part I feel much better (stronger, smarter, sharper) when I eat 2-3 meals a day with snacks in between; sometimes I skip breakfast. on another note 24hr IF on something like Sunday might actually work for me. Hurt myself coming into playing basketball for the first time in a while; I am fairly certain that it is a minor quad strain. I am lucky a
  3. Would have liked to participate in this one but I'm going to listen to my body and take some time to build it up instead; I am on a roll right now with my programming and making some good gains and I don't want to interrupt that. Good job to those that have participated and good luck to those that have not yet. I will see you all in the next virtual meet.
  4. July 5, 2017 Training Log Deadlift Day - 218.5lb BW Warm-up 5 x 145lbs - Sumo 5 x 185lbs - Conventional 5 x 225lbs - Sumo Work Sets 3 x 235lbs - Conventional 3 x 275lbs - Sumo 5 x 315lbs - Conventional (AMRAP) Assistance Work None Notes Calculated 1RM: 367lbs Total Volume: 6900lbs Felt like garbage coming in to the gym so I just put in the work I needed to do and went home. Lifts were feeling weak and i didnt want to risk anything.
  5. July 2, 2017 Training Log Overhead Press Day - 221lb BW Warm-up 5 x 45lbs 5 x 65lbs 3 x 75lbs Work Sets 3 x 85lbs 3 x 95lbs 10 x 105lbs (AMRAP) Assistance Work 2 sets of 8 chin ups 3 sets of 10 diamond pushups Notes Calculated 1RM: 140lbs Total Volume: 2515lbs Nothing to report, was a good workout. Volume is a bit low but that will be improved with more time to spend at the gym.
  6. July 1, 2017 Canada Day Training Log Squat Day - 218.6lb BW Warm-up 5 x 135lbs 5 x 155lbs 3 x 185lbs Work Sets 3 x 215lbs 3 x 245lbs 3 x 275lbs (AMRAP) Assistance Work Front Squat 10 x 135lbs 8 x 155lbs 5 x 185lbs Farmers Walk 100lb dumbells in each hand for 1 lap of the track (distance TBD) Notes Calculated 1RM: 302lbs Total Volume: 8,725lbs (farmers walk counts for 1000) Tried my 4th rep on the main work AMRAP and failed. Day started out slow however as I needed an extra long warmup for
  7. June 30, 2017 Training Log Bench Day - 220lb BW Warm-up 5 x 85lbs 5 x 105lbs 3 x 125lbs Work Sets 3 x 155lbs 3 x 170lbs 9 x 190lbs Assistance Work 12 x 135lbs Regular Bench (Immediately after AMRAP) Close Grip Bench 10 x 65lbs 10 x 80 lbs 10 x 95 lbs Incline Bench 10 x 95lbs 10 x 95lbs 10 x 115lbs Notes Calculated 1RM: 247lbs Total Volume: 11,080lbs Felt great today, I do need to work on tricep strength though as I feel that it is a limiting factor to my bench.
  8. June 27, 2017 Training Log Link Deadlift Day - 218lb BW Warm-up 5 x 145lbs - Conventional 5 x 145lbs - Sumo 5 x 185lbs - Conventional 5 x 185lbs - Sumo 3 x 225lbs - Conventional 3 x 225lbs - Sumo Work Sets 3 x 255lbs - Sumo 3 x 255lbs - Conventional 3 x 290lbs - Sumo 3 x 290lbs - Conventional 3 x 330lbs - Sumo 5 x 330lbs - Conventional (AMRAP) Assistance Work 3 sets of 5 chin ups Notes Calculated 1RM: 385lbs Total Volume: 10,560lbs Trying to work sumo in as
  9. First day back at the gym was a good one, squat day. Warmed up with 10 sprints (1/4 track w/ a 3/4 track rest and recover walk) and then got into my squat sets Warmup 5*135lbs 5*155lbs 5*185lbs Working Sets 5*205lbs 5*235lbs 1.5*265lbs Assistance Work 3sets*10reps*155lbs - Squats 5sets*12reps*95lbs - Hamstring curls Stretching&Soft Tissue Work Was supposed to get at least 5 on the 265lb squat set but my form was going to hell so I bailed mid rep. I am going to put my ego to the side and
  10. Starting to get back into the gym game again. Was on night shift for a bit on a shutdown so i didnt have a lot of time for working out started back last night with some sprints with my dog and some assisted pistol squats later in the evening
  11. Had a bench session with my buddy from Vancouver, nothing major just stress relief and bro time, no agenda, no structure... ramped up to comfortable but heavy 3 rep set (1.5 reps left in the tank) and then backed off to add some volume. Bench: 45 (bar) * 5 95 * 5 135 * 5 185 * 5 225 * 3 135 * 8 * 3
  12. Had some personal issues come up over the weekend, will be putting most of this on hold for a bit while everything gets figured out... will be starting a fresh 5/3/1 cycle when i come back. I will be restarting my original challenges from scratch when i do come back
  13. As a side note I have been establishing a meditation habit which is another thing that i have really wanted to do for a while, so that is a big win for me
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