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  1. Week 4 Update Goal 1: Did this twice. Goal 2: Did this three times. Goal 3: Ate fast food three times (ouch, this is starting to add up) Goal 4: Ran once this week. Pretty average week, ate out a lot more than I planned to. Gotta stock up on more easy healthy meals. Time to get some new recipe staples.
  2. When I say fast food, I'm mostly referring to things like Subway with the occasional Taco Bell thrown in. I agree that it has to be about incremental change. I could say that my work schedule makes it happen, but that's not acknowledging that I could very well cook my own meals more at home and just pack and bring them. Which, I have been doing a lot more of.
  3. Week 3 Update: Goal 1: Did once this past week. Goal 2: Did three times this past week. Goal 3: Ate twice this past week. Goal 4: Ran once this past week. Already meditated twice and worked out this week, so off to a better start for week 4.
  4. Week 2 Update: Goal 1: Fail, did zero this week! Goal 2: Partial success, meditated three times this week. Goal 3: Ate fast food three times this week. Goal 4: Ran three times this week, if you count the 10k followed by the 5k separately! Also ran a training run to get ready for that day. So, I got in a car accident this past week, and I was kinda nervous about the race this past weekend. It all ended up fine, some bruising on my knees didn't get in the way. I definitely slipped on my other goals though. Time to get serious.
  5. Week 1 Update: Goal 1: Success, did this twice in the past week! Goal 2: Partial success, meditated four times in the past week. Goal 3: Ate fast food twice this week. Goal 4: Success, ran once with a coworker for 4 miles and ran sprints as well this week, for two runs this week. I'm off to a solid start. Bring on week 2!
  6. Thanks for the encouragement. I definitely think part of the reason my habits deteriorated was that I wasn't posting here. I wasn't reminding myself enough of how important it is. I'm optimistic about this challenge though! This community really is awesome.
  7. It's been a long time since I've posted here, and just as long a time since I've taken health and fitness seriously. It's time to get back on the wagon and stay there for good. I'm moving in a little less than 2 months to start graduate school and leave my 60 hour work weeks behind. I have a lot of momentum going into this, as I'll have a free university gym to start getting into weight lifting, and plenty of MMA gyms in the area. My (super) long term goal is to transition to the Monk group while building muscle. Since I've been a runner in the past and have been a couch potato for the last few months, my focus this challenge is pretty simple: just get back into the habit of thinking healthy and building the basics of good habits. Goals 1. Perform the NF Beginner Bodyweight Workout 2x a week To help get ready for lifting again, I'll start doing this circuit to remind my muscles what it's like to move some mass around. 10-12 times = A 6-9 times = B 3-6 times = C 0-3 times = D 0 times = F 2. Meditate 5 minutes a day, every day For general stress relief (I work in mental health) and to help stay focused and positive on my goals. 36-42 times = A 29-35 times = B 22-28 times = C 15-21 times = D 0-14 times = F 3. Limit fast food to once a week Part of working so much is slipping into the temptation of the Subways and Taco Bells of the world. I'm not sure I can go from 3-4 trips a week to 0, but once a week seems reasonable for now. I'll get out of my diet for good during the next challenge. 6 fast food trips = A 9 fast food = B 12 fast food = C 15 fast food = D 16+ fast food = F 4. Run 2x a week I'm running a 10k with some co-workers in a couple of weeks (6/15). My past conditioning is ok, and I'm not worried about a particularly fast time. These runs will just be to get ready to do it without injury. 12 runs = A 10 runs = B 8 runs = C 6 runs = D <5 runs = F Here's to never falling off the wagon again!
  8. Somewhat of a cross post from the meet up forum, but I'm visiting New Orleans from August 1-8. Now just because I'm on vacation doesn't mean my goals stop being goals. So, if any area Monks are knowledgable about the gyms/dojos/MA centers etc. in New Orleans, let your knowledge flow like water. My friends won't be around the entire trip, so I'm giving myself fun stuff to do on my own for somedays, and trying out a style is my kind of fun. Basically, looking for a good place to try a free session. I've tried muay thai and shobudo jiu-jitsu, so especially if you know other styles, I'm all ears. Thanks!
  9. Alright, so I'm taking a vacation to New Orleans. A little time out of the murderous mitten to relax and kick back in the big easy. I'm visiting friends, but they work and won't always be around to babysit me. I'm putting this out there, if any New Orleans rebels want to meet up one afternoon/evening and just hang out, grab food/drink, or even exercise (!), drop a line here!
  10. I'll be doing this! Time to find a new landmark in Kalamazoo.
  11. I'll be watching this thread with interest. I've started deadlifting and am looking for ways to take care of my back outside of the gym.
  12. Thanks for your comments. I also have been getting distracted a lot lately. I think I'll try out focusing on a candle and see how it goes.
  13. A bearded, haggard looking Adventurer approaches your Druidic circle. He lays his pack next to the log he rests on. With a warm smile, he greets you. Greetings, Druids! Wandering this wide world and learning about the practices of others is a big passion of mine. As an amateur yoga practitioner and meditator, I'm curious to know: Do you practice any meditation separately from yoga? Do you like to combine any specific mindfulness technique with your yoga practice? When I am doing yoga, I tend to put all my effort into the poses I'm doing and I keep meditation separate. When I do meditate, I am a big fan of zazen as well as focusing on the nenbutsu. Nenbutsu is a meditation that focuses on death and the awareness that death is inevitable. Its purpose is to focus one on acting with energy in all things. Thanks for reading, and sharing!
  14. Goals to aim for. Subject to change. Skill Goals Learn a second language to fluency Learn a third language to fluency Learn a fourth language to fluency Learn a fifth language to fluency Learn HTML and make my own website with it Learn Java and make something cool with it Compose and record a song Write an eBook and publish it Write a book and publish it Write a cookbook Meditate for 365 days straight Relearn the trumpet, to the level I perform live again Travel Goals Visit the following countries: China Japan Thailand Britain France Poland Germany Greece Turkey Israel Russia South Africa Madagascar Kenya Brazil Columbia Fitness Goals Bench 1.5 x BW Squat x 2 BW Deadlift x 2 BW Perform 1 hand-stand push up Perform 2 hand-stand push ups Perform 5 hand-stand push ups Perform 10 hand-stand push ups Perform 5 pull-ups Perform 10 pull-ups Perform 15 pull-ups Perform 20 pull-ups Run a marathon on every continent North America South America Europe Africa Asia Australia Antarctica Do a triathalon Social Goals Become a Big Brother Be a Big Brother for 6 months Be a Big Brother for a year Spend time volunteering on an organic farm Financial Goals Buy a house Buy a new car Buy a major purchase with cash (anything above $5000)
  15. I'm in. http://nerdfitness.com/community/entry.php?4379-Innkeeper-s-Six-Week-Challenge
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