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  1. This week has only been slightly better as far as long hours ago, and not by much. I can already say with as little time I had I didn't prioritize school and I won't even say I put in a solid effort. Also had intense back pain while running so I substituted it with elliptical this week so far. Plan to keep the sessions going and hit it even harder next week. -4 Strength-training sessions - 3/4 -3 Running/Elliptical sessions - 2/3 -Weekly objectives (Daily hour of school) - FAILED
  2. Still struggling with this one as I expected. Was thinking of the person I wrote down and it angered me enough to get a new PR.
  3. Unfortunately I didn't get 'im. See below. I'm not too discouraged though going to keep pressing on. Too busy unfortunately. See below. Sad to say I didn't get my star this week. The week was on average 15-16 hour work days and capped it off with a 24 hour straight shift. I was too exhausted and I'm also a big baby when it comes to missing sleep. Get mad headaches and feel sick so I spent all of Sunday recovering. The desert got me! Not going to give up on my challenge though. Determined to finish it out best I can. Going to get my hour of schooltime in each day. Pyramid Puzzle engage!
  4. Very cool I love to train with my family as well. Best of luck in your challenge ahead
  5. Thank you much. This has been a hard week with really long days but I've been able to do some workouts in my office when I get a few moments to breathe. Not gonna let the desert get the better of me. WWMD (What Would Mario Do) Knocked another strength-training sesh down. Planning on doing my 2nd plyo circuit tonight. -4 Strength-training sessions - 4/4(DONE) -3 Running sessions - 2/3 -Weekly objectives (Plyo Training) - 1/2
  6. Been a rough week but been trying to squeeze my challenge objectives in wherever I can. Halfway there. Had to skip this morning due to my legs being sore from the plyo but I hope to be recovered by tonight. The big bird will never see me comin' -4 Strength-training sessions - 3/4 -3 Running sessions - 2/3 -Weekly objectives (Plyo Training) - 1/2
  7. I was introduced to Tim Tams for the first time a few weeks ago. They are amazing. Best of luck in your vampire-slaying.
  8. Man this is a hardcore challenge; it has financial penalties! Slow cookers are definitely the way to go.
  9. Goin' after the big bird this week. Star #2 baby
  10. Best of luck on your reboot, I know how much recovering from a major injury sucks. Don't know much about paleo but I'm sure there are plenty of resources online.
  11. Good luck on your challenge. I'll be following along and thanks for introducing me to Adventure Zone. You just filled the podcast-void in my life.
  12. Following because of the Ace of Base reference.
  13. Feeling unmotivated with sore legs from the ruck but still busted out my lower bodyweight pyramid in my office. -4 Strength-training sessions - 4/4(DONE) -3 Running sessions - 3/3(DONE) -Weekly objectives - 2/2(DONE) Fought my way past the Bob-ombs, sinking sands and terrible twisters. Worked my way to the top of the pyramid and got my 1st star! *cue Mario victory jingle* DUH-DUH-DUH, DUH-DUH-DAH, HERE WE GO!!
  14. I'm looking forward to the reset, I dig your format since I'm a huge FF7 fan myself. Best of luck to you
  15. Cool narrative. That's Shadowrun right? Good luck on all them goals as well as your tabletop ventures.
  16. I do weightlifting as well as bodyweight exercises. For example for the Pyramid Workouts I'm doing a bodyweight workout from my favorite sports trainer Ross Enamait that goes like this: Each circuit you do the first number, rest 10 seconds then the second and so on. When you get to the end of they first "pyramid" you rest 1 minute then repeat. In this case I did each circuit 3 times. (For the record I completely BOMBED the pullups. After I got to the first set of 4 it was more like 1 pullup every 10 seconds. Trying real hard to improve those) Pullups 1 2 3 4 3 2 1 x3 Pushups 3 4 5 6 5 4 3 x3 Bodyweight Tricep Ext. 2 3 4 5 4 3 2 x3
  17. Knocked out a ruck march/run with various members of the base. SO CLOSE -4 Strength-training sessions - 4/4(DONE) -3 Running sessions - 3/3(DONE) -Weekly objectives - 1/2
  18. Definitely digging the slow progression. A 1% improvement is still an improvement. Plus anyone that regularly does burpees is a beast in my book. Also are you the one writing to Strong Bad?
  19. Knockin' this week's tasks out one at a time. Halfway up the pyramid. So close to the star! -4 Strength-training sessions - 4/4(DONE) -3 Running sessions - 2/3 -Weekly objectives - 1/2
  20. Good luck on the grind. It's not so bad quitting cold turkey. Occupy your body or mind with an activity you like if you start feeling tempted to reach for that bottle, you got this.
  21. My wife got excellent results on Whole30. Following this challenge for sure, good luck
  22. That's friggin' awesome that you're not letting the injury get you down. I've let injuries completely halt my progress before and I only recently learned to adopt the same mindset you have. Best of luck in your recovery.
  23. Found 5 red coins today! (aka did 5 consecutive pullups with strict form. Came all the way down and then got my chin back up over the bar). I'm optimistic about getting all 8 before the end of the challenge.
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