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    JonFirestar: First Steps

    First Steps 2019 I've got some pretty big ideas for 2019. Huge scary ideas that when stated aloud don't even seem possible. So I wrote them all down and put them here: So those are my big picture goals. The challenges are going to focus on the little picture goals. The smaller SMARTer goals. The things that are going to go into making the big goals seem more plausible, if not possible. The big change I want to begin 2019 off with is the introduction of more lifestyle based goals. There are some aspects of my lifestyle that I want to change for the better and these challenges are a great way of going about that. Lose Weight Losing weight and fuelling adequately are opposed ideals. It is impossible to do both things simultaneously. My highest priority right now is to drop weight and my diet reflects that ideal. At the same time I want to ensure that I am consuming enough calories to perform my workouts. Eat 2300-2400 calories per day. Carbs <150g per day. I really hate eating like this. With a passion. I feel awful when I do but it does work to shift some body weight and I'm just running with it for as long as I can. Run all the Miles 4-5 runs per week - follow the running plan. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday Run 150 miles in 5 weeks. If I follow the plan the target will be reached. Lift all the Things Heavy Lifting, Monday, Wednesday and Friday OCR Practice Climbing 1 or more times per week. OCR Gym at least once during the Challenge. Sleep Restriction Therapy I've been suffering quite badly with insomnia recently. The only non-medical intervention that has ever given me real results is sleep restriction therapy. The theory behind this is very simple. The only thing you use the bed for is sleeping. Therefore if I'm not asleep I shouldn't be in bed. That includes any time that I am lying awake in bed trying to sleep. I've spent a lot of time fixing my sleep hygiene and trying other methods of easing the problem such as severely cutting back my caffine to a fraction of it's previous amount. Honestly nothing has made the blindest bit of difference so this is a bit more of a heavy handed approach. Don't use the bed for anything other than sleeping Read I'd like to read 12 books in 2019. That really isn't very many but I make very little time to read these days so the very small and achievable goal of one book a month will hopefully be easy to achieve. Read something in your book every single day. Even if it's just a single page. Right now I don't care if the book is fiction or non-fiction. Write As an easy and accountable way of getting back to writing again I've decided that I'm going to roll a narrative through 2019. Right now the plan is very simple. 1 update per week. It doesn't matter how long or short it is. The point is just to do something. I'm not going to promise anything very good either. It's just a thing to try and make me happier.
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    Comfy and Cozy Kestrel

    Awesome. Winter is so hit and miss here that it's hard to justify the expense of a pair of shoes just for running on ice (some years we don't see any and other years the roads are slick and deadly with a centimeter of the stuff). I can confirm the frustration . It is really hard dealing with injury. Especially when there is something really big and scary on the horizon that you are desperate to get ready for, but look, Kestrel, your race isn't until the end of June. You have 22 weeks to build from where you are now (and you are far from square one right now) to where you need to be for that race. That is a long time to get yourself ready to go that distance. More importantly it's enough time. I have no doubt that you have the grit but even without the injury I'd tell you to take it as slowly as you can and build into the mileage you want for the race. Your plan for progressing your runs over the next few weeks is a good one. Just go with it. It would been nice if you were able to add some higher intensity runs before then but but it isn't necessary. The necessary thing is for you to start slowly building your runs and for you to continue your strength training.
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    Operation Fly By Night

    Of course I"m going to be here to see you through this! I still have a lot more for you, I've just been a little short of time. I can definitely give you some ideas about how to do this.
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    JonFirestar: First Steps

    Oh totally not necessary. I even said that this morning when @Charlie_Quinn asked if I'd figured out what I wanted to do. It's also why I'm probably (read certainly) going to scrap it at least until I run my strength phase though at the end of February. After that I want to be doing more conditioning and less powerlifting and it becomes a bit of a moot point.
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    JonFirestar: First Steps

