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  1. Nope. 😕 I started feeling better a while ago but lockdown has happened in the meantime and I was partway through getting tested for various things.
  2. Well almost certainly. I called my doctor today and got him to renew my meds for that. They are a cure for nothing but they did make me feel better.
  3. Tuesday Been feeling kind of crappy for about the second half of today. Was feeling okay for most of the day but I kind of just dropped off after lunch. I've been doing that a lot recently. I'm just feeling exhausted by the time the afternoon rolls around and by the end of the day I'm just done. I've still got no appetite. I tried to eat more today but it seemed to have the effect of just making me feel even more crappy than normal (at least after dinner). I've lost 11.5kg (25lbs) in about the last 8 weeks 😕 Exercise: I did a 4 mile easy run today. No real fuss w
  4. Was that intentional? Following along brother. It's good to see you man.
  5. Yeah. I think it's pretty much because it's a representation of how chaotic my life feels right now. Since I'm hardly leaving the house it feels like I shouldn't be finding it hard to find 5 minutes to breathe. I did do it I wasn't beating myself up over it. I was just real tired when I made the update. I was extremely happy with my run. The bits that were the most important (that I ran all out in my sprints) went really well and I very easily cracked a sub 20 second 100m which I'm pretty proud of! The rest of the run after that was just slow and a little rough because
  6. Oh that's so good to hear. I'm so excited for you both! Oh this so much this. Warm in the sun but that wind!!! I can only imagine it's like 100 times worse for you up there
  7. Not really I’ve not had much of an appetite for a long time now. I’m getting hungry I just don’t have the thing that says it’s time to eat. I no longer get sick when I eat something so it’s not that but I still have no idea what that was but likely related I guess.
  8. You all kept me on my toes for the first half lol. That was really fun for me and it was really the biggest learning experience in creating a living world. I really enjoyed how you guys dug out the clues. I dragged my own accent a little into the gutter for the villagers, since that is the only accent I can drop into lol but I know that might have been lost on people. I really enjoyed that final sequence.
  9. Hmm update I am pretty bad at this ran 5 miles with some sprints and hit my highest ever pace on my last one. The run was a little lacklustre after that. My legs were tired Food has been pretty bad of late. Bowl of cereal, a bagel with cream cheese and a cheese pastry. That is all I ate today.
  10. Aww thanks. I’m really sad we’re having all the technical problems. I wanted to see you get really angry at the skeletons. Instead everyone had to put up with me tactically using you as a meatshield. Oh I really was nervous. I had to dial up how Canadian you sound in my head. I love your accent too. Thanks! I was terrified. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to know you both enjoyed it. I really am excited for the next session. Yet the paladin beat information out of the prisoner and the healer just disintegrated that innocent and uncon
  11. I'm so happy for you Tell me all about her! (it's okay if you don't but it is exciting news).
  12. https://www.dndbeyond.com/forums/d-d-beyond-general/play-by-post?page=2
  13. Wait a minute, you have a girlfriend? When did that happen? I'm so amazingly out of the loop with everyone right now
  14. Yeah there isn't really a wrong way to do this. Just running is what you need to do and the specifics are much less important. What you are doing is great. The improvements just comes from consistently doing it. It's no more or less complex than that. If it helps with pacing try adding in breaks right from the start (preempt them). Honestly pacing is really hard so don't be peeved about that either. It takes practice to get right more than anything else.
  15. Okay, so I'm just going to concede defeat on the second half of this week and say that I failed with my eating and exercise goals and leave it at that really. Things got in the way and I ended up sleeping an awful lot. I felt so exhausted by the back end of last week that I'm really okay with having just taken it easy. To add something much more upbeat because it's not been a bad week really, albeit another one spent stuck indoors (which really is driving me crazy). On Thursday Night I DMed my first D&D ever! It was over the internet and hooking up 5 different countries and 3
  16. Yeah. It sort of worked but @deftona is right, it was a case of finally feeling free of it when it was over. I don't know I think having certain things scheduled in (if you'd neglect or forget them) isn't a bad thing but a ridgid daily plan was too much for me. I think it helped me see the benefit in planning that way just maybe be completely honest and realistic about how much free time you actually want. (including things like breaks between activities).
  17. Well it works if you can stick to it. I've tried and failed lol but I got a lot done while I did stick to it. That said organisation and routine (especially atm) is probably a good thing.
  18. I'm good I've just been really busy and really tired. Probably related to each other there. It makes sense At least to me, thanks mate. I think it's what I've been missing. An eye on long term consistent progress. I should probably put out there that a lot of the reason I tend to bullrush headfirst into things is because my interest doesn't usually last that long but I've been doing this for almost 4 years now so it's probably time I settled into the long haul lol. I've been through injury and illness now and I still feel like i'm making progress and that's not normal for me.
  19. Nice work Yeti You are approaching this in a good way. Don't ever feel bad about stopping to walk. You aren't doing yourself any wrong whatsoever by doing that. It's perfectly possible (and surprisingly common) to have a long term running plan with built in walk breaks and still make the kind of improvements you want to see. It took me a very long time to start actually enjoy running and when it happened it sort of took me by surprise. I never expected it. I'm not built to be a runner lol.
  20. Judgement is generally not all that useful. We don't need to condemn ourselves to know that we should be eating healthier. Thanks Lizz. I had a lovely day thank you.
  21. It was pretty great tbh but it also marked the third night of takeout in a row 😳 Oh they are absolutely related Not least because of the abolition of my daily routine which would at least have me eating meals at set times. That's not wrong Welcome Wolfpool to my quarantine adventures Although a large part of my adventures these days are playing D&D with @Mr_Willes
  22. Tuesday: Actually not a great deal to update about today. I'm living the life of lockdown and today was a rest day. I took a long walk early this morning. We are having the most amazing spring. I only wish I could experience more of it. I prepped a little for my DnD game that commences on Thursday. Super excited but also slightly terrified. Otherwise, work is just getting busier for me. I've been given another major project to do. Training Log: Nothing to report. It was a rest day. I'm planning a short but solid 2 mile run tomorrow.
  23. Hey, it really does feel like I'm rebooting everything right now. I spent a long time in a little bit of a limbo with my mental and physical health and now that things are looking up across the board I'm looking to gain momentum again. I needed to set some firm boundaries and I did so. For now things are much better. Things were just getting a little overwhelming. Everything about me tends towards the extreme. When I focus on something I drive towards it single mindedly but how I applied it was unsustainable. I'm looking to change that. Eatin
  24. I don't think we ever really know what we need in the way of support. If we did finding it wouldn't be so hard Anyway I can certainly tell you that you are free to hit me up if you ever want to chat. No internet required. If you ever want to just shoot a text conversation my way I'll be happy for the interaction! I'm not sure I've got much to talk about besides Dungeons and Dragons but hey such is life in quarantine. I can talk about the singing lessons Heather is giving me .
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