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  1. Update: I am feeling quite a lot better today. The problem really is that I've got no idea if I'm going to be feeling like this tomorrow or not. But for today I feel pretty good, comparatively speaking. Yesterday I was in pain but today it's not there. I made up for all of the eating I've been missing and then some because I actually showed something resembling an appetite and ended up eating quite a lot. It really shouldn't feel like an achievement to consume a bagel for breakfast but I did and I was feeling pretty happy with myself. Dinner ended up being tacos becau
  2. Oh feel free to flood me with pics
  3. Update: Oh I've been feeling weirdly awful the last couple of days. Yesterday I ended up really not eating very much at all, and most of that was once again sugar. Today though I had all the hunger and eventually ended up eating quite a lot. I'm effectively intermittent fasting at this point without meaning to do so. Yesterday I went for a bike ride, today I didn't even feel up to that and went on two walks instead. Cycling though is a pretty good substitute for running on the days I'm feeling otherwise okay since it mostly does away with the pounding of running which i
  4. Oh they are both so beautiful! Me too thank you. Eating has always been one of mine too! Oh yeah. That's the real problem when you look into this stuff is that there is actually so little that we as a species know about some things regarding how our bodies work. I've had so many tests and every one of them have so far come back telling me that I'm perfectly healthy which is a good thing but it doesn't help with anything lol. It's good to see someone new! Welcome aboard.
  5. Nobody is sure of the exact nature of my illness but yeah it's like my body is rejecting food. Eating is really weird because I'll get hungry but the moment I swallow something solid I immediately lose my appetite and begin to feel really sick. But yeah that's why I'm eating things high in sugar and sticking to simple carbs where I can. It's a way of getting energy into my body without stressing my digestive system too much. I think I'd be happier with myself if it were fruit that I was eating. I know there are some things I can eat without it making me feel sick and high water fruits are on
  6. Okay so an update. This week hasn't been great. I pretty much just went from feeling bad to worse. Things hit a high on Saturday where I spent the entire day with a massive bout of nausea. Today though I'm feeling a lot less drained and exhausted but I'm still feeling unwell. Odd but I'll take it. It's the end of next week where I'll have had all of my tests done. Although I'm unsure when I'll see all the results. Still managed to DM a game of dnd on Saturday. I'm really enjoying doing these short little games like this one. As for goals: I've run once,
  7. Hay Nova! It's good to see that beautiful doggy again Ahhh. Well eaten I have. Eating well or healthily? Not so much.
  8. Thanks mate. Good to have you along. I need to keep things simple right now. Yeah so people keep telling me but honestly I don't see how it's going to be much worse than what I live through daily right now anyway. I may eat those words lol. Thanks I really hope so too Thanks Red, good to have you along And now I'm thinking about trying to play a game of d&d during my colonoscopy
  9. Eat and Move I was going to have slightly loftier goals for this challenge than my previous one but then my old illness came barrelling back out of nowhere. Although if I'm honest the signs have been there for a couple of months that it was getting worse. I'm finding it extremely hard to function right now. I just want to curl up into a ball and sleep. During the course of this challenge I'll be having a bunch of medical tests and exams. One of these includes and awkward encounter with a camera. I'm seriously not looking forward to that but I want answers.
  10. Well I could but honestly it wouldn't make much of a difference. I live right at the very bottom of the hills and it's more or less straight up no matter which route I take. The one I do take is actually the one that gives me the most ups and downs and then take the shallower downhill run home.
  11. Friday 23rd April 2021 Been feeling quite a lot better than I have been, mentally and health wise. That's a really good sign although I did have a bit of a lazy day. Ending up shunting off most of my chores until Monday. None of this is utterly urgent but it really does need doing. Spent most of my evening playing Diablo 3 (I blame @Jarric for making me want to play that again). Running: I decided I wanted a bit of a change today so I strapped on my trail shoes and headed for the hills. I'm not running nearly far enough atm to get to the really cool trails but I s
  12. Thursday 22nd April 2021 Forgot to update yesterday. I've been a little preoccupied with work, catching up with things from my week off last week. Feeling better, so that's good to know. I've got a bunch of stuff that I really need to get done tomorrow. Running: Yep Did 6 miles on Wednesday and another 6 miles today. Today went much better than it has for a while and I felt really good with it.
