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  1. Congrats on completing your challenge - and achieving a free standing HS, let alone making it to 10. I'm around the 45 second supported HS, no-where near ready for "proper" HS! Quick question, how do you disembark from supported HSs? I tend to collapse & feel fortunate I've not damaged anything yet... Good luck with future challenges!
  2. Following your results with the sandbag workouts, I'm definitely going to attempt to create my own. 3 sets of NF9 is serious stuff... are there future plans to go for the 9xNF9?? Congratulations on your life goal too Fantastic results here!!
  3. Forgot to add my after pics - not much change, but I'm feeling fitter, so it's all good! Before: After: [ATTACH=CONFIG]5415[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]5417[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]5416[/ATTACH]
  4. Pull up - Done!! Massive congrats on achieving this! Good luck with future language lessons, but once you're fluent, try not to go 100% Afrikaans on the message boards - Google translate will get worn out! All in all, an excellent result for a first challenge, you should be proud. Congrats!!
  5. Well done Angel, what an inspiring result! You should advertise your services on your signature: "Infections cured, office dilemmas sorted, labour bags packed, out-of-this world parties organised, etc, etc..." Good luck for your next challenge, (not like you really need it ). Glad you're feeling better too. Please keep the party updates coming on your next challenge - I'll be watching from the stands.
  6. I've not dropped off the face of the planet, just off the forums (sorry!) Here's a breakdown of my goals for this challenge: Managed to stick to my calories on most days (didn't track on 3 days) my average daily calories for all tracked days is 3173.5 - I weighed in last night at 151.4 so I'm heading in the right direction. Here's a before & after chart of measurements: [table=width: 200] [/td] [td]6th Aug 17th Sept Neck 34 35.5 Chest 88.5 90 Waist 77.5 83.5 Hips 93.5 95.5 Bicep (relaxed/flexed) 25/28 26.5/29.5 Forearm 24.5 25 Thigh 51.5 53.5 C
  7. Completely misunderstood your bike ride timing... & there I was thinking "Damn, this guy just cranks out a 20 mile bike ride, before breakfast???" Definitely get that breakfast down you, It'll certainly help reduce any energy plateaus. Running, cycling, paddle boarding, and medieval combat... I need to get out more!! Nice work avoiding the cookies
  8. I completed this challenge yesterday, but didn't get online last night... I filled my car with rubbish from out of the garage, took it over to the tip, whereupon, I promptly moved it all out of the car and into the relevant recycling container. With the new-found space in the garage, I then went on to move several boxes of odd & sods, miscellaneous tools, and old paint cans, from the utility room, out into the garage! For the afternoon, the family went out to a park, where there was copious piggy backs, & pull up/climbing fun to be had (trainee ninja warrior style-ee!), much to the bem
  9. I'm in... Hoping to go out with the family to some parks this weekend - I'll be rucksacked up anyway, but depending on the weight, I may swap it for my 5 yr old (44.5 lb) and piggy-back him around for a distance. I'm off to the tip (domestic waste depot) tomorrow morning to move another load of crap out of the garage too.
  10. @ Elefevers - Thanks! I was feeling rather wobbly all day Wednesday, but luckily I've felt fine since yesterday morning (ridiculing aside!) I managed to et out on my bike tonight, and tracked 3.8m (6.1K) in 25m:26s (~9 mph). I wasn't going out to break any records, but I did push for the duration, and because it's been raining all day, I got quite muddy too - proper job! Today I've reached my 3K calorie mark, with the help of ̶s̶o̶m̶e̶ lots of delicious slow roast pulled pork Have a good weekend, whatever you folk get up to.
  11. Wow - you're all right; why is the truth sooo lame?! All the guys at work reckon it's spousal abuse & have advised me that when I'm next in trouble, I should try the "Not the face..." line. (bruising has come out more today - although it disturbingly looks like heavy pink eye shadow ) I should have gone for some awesome mishap like you suggested, or that I fell from a Ninja Warrior course, cos I was only using 1 hand; or that I accidentally flexed one of my 'guns' into my face... Instead, the office may have a whip-round and buy me a bath-mat, like some kind of Help the Aged campaign -
  12. Really good going with your progress so far, both with dietary & fitness - nice one! Is it worth taking a small snack along for the pre-breakfast bike rides? (I'm not familiar with PB 21 challenge, but thinking something like some nuts, or a baggie of cooked chicken, etc) I love the style your goals, almost like you've taken them out of the Official Ranger Handbook and made them your own - epic I wish you speedy (but thorough) recovery with your shoulder.
