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  1. This last set of quests has not been easy to complete. Still here, but also, still waiting to complete. Decided to take a week hiatus to test some metabolism things, but also to not have to worry about completing quests. Work has been very busy the last few weeks, which takes away from the time that I used to spend working out. Sadly, this is when I need to customize my Batcave the most. With less time to workout or prepare healthy meals, I am finding myself revert to old habits. It's not so much that I eat as badly as I used to, but more so that I snack more. Even too much of a good thing can
  2. "Progress" So, I've been trying to accomplish the four missions above with limited success. I recently started my first workout in a long time, but I forgot to do the cooldown, so I'm going to hold off until my next workout and then I will be able to check that one off my list. For the "Customize Your Batcave" quest, I decided to approach it a bit differently. Initially, I was trying to make modifications to support my eating and workout habits. I have since changed my perspective. In a future post, I will describe the changes that I am making to my routine in order to better suppo
  3. Status update: Find Your Warm Up and Cooldown: I am still working on the Week 3 Missions. I have, for the most part, found my warm up and cool down, but I am holding off on performing them until I hit a plateau with my weight loss. As of right now, I am about 12 lbs down after around 3-4 weeks, with a steady loss per week. Once I hit a week without losing any weight, I will start adding in some strength training. Don't Drink Calories: This is the hardest challenge I've encountered. It's not so much that I regularly drink my calories, but that I usually allow myself one iced mo
  4. Week 3 Missions Customize Your Batcave #1 Building Your Dream Team Don’t Drink Calories Find Your Warm Up and Cooldown
  5. Take a look at the NF Nutrition Module It turns out that I have already been eating at an NF Diet Level of 4! I have eliminated carbs from breakfast for the most part. In addition, I try to eat nothing but fruits and veggies throughout the day. I'm not as good about fruits and veggies over the weekends, but I still make an attempt to be and I don't eat carbs for breakfast. So far, my goal has been to eat at least three fruits and two veggies during the day. This is such a drastic change from the way I used to eat (carb loading is all I can say). I also don't drink my calories during the w
  6. Gimme the Loot I don't really want to associate my 'loot' with the goals from above, so I'd like to define some hard weight and fitness goals and assign rewards to them. I will be adding on to this as time goes by. In addition, I will discuss these with my wife and may alter them to account for budget or other things. Get down to 275 lbs --> Earn "THINK" T-shirt from Homage (https://www.homage.com/products/think) Workout/Walk every day for 6 Months (with 3 free days) --> Earn Spinning Bike Every 10 lbs lost --> Fun activity, like game day at Dave and Bust
  7. Break Down Those Goals I'm the type of person who goes home and lays down on the couch for the rest of the evening. By the end of 2016, I will be going home everyday and finding something active to do, like walking with my family, playing a game, or just dancing around the house. I'm the type of person who snacks on junk food during the day, every day. By the beginning of summer 2017, I will be the person that eats healthy food every day and snacks on fruits and veggies (but will still allow myself a break, once a week, if needed). I don't know how
  8. Week 2 Missions Break Down Those Goals and Start Your Epic Quest Gimme the Loot Complete the Benchmark Test Read Workouts FAQ and Getting Started & Leveling Up modules Read through the NF Diet Levels to figure out what level you’re at (and mark off those quests for the levels you’ve already passed!).Take a look at the NF Nutrition Module.
  9. From Week 1 missions... Measurements Weight: 334 lbs Neck: 18.5 inches Chest: 55.8 inches Biceps: 17.5 inches Waist: 55.5 inches Hips: 46.5 inches Thigh: 31 inches Calf: 17.5 inches Big Why Every day I waver between habitual eating, due to stress and neverending hunger, and shame of my weight and lack of fitness. I want to end this vicious cycle. I am tired of feeling shameful when looking in the mirror at the end of the day before going to bed. I also feel bad that I don't have the stamina to play with my
  10. Adding week 1 missions for the sake of logging and completion transparency (plus I tend to lose things like notebooks). Week 1 Missions Before Photos - Taken and stored on my phone Measurements - Stored on phone, also on here as my next post Find big "why" and share - in next post Walk 5 mins a day for 1 week - I've been doing this for almost three now Log food for 1 week - I've been doing this for almost a month now
  11. Mindset: Share Your Epic Quest Epic quests can be found on my character page: https://www.nerdfitness.com/character/55792.
  12. Hello anyone and everyone who decides to read this! Ultimately I wanted to have a place to keep track of workout logs, and NF quests, so I thought this might be the best place. Without wasting any more time (or vitual space), let's get to it.
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