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    JonFirestar and Ultra Distance OCRs

    Umm, hi well last challenge was an undeniable failure but I'm back again and looking to give this another shot. The spoiler below is a quick update regarding my mental state and how things are going with me. A couple of really cool things happened last challenge too. I got a 10k PR of 48:08. I'm immensely proud and happy about that. I got to run The Winter Nuts Challenge. I ran with @Rhovaniel and she managed to come in first in her age group I hit a new Deadlift PR of 175kg (385.8 pounds) It was a 5kg pr but I think I could have gone more. At the end of the next Challenge I am going to be attempting to qualify as a Pro for the OCR World Championships. To do this all I need to do is run a 55k OCR within an 8 hour time frame. Simple. All of my physical endeavours and focus is on that right now so this challenge is all about preparing for that event. I really think that I can make that happen but I'm under no illusions that it is going to be the most crazy physical challenge of my life. I am going to leave out mental health goals for this challenge because when I go downhill I won't update. Instead I'm going to focus on the big physical challenges I have coming up and address my mental wellbeing during the updates if it's applicable. Running: I'm currently doing a ton of running to prepare of the ultra distance OCR. I'm running 5 days a week and I'm currently approaching peak mileage for my training. Rather than go into the nuance of my training plan the goal is simply: Run 200 miles. All 5 weeks count. I should be a little over this if things go to plan. I have 2 races during this time: Reading Half Marathon Judgement Day Trail race (19 miles). The half marathon I will be attempting a time somewhere under 1:50 (146ish is dream target). The Judgement day will be run less hard for me as I'm going to be, hopefully, pacing @Rhovaniel through it as a test run for her own attempt at Oblivion but still not an easy run by any stretch. The primary focus on my training over the next 5 weeks will be on running. Lifting I've started a new GPP program from Barbell Medicine that is a lot less intense than the powerlifting program I was doing previously. The goal here is to lift 3 days a week and follow the plan. I've got a lot to thank @Mr_Willes for over the last few weeks as he's been my virtual lifting partner But the downside here is that I've come to the conclusion that my squat form is trash so I'm going to use this period to rebuild it. I've got new lifting shoes and they have helped massively to increase my range of motion but now I'm left with the realisation that I'm weak at the bottom of the squat. Food My Eating has gone a little haywire in my depression and I'm trying to reign things back in. Goal is simple. Stick to 2300-2400 calories 6 out of 7 days and up to 3500 on a long run day. There are no macro goals to go along with this. Sleep This is in here because it has been bad for the last week or so. When I am upset I start to avoid sleep. There are reasons for this but it's generally a bad habit. So I just want to keep track of this. Compliance is if I am lights out by 10pm.
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    There's a New Sheriff in Town

    Words to live by Wolfie! Following along brother!
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    JonFirestar and Ultra Distance OCRs

    Week 1, Thursday! Catching up with myself. Today was another busy one but a decent day all round. I was able to get the system that I've been wrangling with for the last few days working at long last so that's a good step forwards. Running 8 miles with 8x5 minute intervals at tempo pace. These were really hard today and by rights I really didn't need to do this workout (the run, but not the workout) after the half marathon on Sunday but it got done nonetheless. We are up to 38 miles now. Lifting Rest Food 2357 calories. A good day but I am hungry rn Sleep I actually got a decent amount of sleep last night. That really makes a change
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    Xena will be Under Pressure

    This is long overdue but not only don't I mind I love the nerdy running talk I like the idea of using the bike as a sort of half taper into a race. That does make sense to me but probably not as an overall aim into itself. I have heard about a lot of coaches using the bike in order to increase cardio volume in addition to running because it is basically impossible for a runner to put in the amount of volume that, say, a cyclist or swimmer would since the constant pounding is a real factor. I've got a lot of climbing coming up in my summer races and I intend on using the stair climber to cross train since I don't have easy access to mountains where I am. Well done for kicking your own ass on the half marathon when it comes down to it that is the most we can ask of ourselves. What did you go with? I'm slightly biased towards rowing since it was my sport of choice when I was younger but I know that it doesn't have a great deal of cross over with running
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    JonFirestar and Ultra Distance OCRs

