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  1. first week update: went to the gym 2x woke up before 9 0x meditated 1x drank soda 2x
  2. day 1 update: went to the gym leg day 20 minutes on the bike stretching. no soda did not meditate tried waking up before 9 today i woke up and laid in bed for 15 minutes. next thing i know its 11am. tomorrow i need to get right out of bed when my alarm goes off
  3. Hi everyone! My name is joe/tasty/coffee call me what you will. I have been AWOL since school started in late august. I'm back now and trying to get back in the swing of things physically and mentally. I've been in quite a rut lately. So this challenge will be all about getting out of that rut and back on the track to success. Goals: 1: Go to the gym 4x a week I haven't gone to the gym much this year at all. I need to take advantage of it. While there I will focus on bench press, squats, and deadlifts. Bodyweight workouts will be acceptable as replacements. Str: 2 Sta: 2 Dex: 1 2: No Soda have been drinking a lot of soda lately. Water/tea/coffee from here on out. Gatorade is acceptable on weekends.Con: 1 3: Meditate 3x a week I have been extremely unfocused as of late and I feel it is because I have stopped meditating on a regular basis. Wis: 1 Con: 1 4: Wake up before 9am during the week I have been sleeping in way too much. This ties into my unfocused attitude lately. I need to wake up and get my days started on the right track. Wis: 2 Con: 2 Stats: Name: Joe/Coffee/Tasty/ Age: 21 Height: 6'2 Weight: 275.4 lbs or 19 stones Race: Large Nordic Class: Adventurer, Explorer, Poet, Likes: Reading, Writing, Watching Soccer, Cooking, Arnold Palmer and His Drink, Dislikes: Mice, Spiders, Poachers, | Str: 6 | Dex: 5.75 | Sta: 5| Con: 5 | Wis: 10 | Cha: 7 This is my first challenge in probably 3 months and I hope it goes well!
  4. Sorry everybody, but due to some personal stuff that is happening right now I'm going to be withdrawing from this challenge. Should be back for the next one though! Good luck everybody
  5. Oh man that sounds awesome! I'll have to look out for that next challenge Day 4 Recap: Was supposed to start reading the memory book, did not ate like crap bad day for Bane EDIT: I go on vacation next week and I'm not going to have the proper time to dedicate to the memory book, which requires taking time off to practice the techniques so I'm moving it back towards the end of the challenge when I will be back at school and settled in. Starting Gravity's Rainbow tonight. Also doing yoga and meditating to get some form of positive out of today.
  6. I love Vonnegut, probably my favorite writer. Day 3 Recap: Finished Emerson Did 100 pushups week 5 exhaustion test, did 55 pushups, did 25 later in the day
  7. One of the greatest movies ever! just narrowly missed being on my list
  8. haha thank you, immediately after I thought "This is going to be my next NF challenge" i thought "boy I have some weird priorities" haha but that's what makes us rebels My friends at college have a ton of Batman books so I'm planning on reading them up at school, i'll have t look into the Art Of Fielding i've read these Laws a couple times, I might have to give them another look this challenge. So I went to Barnes and Nobles today and picked up Bluebeard by Kurt Vonnegut and Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon so I'll be adding those to the list Day 2 Recap: Did Yoga + Meditated read some Emerson
  9. Thank You! running is like my biggest weakness Once I start I don't mind but I have a mental barrier stopping me before I go out I read I will teach you to be rich. I love the systems in it, I read the blog semi regularly too. I've read A song of Ice and Fire although I want to re read it, but I'll do that after the challenge. I'll have to look into the other books, thanks! thanks a bunch! *Kicks a butt, takes a name*
  10. Day 1 Recap: RAN! Did Day 3 of Week 4 of 100 pushups, Exhaustion test is coming up next made minimal progress on Emerson book which I need to finish before I start the book challenge for this challenge. I have about 4-5 essays left. Great first day of the challenge! I'm going to the bookstore sometime this week so any more suggestions on Books I should add to the challenge List would be greatly appreciated! I'm looking for fiction and non fiction so don't be shy
  11. did 159 regular pushups today and boy am i feeling it
  12. Despite his devious looks, and maniacal plans to bring down Gotham City he actually has a heart of gold and yes! I ran it was ugly and tough but I did it, and plan to do it some more! Domination complete Day 1 Update part 2: completed 100 pushups week 4 day 3 1x29 1x32 1x29 1x29 1x40 these things keep getting tougher about to snuggle up with some Ralph Waldo Emerson to make this a productive day 1
  13. Good Luck with your goals! I wish I had learned about healthier eating habits when I was younger, you are a great role model!
  14. Good luck with your goals! You have some great motivation
  15. Great idea with the Electric Toothbrush goal. I've found that using a small goal like that makes easing into the whole healthier lifestyle easier. Keep rocking this challenge!
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