  13. I echo the get well comments, I hope you can shake whatever House-style illness off ASAP, and get back to being a bad-ass! I'm going to borrow your BeastSkills handstand link, and pair it with the handstand push ups for beginner's guide from the same site (recommended by tenaciousglee on my thread) in an attempt to achieve my goal of 2 handstand press ups, so, thanks! I'm yet to step foot inside a gym (& I'm in no real rush to start, for this very reason), although I know I would have done exactly the same and made an exit - no doubt, thinking of some witty put down 20 mins too late... Do
  14. Great job so far - 5x push ups, 80 sec plank, & PR deadlift... Keep up the good work!
  15. Well, today got off to a not-so-great start - I managed to slip getting out of the shower, and face-planted into the floor. So now I look like a bad boxer!! [ATTACH=CONFIG]5185[/ATTACH] My head's still spinning a bit, but my boss has allowed me to work form home today. I'm hoping my headache eases in time for my workout tonight though. Oh well!
  16. Shame about 2013 NYC Ironman - are you able to sign up to another in a different location if it doesn't re-materialise? "Batshit crazy", maybe, but certainly Awesome It sounds like you are make great headway towards your goals - good going! Also, well done with the food intake too, once your fridge is cleared & stocked with the foods you want, it will be much easier to resist or feel the need to eat the foods you don't want. When I completed a Paleo 30 day session back in January, one of the first things I did was go through the cupboards, and anything that didn't fit the schedule, and
  17. Good deeds = lots of feel good factor... On the London trip on Saturday, my 5yr old son found a Samsung Ace mobile (cell) phone down the side of the train chair! I was going to hand it in to lost property, but decided that the owner would be unlikely to locate it depending on where & when he was travelling. So, after checking the contacts within, I sent a text to "Mum" explaining we'd found the phone & asking what they wanted to do. "Mum" text back later on and asked if we could post it on. She confirmed today that they had received the phone, which belongs to her teenage son who
  18. That's a fantastic result - Massive congratulations!! That's got to be the strongest start to a six week challenge to date... How goes the 'John Wayne Walk'? Are there any plans to post the route you covered? I'm spending a long weekend near Caernarfon at the end of October, and after reading your post, I've decided that it might be worth taking the bikes and exploring Snowdonia! You've set some great goals too - I'll be watching to see how you progress with your strength training, especially the one-arm press ups (jealous)
  19. THAT's the spirit, nice one! Proper push up = WOOT!
  20. Big congrats on getting out an running! +1 for the Foos - I tend to cycle to the colour & the shape, & wasting light on shuffle; up the intensity when they rock out, and relax when melodic!!
  21. I found tonight's workout tough, but I have managed to successfully increase my reps in all exercises. I've found my thighs get really tight after squats & lunges, so have been performing this stretch which virtually eliminates all thigh aches Finished eating today after managing to eat 3013 calories, and I weighed in tonight at 148.4 lb, which is 0.8 lb in the right direction. I should be gaining around 1 lb per week consuming this many calories, so I'm happy with that!
  22. Thanks for the support! It does feel good to know that I'm actually doing it, rather than still planning on thinking about maybe doing something, one day...
  23. Love this! Although, you don't get the potential side produce of wool from a rabbit...
  24. Here's my run down on happenings since Thursday... Friday Added an extra set of both pull ups & press ups to successfully complete Mini Challenge #1, which was good, especially as I had spent a couple of hours out doing yard work earlier in the day. Saturday - Went to London (Duration 06:45 - 21:45) The whole family went & did the whole tourist thing - thought it would be manic, being mid-Olympics, but the atmosphere was fantastic & there were happy people everywhere enjoying another rare sunny day. Also, we managed to get upgraded to Fast-Track onto the London Eye by a friendly t
  25. Excellent first week, and continuing strong into the second - Nice one!! Good luck with this weeks meals - planning ahead & staying stocked up is key in my experience. & Best of luck for the weekend RT!!
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