    Thanks. I feel like it's happening about a year later than I'd hoped but I'm just happy that it's happening. Week 2, Wednesday! Yet another busy day but I have no work on Friday this week and I am fricken excited about that! Days have been pretty average with little to say about anything. Lose Weight 2403 calories Same as yesterday more or less. I'm feeling hungrier than I did yesterday but I've also been phenomenally more active. Run all the Miles 4 mile easy run into the gym. I added this run in today. It took a little forcing but I"m happy I did it. I'm trying to increase my mileage a bit without increasing stress by too much. This is a bit of a compromise to make that happen. It just means I need to stack less miles elsewhere. 59.7/150 Lift all the Things Bench day Week 1 Exercise Sets Reps Weight AMRAP Bench 6 5 58.625 10 Incline Press 5 5 22 Pull Up 5 4 0 5 Bent Over Row 1 5 48.2625 1 5 55.6875 1 5 63.1125 8 Pull UP Volume 5 10 65 Curl 5 8 32.5 Croc Row 3 8 26 Tricep Pulldown 3 10 25 OCR Practice I'd have liked to have done a conditioning workout but I ran out of time. I think I might be forced to scrap this altogether for the time being. Sleep Restriction Therapy complied. Read Not done yet. I ran to work and forgot to bring my book and couldn't read on the way home. Write  I failed week 1, but I will try and get something out this week.
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    Hurry up and catch up It's going to be 2 more weeks before I do a session that'll really extend my numbers so you have time!
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    jstanlick attempts to heal and carry on

    That is exactly how running works, if you are doing it properly anyway your stride rate will remain pretty darn constant and the thing that changes is your stride length. It sort of means that the guesstimation from Garmin is always going to be wrong. The suunto I have doesn't have the option to set the stride rate. It get's it wildly wrong when I'm walking on the treadmill but does a much better job when I'm running. It always overshoots though. That's pretty awesome! I remember you talking about starting a blog a while back. It's great to see something come to fruition.
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    JonFirestar: First Steps

    You know I sort of wish I could do that. Not that I would tbf. I've got a huge ambition for this year and I'm going to do the work I need to do to give myself the best shot of making it happen. Honestly it's less complex than it seems. I'm either separating out and mitigating stresses or increasing specific stress. I currently double up 2 days in my training. With Monday and Wednesday both consisting of a run and a lifting workout. I approach them a bit differently however. Monday is a lower body leg workout. The bulk of the work consists of heavy squats and fast sprints. Both of these are high stress activities and focus on the same body area so the idea here is simply to increase the intensity of the specific stressors. The day after is a rest day and the next moderate lower body workout (in the form of a threshold workout) doesn't happen until Thursday. There is a strong argument that i should be doing the run before I lift but the reality of the situation at my gym means that I just won't do it that way round. The Wednesday run, is a slow easy run into the gym. This one is meant to be at a much more recovery effort and is just a way of me adding and expanding my mileage without stacking too many miles together (I'm looking to increase my mileage to a much, much higher extent than you should even be considering adding a 5th run is a way to decrease the risk of doing so). This run has minimal impact on my workout because, for me, an easy 4 mile run really is a recovery effort and takes very little out of me. The workout on Wednesday is focused on upper body movements. So the answer really is. I added my hard run on a day when it would compliment and not oppose the strength goal for that day and my easy run I put on a day when I wouldn't be needing my legs to do very much. Thanks I really want to keep growing and getting better My weight rebounded a little in the wake of increasing my carb intake. Not by much and but a little. I think I will go under this PB. though, it's 89kg. I'm also getting to the point where I'm not really sure what I'm aiming for. I don't really have a 'goal weight' in mind. Not really lovely, but decent enough.
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    Miau's Year of the Elf: Chapter One

    So for context I do and have suffered with eating disorders (plural) so my perspective here is from way down the rabbit hole and from your descriptions I really don't think you are in here with me. Nothing you say strikes me as petty and trivial. You recognise that there are some pretty powerful emotions tied in with food and how we eat and with the weight loss culture that we are in and you are concerned about how that makes you feel. That is all valid. But I don't really have answers for you beyond what you started to do here. Acknowledge it, explore it and talk to people about it. It really helps.
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    JonFirestar: First Steps

