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  1. I love the use of the leotard horror to keep yourself motivated! Shudder, yeah I would really not want to have to go the gym to work out in a leotard. Good luck with your challenge this month
  2. So awesome that you are to the respawn stage of your recovery!!!! You've got this.
  3. Thanks for all the encouragement everybody!!! @ IRL 3.5 Monk- We will see how far I get in my progress for this challenge. when I get to actually being able to do a handstand, I will definitely post pictures. At the moment, I am still firmly against the wall and working on building up arm/core strenghth. I do think the inversion challenge is helping shake out some of my spine stiffness that yoga wasn't touching. who knew? @ Bookish Badger- whoa. blow my mind. who knows, maybe I will be strong enough one day to to just randomly throw some handstand walking in before I make it to mordor. th
  4. 8/16/16 50 min run/walk 3 miles 10 core leg lifts 5 minutes handstand work green smoothie 5 minutes loving kindness meditation cronometer tracking 8/17/16 5 minute handstand work 5 min planks green smoothie cronometer tracking 8/18/16 5 minute handstand work 20 min tai chi (video) 10 core leg lifts 3 sets of 10 calf raises green smoothie cronometer tracking 8/19/16 1 hour gardening 5 min loving kindness meditation cronometer tracking 8/20/16 2 ho
  5. Awesome that you are beginning to see patterns as you experiment in trying to reach your goals! Those are some major changes you are making. Keep it up, Super-Lili!!!
  6. 8/12/16 38 minutes run/walk treadmill 2.5 miles 8/13/16 1 hour yoga 15 minutes run/walk trail 1 mile 5 minutes handstand work 8/14/16 40 min run/walk 2.5 miles 5 minutes handstand work 10 clamshells 20 leg lifts (hip adductors) 8/15/16 5 minutes handstand work 5 minutes plank routine 20 core leg lifts
  7. Have been hanging around and reading content from Nerd Fitness for several months. Thought it was finally time to jump into the community and take an "official" challenge. Good luck, everybody! Love seeing how you are all winning your battles and making progress toward being badass superheroes of health and fitness. Challenge #1: 1. Move every day. -5 minutes handstand challenge work (28 day handstand challenge) - at least 5 minutes of other movement--run,walk,(walk to mordor), yoga, plank exercises, etc... 2. Drink a green smoothie daily. 3.
  8. Awesome! and thanks for sharing the walking to mordor link.
  9. This is really great!!! Looking forward to seeing how my miles of walking and running (cough...jogging) slowly add up.
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