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  1. Thanks! it does seem to be helping somewhat. With mine they won't pay because theyre classing my injury as a preexisting condition which is stupid and awful of them. I'm not even fighting with them, i don't have the time or energy to fight them. I'm just going to pay it and then change insurance companies, it serves them right to lose my money. They don't care about your health, they care about your money. Week 4 started off slowly, the very cold weather just puts me off getting up and moving. It ended quite well though, i finished season 1 of zombies, run! and did 2 sessions of yoga saturday and sunday. Also rode my horse on Sunday and found out he's a bit lame, so now i get to baby him until he gets better. I also made a life decision to get control of my finances, had a long meeting with my bank today and have a good plan of action set up. 2018/19 is going to be the time money and me learn to get along.
  2. Week 3 recap: It's late but i've been battling a migraine for 3 days. Yoga/Stretching: 3/7. Pretty terrible, i have no excuse really. PT: 4/7. 5 mile trail ride Sunday in the freezing cold. It was fun but slightly too cold for me, not for the horse, he enjoyed himself immensely. 1 zombiesrun walk this week but only 2 k and it was a walk to sams club to buy sale stuff so not really exercise. I was signed off at PT today, guy said my range of motion is good, and now i just need to build up weight in the exercises. So he gave me some homework and told me to call if it gets painful again. I'm okay with this as my insurance is refusing to cover any of the treatment so i'm in for a massive bill soon. I'm kind of sore today because he tends to manhandle my shoulder during the session but tomorrow should feel better.
  3. Its not odd, the leaves were very noisy. It's quiet at the part of the trail, it's really lovely. This week's going well. Yoga yesterday and today. Plus a zombies run mission, just walking but it was fun.
  4. It is a nice set. The hip opener sequence is nice too. Week 2 recap:. Stretching/yoga:. 5/7 days PT:. 6/7 days. Walk on Tuesday & 6 mile trail ride on Sunday to see the leaves turning.
  5. Hi! I've found my shoulder has felt better since starting pt about 6 weeks ago. It's significantly better than the last time I tried to do yoga about 3 months ago. Out of all the poses I've tried over the last few days, down dog is the only one I have any real issue with, and I think it's because of the angle of the shoulder and the pressure put in it. Everything else I've been doing, I can feel my shoulder pain is there but not to the point where I have to stop, it's nagging, not overwhelming now. That couch stretch looks tough, I'll give it a try but modify to my limited range of motion.
  6. I did a little searching and found a few hip relaxing yoga sequences to do that don't require much weight on my arms. I also found this nice bedtime sequence that i think i'll add after my PT exercises to loosen me up.
  7. Thanks! I could try it, maybe try to take more of my weight on my legs/core. I was trying modified poses just resting on my elbows for some but the pressure on my shoulder was somewhat painful. I'll try it and see how it goes. I have a really great DVD that has some nice easy 15-20 minute flows that i could try to modify. I got up early this morning and did my PT exercises before work, normally its a just before bed thing. I haven't done any more walking/ outdoor stuff as it is raining super hard and has been for a few days; i really hope the weekend looks better than this.
  8. Took a quick walk before dinner to listen to season 1 mission 20.
  9. Following along for decluttering and watching other people gym while i cannot. Love the Halloween outfit!
  10. Hi, I followed along with your challenge, it does sound very similar to mine. Good luck with it! Thanks! End of week 1 went okay, I should admit that i haven't done a full yoga session yet, more just taken some yoga stretches and applied them to my gentle stretching sessions. I am keeping up with my PT exercises though, and have added 2 lb weight to some of my exercises. Its just tough to find yoga workouts to follow that don't involve putting my weight on my shoulder; I've found that i don't mind using my arm so much, moving it around and things but putting my weight on it like in down dog is too much. I'm hoping to go for a walk tonight for the next zombiesrun mission, if i'm feeling frisky (not likely) i might add a little jogging .
  11. In the first 2 days of the challenge i have: Taken a 12 mile bike ride Stretched 1 of the 2 days; 50% is good. Had a killer PT session, it was painful and hard but i got through it and my therapist wants me to add weight to my at home exercises so i must be getting somewhere. On with the rest of the week!
  12. Thank you! Thanks. Ouch! It sucks doesn't it!? Thanks.
  13. Hello lovely people! I spent a lot of time last year bouncing around in the warriors playground, i lifted semi-heavy things, i got stronger. Then it all fell apart. I injured my left shoulder at work in May of this year and turned into a couch potato. I have zero strength and zero flexibility but i've scrounged around and found a little will power. I am currently doing physical therapy for what my Dr thinks in rotator cuff tendinitis/bursitis/impingement. My main goal with this challenge is to be held accountable for getting off my ass and moving around. That being said, every day i will do some kind of stretching; whether that's yoga or just simple stretches before i go to bed. I will be setting an alarm on my phone to remind me to do these! Secondary challenges will involve doing my PT exercises every day! It's been 6 weeks since i started and while it is feeling slightly better the pain and reduced movement are still an issue. I will also continue to use the 'zombiesrun' game app to go for walks, bike rides and maybe run a little if and when the weather permits.
  14. Day 3: DL Warm up A. Conventional DL . 64#. 1 x 8 . 69#. 3 x 8 B. SS: . Barbell rack pull . 69#. 1 x 8 . 74#. 3 x 8 KB 1arm floor press . 10 #. 1 x 8 . 15#. 1 x 8 . 10#. 1 x 10 C. SS: . BB good morning . 14#. 3 x 10 . Renegade rows . 5# (ea). 2 x 10 D. SS: KB 1hand swing . 15#. 2 x 10 . Russian twist. 2 x 10
  15. Day 2. Bench. Bench Warm Up A. BB bench press: 29# 1 x 8 34# 3 x 8 39# 1 x 8 B. Superset: Inclined DB bench press: 14# 3 x 8 Walking Lunge: 14# 3 x 8 C. Superset: BB Bent over row: 34# 2 x 12, 1 x 10 KB Russian Twist: 10# 3 x 10 D. Superset: DB lateral raise 5# (each) 2 x 10 BB Glute bridge: 19# 2 x 10
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