    Week 1, Tuesday and Wednesday. It has been a week so far. I've been exceptionally busy and the lack of sleep at night means that I have been really tired by the time I get home from work. The lack of updates has more to do with that than anything else right now. Although last night was therapy night and that certainly had a lot to do with me not wanting to face anything else yesterday. I've been keeping myself together for the most part. That is what it feels like. Holding things together but this is a good sign for me. I've seen the single lowest weight on the scale this week that I ever have done. At least not since I was about 14 and at this point it's no point comparing it to then. That is interesting. I'm in uncharted territory and I don't really know what my weight goal is. I know it's not now. Currently I'm at 195lbs/88kg. I'm vaguely aiming myself towards 80kg but I really don't know if I'm going to stop before then, at that or want to go further when I get there. Running Ran 4 miles on the treadmill on Tuesday. Including 9x200m intervals at around 14kph Ran to the gym on Wednesday. 4 miles at an easy pace but with a relatively heavy backpack. My heart rate remains quite low despite the pack and it doesn't ever feel much harder to run with it . This is probably due to me being significantly heavier for most of my running career As of Wednesday I was at 30 miles overall for the challenge so far. Expect that to more than double before the week is out. Running has felt pretty good this week. Lifting Tuesday was Squat and OHP. I hit a top rep on the squat at 142.5kg for 1 and 60kg for 1 on the OHP My squat is getting better. The volume sets were 3x120x5 and 3x52.5x5 respectively. Wednesday was deadlifts and a pin bench. Top rep on the deadlift was 170kg for 1 and on the pin bench 90kg for 1. Volume sets were 3x150x5 3x80x5 Food 2424 Tuesday. A little high but I'm okay with it. 2369 Wednesday. Good. Sleep Both days were the same. I got to bed on time but slept terribly. Spoilers for Thursday's update though I actually slept really well last night and woke up with my alarm for the first time in months.
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    JonFirestar and Ultra Distance OCRs

    Thank you. I'd be lying if I didn't say that the long term nature of my progress hasn't come as a surprise to me also. I really dearly love what I am doing and it is keeping me focused far longer than anything usually does. Thank you The mental game is an interesting one. Running never feels so good, or so easy as when I am in a race and it is very easy to go off too fast and to some extent you don't really know what you are capable of until you push yourself past breaking point. This was my single strongest performance in terms of pace and i am very happy with it. The crowd in races always goes off too fast. At least a minute a mile faster than they have any right to be going off (based on where they are positioned) and it is hard to let that initial surge of people sweep past you but you'll see people who blew out their race all the way along. I watched people stop and walk slowly with less than a mile to go. That has got to feel really bad when that happens. I'm going to be running one more hard race before my BIG goal in May and that hard race is mostly just a tester for my big race so this will be very interesting. I also have this problem with every race but we do know that going off too fast is not the way to get your best time. The fact that I hit my goal time dead on is really exciting to me. I'll be honest, I love how fit I've become. I really love being fit and strong it is a good feeling. Especially from a person who could hardly climb the stairs just a few years ago. As for 2020 maybe not turning pro this close to 40 and I really don't know what my goals for next year will be. Right now I'm hyper focused on Oblivion and qualification for worlds. Thanks Stribs. I am proud of it. Good to see you brother! And I really appreciate you saying that. Although people have said that to me fairly often recently it always touches me. I struggle to find my own worth sometimes. I am beginning to accept that I might be somewhat of an inspirational figure. My own modesty doesn't like that much and part of that is still me trapped in my own mindset from when I first turned up here. I just wanted to lose some weight and get fit and never dreamed that I'd be doing the things that I am doing now. Thanks Cheetah Quite welcome I enjoyed writing it out in the end.
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    MR_Willes is losing it!

    You worry about it too much You aren't that accurate anyway. Just pick one that looks reasonable you only need to be in the right neighbourhood.
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    TGP starts in a rough place...

