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  1. Hey. I've not been as far away as I have been but ended up not posting last week because life got a little crazy 😕
  2. I mean you are the artist so this might be plainly obvious but sometimes I find it really helpful to find something that requires concentration but not too much thought. One day I'll show you pictures of some of the quilts I've made lol. Here for you Lizz.
  3. Hey For all your awesomeness and maybe Batgirl Yoga
  4. Welcome to my Not Reboot It feels like I need a reboot. A do over. Press stop, wait for everything to come back up, and pick up where I left off. There is an issue with doing that. You never fix the problem I'm an IT guy. My career has advanced and I do some pretty cool shit if I'm honest (I build bits of internet infrastructure). When I was a young man, rather over confident but still only in the education part of my career, a friend of mine came at me with something I'd not come across before. He told me simply. "Your first reaction should never be to turn it off
  5. Yeti! So good to see you back. If I can help support you in anyway I will
  6. Friday Stupidly stressful workday. I spent the entire day trying to organise a multi-national effort to track down an issue that lead to the discovery of a cascade of failures. This is not my job, it's above my paygrade 🤣Technically well above my paygrade tbh. I'm hatching a plan too audacious to mention. Ahh office politics. Spent all of my day doing that really, and then cooking and cleaning. This evening I had a chat with one of my oldest friends and that was good. Dan is such a good friend and I really don't appreciate him enough lol. Oh well conversation got me
  7. Hey, can an old brother get a hug? Congrats on the house Wolfie. That's great news!
  8. Well I'm going to try my very best not to do this. I can understand why this would annoy some people. If you spend time prepping something nobody ever finds it can feel like you wasted time. I don't know I sort of see the role to create the world for the characters to explore. It's important that the gems are there to be discovered and not that every beat is hit. I don't know even when I wrote I always liked to set the characters free in the world rather than drive the plot for them. Give them a reason to get to the mcguffin and then follow their journey as they try and figure it out. The worl
  9. My opinion on this? Go buck wild so long as you stick within the rules, I'm happy for players to play the kinds of characters they choose to play. If you happen to be opposing someone directly the two of you will just have to learn to get along. It just makes for fun interactions. (One character just wants to get paid, the other one is really concerned about the whereabouts of their employer, they can both work together and get what they want). The characters are dictating the story, I'm just trying to keep things interesting as they go! Level one characters are too squishy to cause too much
  10. I agree here, that's why I say it's up to you. Having this happen organically for us was really really cool. Our characters literally were forced to go from a bunch of strangers each trying to do their own thing to working together. The mess of our second game. Just barely surviving without any permanent deaths made the cooperation of the third game much more rewarding. It's really up to the players whether or not any of their characters start out knowing each other beforehand; or if you are just a bunch of strangers forced together by happenstance and there is no reason there can
  11. Update Wednesday and Thursday. I've had a couple of frankly exhausting days. I've had plenty of sleep to make up for it, clocking another 9-10 hours last night but I am pretty beat right now. Like everyone else there isn't a huge amount of any note happening right now. I went back into the office today. That was different and I spent rather too long chatting with @Jarric and @Mr_Willes about DnD. Well I suppose that's what's new with me. I agreed to DM the D&D game that Willy is putting together in his thread (very thankful for his organisation of it, but I've tol
  12. This is a great idea. It'll also help us sort out any of the major tech issues before we start. I also want to make sure that the module that I'm running isn't something anyone has played through or is currently playing through (including me!). I've already got a few options and since only a few of us have played before it shouldn't be too difficult. It is up to you guys though if you want to discuss things like party composition but it'll certainly make things easier if you do. You'll understand your own and each other's role in combat before you go in. A
  13. All of this. I took advantage of working from home to take the extra couple of hours of sleep. I felt like a new man when I woke.
  14. ^^ This. Sure the roleplay those guys do is spectacular, and the DM is second to none, but the authentic part of what they show you is the absolute blast the players are having with each-other while the game goes on. Again speaking for myself Well if it makes anyone feel any better I've just agreed to DM the game (not out of the blue Willy and I have been talking about this). This is going to be my first time so we are all going to need a little hand-holding at times You know, assuming everyone who has shown interest so far can make it,
  15. That I really did manage thanks I think I had around 10 hours sleep. I feel much better.
  16. Tuesday, I think Oh boy I feel tired today. It was a frustrating day to be honest, mainly with work but I am also getting a little bit cabin feavery for being cooped up at home for so much time. Kinda not much more to say about that. My workout today wiped me out I think. It was a hard one. Hard workouts are important and tomorrow is an easy day to aid with recovery. My watch is recommending 33 hours of recovery time for the one workout lol Workout Log Training Log Tuesday 21st April 2020 Workout: HIIT Speed workout 5x20 second max effort sprints. 3 mi
  17. Ummm well, we did this to Willy too but... https://critrole.com/ Please don't compare us to professional actors playing D&D Sure, it's possible if everyone is okay with it, no reason you couldn't sit in the video chat and hang with us but I'd really encourage you to get involved. It's silly fun. More like a drinking game with dice and miniatures than anything serious. Do you think @Mr_Willes would be so excited for anything anyone needed to take seriously!! It's a guided adventure so other than your character you don't need much. If you g
  18. That is what we are here for Now I'm really getting hyped for this! Please don't worry about being a newbie. Everyone needs hand holding through their first few games (and much longer). @Mr_Willes literally had his first game ever with us just a few weeks ago (and was every bit as nervous, I hope he has no problem with me saying that). It's just a bunch of adults playing make believe together!
  19. So after a party clear out a cave full of goblins they could abandon the rest of their quest, decide to take up lives as bandits, and pick up where the goblins left off. Raiding caravans and the local settlements and then smuggling the goods into the nearest big city... This has promise. Me as a DM, I think I'd just roll with whatever the players wanted to do. I think I can keep pace with the players. In my mind the adventure presents the setup only. You have people, places and things that you can do but the story unfolds the way the characters make it unfold. Exactly. Attackin
  20. Well I knew half the party would care, I also knew that half of the party was hiding around the corner safely out of the way . This wasn't quite like the wolves. I knew things would go to all hell (although I couldn't have imagined just how badly) when I did that, but that's based on Jon knowing the players rather than Tilean. She felt perfectly justified in her actions and still feels that way. If anyone got eaten it was entirely their own fault lol.
  21. Monday Another day in quarantine... ummm yah. Well a different day. I made arrangements to go into the office for the first time in weeks. I had something I needed physical access to to fix but also knew it wouldn't take very long to do. It took a while to make arrangements but I got in and got a change of scenery. It's a huge building and exactly 4 people inside including myself so I didn't need to go near anybody. I've been very impressed with how my company has managed this whole thing. I work for good people and that makes me feel good. We managed to get an entire call center o
  22. Oh Lizz you need more credit than that. You took my little intellectual presentation and turned it into something hopeful and meaningful. You are the woman who will be playing football again soon (unfortunately right now who knows when right? 😕) All you need to do is believe it. Believe in yourself and your body is yours to sculpt, and like any work of art, it is going to take time, dedication, thought, love, sweat, pain but it is yours to craft. Be the person you aspire to be and your body will follow. Focus on Lizz playing football again and be her. I know when I feel like thi
  23. TBF I wasn't really lying. There was no way that Tilean was going to drop her weapons for the life of any human. She'd already found enough money She just managed to convince them that their slave was worth their lives.
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