    Week 2, Tuesday! Rest day. A relatively busy day but a less busy day. I was able to catch up with myself a little bit. Lose Weight 2402 calories bang on target. I cannot even begin to say how much better I feel with carbs back in my diet. Run all the Miles rest Lift all the Things rest OCR Practice rest day Sleep Restriction Therapy complied. Read Reading done. Write  I failed week 1, but I will try and get something out this week.
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    JonFirestar: First Steps

    not really. You can count the number of times I've slept through a whole nice over the last few months on one hand but this was never intended to fix anything in the short term. It's going to take a while before anything noticeable happens. I actually don't have anything else to try.
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    Comfy and Cozy Kestrel

    That isn't so bad. You still have more than enough time to make yourself ready for your race in June. Just focus on some nice easy base miles right now and with getting yourself a little bit stronger and you can attack the running in full force when your body is ready to do so. It would be nice to get you a little faster right now but that isn't something you need to do in order to hit your goals. By far the most important thing will be to consistently hit your runs and gradually build up your endurance.
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    JonFirestar: First Steps

    Week 2, Monday! Phew, I think I've caught up with everything now. Monday was a pretty uneventful day tbh. I was busy. I've been really busy since we got back from the Christmas break but not stressed out at all. So that's good. The time just seems to be flying away. I do have some time off work at the end of this week and the beginning of next week. I have stuff that needs to be done during that time. Otherwise uneventful day. Lose Weight 2424 calories I'm going to go ahead and call this one a fail. I'm not particularly concerned about 24 calories and can't really be fussed about it but it's a fail nonetheless. It was a failure to plan properly. My weight is hovering right around 200lbs/91kg so that's exciting! I'm getting extremely close to my lowest weight as an adult ever. Run all the Miles 3,1 miles. Sprint intervals 200m on the treadmill. 31.5/150 Lift all the Things I was so sore and tired from the weekend that I really didn't want to do this workout. I did however get into the gym and I got my work done. There are DOMS aplenty this today. Week 1 Exercise Sets Reps Weight AMRAP Squats 6 5 112 10 Front Squat 1 5 58.5 1 5 67.5 1 5 76.5 6 Lunge 1 5 53.625 1 5 61.875 1 5 70.125 8 Split Squat Dumbells 3 5 52 Pull-ups 5 4 0 5 OCR Practice rest day Sleep Restriction Therapy complied. Read Reading done. Write  I failed week 1, but I will try and get something out this week.
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    JonFirestar: First Steps

    Yeah I guess, to think of it there has been a lot of 'look at this amazing thing that happened' recently. I don't know I'm sort of forging on with a grim determination right now and because I am pushing so hard to improve I'm seeing a lot of improvements.
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    KCAleece Finds Hope and Regains Steam

    How did it go?
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    » shaar reawakens - a prologue

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    jcmgana Let it roll!

    Hey welcome back. Looking forward to seeing some more of your amazing photos!
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    Shadow of the Valkyrie

    I struggle with making some programs fit with my schedule sometimes. Especially when I start throwing races into the mix. I'm trying to figure out what makes these things work so that I can better program my way round my crazy schedule.
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    LoD respawns

    And they really do look amazing! Those numbers will come back quite quickly too! Well done!
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    JonFirestar: First Steps

    Thanks Kestrel. At least I know I'm doing something right! Yep... And I knew I was doing it too. Will work better to make the easy really easy. Thanks I am really happy to have made progress on all the fronts right now. It's exciting times and I'm really interested to see where the next 5 months lead.
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    Inazea's Road to Recovery

    It does look like you had a decent week 1
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    Echocheanic: The guide

    I'm catching up a bit but yeah. This is hella shady and I would 100% agree that you made the right call with this one.
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    Chapter 5: Monks and Fortresses

    Ahah Any time! And Woo Free money! I also loved the narrative entry
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    Maigs Gives Up

    Planks are hard. I also find that it is my shoulders that give out before my abs do on most occasions. I know my shoulders are a weak area for me and relatively my core is really strong.