    Yes indeed it is. It makes those big commitments we make easier to justify and easier to train for but even more powerful is slogging on even when you don't have that inspiration readily to hand. Those are the times that matter most. You attempting the A100 for a second time is inspirational to me
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    JonFirestar and Ultra Distance OCRs

    Race Report I'm finding it really hard to write this despite being more proud of Sunday's race than I have been with a run for quite a while. I got to the race early on Sunday because I vastly overestimated how long it would take for me to get there. It is at a location that I travel to almost daily and on a normal day it'll take me th ebest part of an hour to get there. On sunday it took all of 25 minutes, and that included the 15 minute walk to the station. The weather was decent but I was under dressed for waiting around so I bundled myself into the merchandise tent where I managed, somehow, to buy myself 2 new pairs of trail shoes. I'll be honest the deal I got on them was far too good to be ignored and I snagged both for £50 (altogether) and something I don't feel guilty about at all. I made my way to the start line of the race about 45 minutes before it started. It's a bit weird now that I'm starting these races not at the back, or near the back but only a few buckets from the start. Still This is probably the biggest race I've ever taken part in and there were some 15,000 participants so there were still a lot of people around and ahead of me. I got very cold waiting around for the race to start but it wasn't too bad and once I was over the line all feelings of being cold were gone for good. I set off a little faster than I'd have liked. I find myself swept off in the crowd in these races and the crowd always goes too fast and I had to make a conscious effort to pull back a bit. I was able to hit my first mile perfectly around 8 minutes but I found myself chasing the 1:45 pacer for the second mile and went much to quickly for that. After that though I let him go since 145 was never on the cards for me and I was able to settle into a good comfortably hard pace. It was somewhat surreal when I passed the first 5k in 24 minutes it wasn't all that long ago that I felt that a sub 25 minute 5k was all but impossible but it fell by the wayside and so did the 48 minute 10k. Reading is the town that I've lived in for the past 10 years so I know the area very well. I was extremely familiar with about 85% of the route with the other 15% just being places I'd not been to that often (like the University campus). I knew that the hills would be tough and they were but I had the confidence to hold onto my pace as we went up them, since I knew exactly what the hill was and how long it would last for it made it possible to make those choices. The race was really cool and there were people lining the streets and cheering the runners on for almost the entire distance. In particularly in the high street people lined the sides of the road screaming and cheering and encouraging people on. It was really quite special. I felt really good for almost all of the race. I did have a couple of slowish miles in the middle but on the whole my pace was very consistent and I felt strong holding it. My endurance only faltered towards the end. The race goes straight down a long flat straight road for a couple of miles before finishing in the Football Stadium. As we past down the main road I was feeling good but as we got closer and closer to the stadium things really started to hurt and I had to grit my teeth to maintain pace. Around me people kept stopping to walk and I was determined that I would not stop this close to the end. Running up the very short hill and towards the stadium really hurt but the moment I rolled down the ramp and into the stadium that went away. I'm not a football (soccer) fan and so I've never actually been inside the stadium, even so I have to admit it was really cool to run down the ramp and see the people sat in the stands as we ran around the pitch towards the finish line. It took me quite a while to catch my breath and calm down once I crossed the finish line. Pushing yourself that hard is really very interesting Official time is 1:46.10 couldn't be happier with it.
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    JonFirestar and Ultra Distance OCRs

    Well the last night was better and I'm not falling to sleep at my desk today but it was far from good so I am still feeling very tired and drawn out.
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    Jarric - Road to Oblivion III - KISS

    You can always count on my support
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    New program and new numbers. So I've adjusted various things around and most of my numbers have dropped since I'm no longer doing crazy AMRAP sets. I'm still well in the lead with the Deadlift but I've dropped down the ranking with the Squat and OHP. Since I'm currently training for an Ultra Marathon (or 3) it will be interesting to see how my numbers fair over the summer.
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    JonFirestar and Ultra Distance OCRs

    Week 1, Monday. I ended up talking on the phone with my best friend for a while this evening so I don't have too much time to make this update. I haven't been sleeping well and it's now been about a week since I've had a good night's rest. As a result today I am very tired and drawn out. I really hope it breaks soon and I get some sleep Goal wise today I've been pretty good though. Running Rest dat Lifting rest day Food 2334. All good food. Sleep I got to bed on time but sleep was really bad. I am going to bed now and hoping for the best.
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    JonFirestar and Ultra Distance OCRs

    Fair enough. See this is what I thought you meant the first time I read your comment and I was going to disagree with it. Since I consider those things to be quite separate. I don't have much problem with my confidence when it comes to the things that I can do. I commit to my goal and I do my training. I don't even consider much of what I do to be very special. I'm good at consistently doing the work. I find it to be a bit of a weird contradiction but it is me. Thanks I'm quite proud of that time.