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  1. KB Ladders 3 Rungs (1,2,3,4=10) 28 kg DB KB Clean/Press 28 kg DB KB Squats 28 kg DB KB Rows 28 kg DB KB Floor Press (Neg rep at the end.) 28 kg DB KB Crunch 3x6
  2. Pull Ups 4x10,8,5,3 CH Push Ups 4x20,15,10,5 - Hand placement center of chest. Sit Ups 4x20,15,10,5
  3. KB Ladders 4 Rungs (1,2,3,4=10) 24 kg DB KB Clean/Press 24 kg DB KB Squats 24 kg DB KB Rows 24 kg DB KB Floor Press (Neg on the last one of each rung.) 24 kg DB KB Crunch 4x6 32 kg KB Suitcase holds 1x30 (L/R)
  4. My mom has bad lupus and arthritis, so it was just a matter of time before I started showing signs of it. Thankfully with my joints right now I still have full range of motion. I just get the inflammation and ache in them. When I exercise and warmed up they feel really good. I was told by the doc it will help keep them healthy.
  5. Hello All! Start writing down my workouts to help pressure myself into being more dedicated. I will work on posting my daily workouts to keep track of them. I took about 3 weeks off, working back in slowly. My current workouts are the following. Strength/Endurance Dips/Pull Ups 3x5/1 (Had some bursitis in my right elbow due to pull ups, working back in slowly) Kettlebell Ladder 3 rungs (Increase reps each set) Double KB Clean/Squat/Press (53 lb/24 kg) Double KB Rows (53 lb/24 kg) Double KB Single leg Dead Lifts (53 lb/24 kg) Push Ups 2x12,10 Sit Ups 2x12,10 Single Leg Calf Raises 2x10 (35 lb) Timed Hang 2x30 sec (Grip Endurance/Lat Strength) - Been working on pulling slightly at the bottom of the hang to build strength in my Lats. Stretching Cardio Endurance 5 min Walk (Warm Up) 30 min Jog (5 mph/6% incline) 5 min walk (Cool Down) Stretching