  13. Totally agree with you Do the thing that you want to do. The most important thing is that you are enjoying what you are doing rather than it feel like a chore that you 'should' do. This is awesome Ahh I embrace it anyway. I know the things I strive for are weird to lot of people. I just do what I enjoy 😛 and set goals that motivate me.
  14. Hey welcome back fellow respawner! Yeah I hear you. Covid ugh. I've struggled with my weight my whole life and if I'm honest the only reason covid hasn't lead to rapid weight gain for me is because I've been really sick. I also understand this Just remember it's also not a bad thing to completely refeed your body from time to time.. Extended periods of dieting is hard on the body and mind, even if you do have enough reserves to maintain it. It's still a physics equation at the end of the day, energy in vs energy out, but your body isn't a static entity and will
  15. Tuesday 20th April 2021 How am I feeling? Pretty good I guess. I've been feeling pretty drained for a few weeks now and I don't know if it's just because yesterday brought it to my attention a little more but I'm not feeling physically great atm. tmi Running: Yes I ran 4 miles this afternoon. Felt pretty good but I'm honestly struggling with things right now. I think that might be related to the above.
  16. So it was Burp Urp, Slurp Urp and Durp Urp? As if I didn't have enough trouble telling them apart! Wait, what? The answer is simple. Keep making ice cream until you've got your comparison methodology sorted out and then make them all again 😜
  17. I'm just glad to have people to play with D&D has been a real life saver this year.
  18. Almost certainly. You are right and that's not been lost on me. Along with the continued gastro-intestinal issues I'm suffering with (purpose of the hospital visit), my body is lacking nutrition. I really need to take some action to sort it out. I'm going to need some help so I may take you up on that. Thanks. It's been so frustrating to be so sick and just unable to get any answers for such a long time. It's been almost 2 years but I know that it's covid that's been the thing that's delayed it rather than the doctors (I got the referral
  19. Monday 19th April 2021 I'm tired and drained today and I'm still feeling a little light headed after having had all the blood drawn. Spent my entire morning sat in the hospital. It was rather nice to actually talk to a doctor who seemed to take everything I was saying really seriously rather than simply dismissing it out of hand. I've had to fight for every test I've had so far and suddenly I've got all of them happening all at once. So yeah. That's not fun but I'm so glad that I am getting looked at finally. I ended up having a bunch of blood taken before I left and that left me f
  20. Well if it wasn't for the game you DM'd for @Mr_Willes and myself I wouldn't have thought about doing things this way I think both ways have their advantages and disadvantages but I think the game can be just as enjoyable either way. Aww thanks. I've been DMing you and @WhiteGhost for a year now so we can probably just chalk it up to my meagre additional experience.
  21. Sunday 18th April 2021 Another day and I'm exhausted again. Not sure what's going on there but I've been feeling really quite lethargic. Tomorrow I've got a hospital appointment that I have been waiting for over a year for. Simply put the routine thing that this was wasn't available during the covid period. Since my condition was deemed to not to be urgent (things such as cancer were tested for and ruled out) I simply had to wait. Whilst I'm not sick anymore there are some lasting issues and my doctor still thinks i should have everything checked out. Day
  22. Oh me too, and I enjoyed it because I didn't really care about killing you either It was a blast and allowed for some hilarious interactions.
  23. Saturday 17th April 2021 Feeling today? Hmm good I guess. I've not done much today other than play dnd. I'm calling today my trial run for my new campaign idea It was a randomly generated dungeon run where I had about as much idea about what the players would run into as they did. It was fun and allowed me to improv my way along. Just because of how the adventure turned towards the end I dropped a Balor into the last room as the big boss. I was expecting the creature to kill them but the party managed to kill it and were left with a single PC up with a single HP who was a
  24. That's it! That's the point I was trying to make Or maybe that people should think harder about the big picture and not worry so much about the little one. Hope you have more energy tomorrow.
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