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  1. /agree This is one of the few single-use kitchen gadgets that still has a spot in my kitchen. Raw veg noodles make awesome summer dinners, and the spiral slicers easily make perfect noodles.
  2. I adore my Mooncup. I've had mine for about nine years; and the medical grade silicone is just as supple as when it was new. I had to cut about 3/4 of the stem off of mine.
  3. I would love to be able to wear my 60" flares from college, though I doubt I could wear them, much less the coordinating wallet chain, in public with a straight face anymore.
  4. I think canned beans taste better rinsed and drained. The dried ones are cheaper, though; I'd go someplace with a bulk section and try small quantities of different varieties. I've read that cooking the beans with a thumb-sized piece of kombu can increase the trace mineral content and make them more digestible. A cup of dried beans will yield between 2 and 2.5 cups of cooked beans. The internet says that you should vary your protein sources to make sure you get all necessary amino acids. Whey's a complete protein, though... I'd probably just load up my smoothie because it's faster, easier,
  5. That's exactly what my doctor told me, too. If you're generally feeling wheezy, I'd probably skip the workout. If you always get wheezy because of the workout, I'd ask about taking some Ventolin/albuterol a few minutes before you start. Also, you might want to go to your lung doctor sooner than later: mine always gets mad at me when I need albuterol several times in a week and don't come in for a med adjustment.
  6. morri


    I totally missed the fact that we had to reply to the original challenge thread when I was reading the rules. It may have been a noob error, but I thought that tagging the blog post as 6-week challenge was the key to being included! Unless I'm the only one who missed it, next time can you call out the fact that you have to do something else with the blog post in the section about making it, like, "Make sure to check off the "Current 6 Week Challenge" Category before you hit submit. After you hit submit, make sure you post a link to your challenge blog in this thread," and then reiterate it
  7. You could totally do this in a Vitamix. (And, if money were no object, this Magimix is fantastic. If you've ever heard people rave about the Cuisinart that they got in the 70's and loved, this food processor is the closest you can get to those new. Robot Coupe made the Cuisinart food processors then and the Magimixes now. It's also made in France instead of China.)
  8. I kept my name because my husband didn't want to hyphenate. I fail to see why one of the first acts of a healthy partnership should be to strip one of the partners of her identity, and it makes my blood boil when people who know better call me "Mrs. His-last-name".
  9. Make sure you label your herbs, especially if you have two of the same variety! We planted mint and catmint in the same set of herb boxes and then couldn't tell them apart. Don't plant a tomato plant in a pot, no matter how large it seems. If your compost pile never seems to cook, you might want to try vermicomposting. It really works best with small amounts of green organic material and food scraps, but it always works. Try to find an independent garden center. They usually have more knowledgeable employees and are very willing to help.
  10. This is the other reason why my husband usually has a drink without me. The little bit in a sauce doesn't bother me. The mirin I usually use doesn't have added sugar, so it's more about avoiding grains than sugar. I don't think adding vinegar would be a universal solution because most of the dishes I use mirin in have vinegar already.
  11. I think I'd fall asleep before I could finish a bottle of wine; somewhere between college and now, I lost my tolerance for alcohol. I am more often guilty of leaving wine in the fridge for next time than drinking it with dinner! I am glad to hear some agreement that a bit of wine in a sauce isn't going to be too terrible. The $9-for-a-tiny-bottle mirin from Whole Foods doesn't have any added sugar, but I'll still see if I can find a delicious way to saute kale and garlic without it. I've read that cooking tomatoes with a bit of oil makes the lycopene more available, but I don't think I'd r
  12. I'm going through my current list of recipes to see which ones are primal friendly, and one ingredient that keeps popping up is wine. I've read that drinking a glass of wine can be counted as an acceptable indulgence, but how often do you use it in cooking? Does anyone have an opinion on the suitability of mirin? Is it like (gluten free) soy sauce in that the fact that it's ok as a seasoning because it's fermented, or is it out because it's a sweet rice wine? (this sort of mirin, not this)
  13. Tales from Jabba's Palace and Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina Creative, no?
  14. I'd enter everything you eat into a diet tracking website, like My Plate or Daily Burn to see how much you're eating a day. I know the university system across the pond is a bit different than here, but do you have a student health center or gym you can go to get a baseline weight? If not, I've seen a lot of people use a (non-metal) tape measure to take body part circumference measurements as a baseline. (How to Properly Track Your Progress)
  15. It's been a long time since I've read a Star Wars novel, but I remember the single novels being pretty fast-paced and some of the trilogies dragging a little. Of course, I haven't read a Star Wars novel since Episode 1 came out, so I am no longer an authoritative source. (There are a couple of short story anthologies, too, if you want a quick hit or wish you knew what the deal with the aliens in Jabba's palace or the Mos Eisley Cantina was.)
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