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  1. I'm a stress cleaner, so a lot has been getting done lately. Thanks for the support, everyone! I'm making myself eat, and still trying to avoid all those typical 'comfort foods', but it's still a challenge. Coming on this forum is a good way to cheer up!
  2. thanks guys. Just life being its usual self, and having to deal with a break up this weekend. It's for the best, but that doesn't make it any easier! At least my food goal is staying on track.
  3. And my challenge has pretty much been completely derailed. Food-wise I crashed yesterday, this weekend was full of heartbreak. I don't know if I'll get back to being super active for a little bit.
  4. I feel a lot better now, thank you everyone for asking! I haven't practiced yoga in three weeks because of various (legitimate! I'm not making excuses this time!: P) reasons, and my body is craving it. I have dinner plans with my partners tonight, but I will try to get at least some stretching in beforehand to loosen up my body. My food goal has been going -excellently- : I've been under my macro limit for a solid week now, and am craving sweets and bread and baked goods less and less.
  5. So while I'm not doing so well with the physical aspects of my personal challenge (legit reasons keeping me from them), the food part has gotten easier and easier. I've met my goal for a solid week now, and I think I'm gaining steam!! To everyone else who may feel like they have fallen on the wagon - get right back on! Just because you fell off doesn't mean you can jog back up to it and hop on, does it? I have faith in my team!
  6. I made stuffed mushrooms yesterday and have been eating incredibly well this week. How's everyone else doing? http://everydaypaleo.com/giant-stuffed-mushrooms/
  7. Totally forgot to take a pic of dinner Tuesday night, but here's what I made last night! http://everydaypaleo.com/giant-stuffed-mushrooms/ Giant Stuffed Mushrooms from everyday paleo 4-6 BIG Portobello Mushrooms 1.5 lbs grass fed ground beef 1 lb spicy Italian pork sausage – casing removed 3 celery stalks diced ½ green bell pepper diced 1 red onion diced Diced mushroom stems 1 tsp paprika a few shakes to 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper 2 tbsp dried basil 1 tbsp tarragon 6 crushed garlic cloves Pinch of sea salt Black pepper to taste 1 egg 1/4 cup olive oil 1/4 cup almond flour or coconut fl
  8. Not really, walking hurts too. Maybe just light stretching can be done tonight, I'll see. Bah! I'm not too bad about getting back on track with food, I just hate that it all happened at once. Today I'm already back on track with food though. Thanks for the encouragement!
  9. Hey, how are your goals and progress doing this week! The horde demands an update!
  10. Thanks for checking in! None last night and might not be able to for this week, I injured myself and until it heals, yoga will be very painful and uncomfortable. I'll hopefully be able to practice again by the weekend! This is getting discouraging with my lack of yoga. Yesterday was a bad day because of the injury, and I WAY overate on my carbs and felt miserable because of it. I was SOO full. It was a friends bday and we went to the local ice-cream shop, and my eyes were certainly bigger than my stomach. I even had to pass on fancy whisky afterwards at the bar that night!
  11. Tonight I will post my first recipe, and I will hopefully have one tomorrow, too! Having people to cook for is definitely encouraging.
  12. Most of my goals are going well, except for the yoga 3x a week. I feel terrible, and I haven't practiced in two weeks! That's longer than I've gone in months, and such poor timing. First I had a stomach bug, then I was so sore it hurt to move... ugh. I'll try to get some in tonight.
  13. I don't know if it helps you any, but I modified my meditation to actually include me 'doing' something. That might make it not-meditation at all, but it works for me to help clear my mind and really think about nothing... but I knit. Something mindless and I can just go on, and keep my hands busy.
  14. Sounds like you are making real progress with cleaning certain areas of the house... You should totally post some progress pictures!
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