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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6a_kRFt5dU "Ah, well I tried". I barely managed to meditate the last days and whenever I did, the sittings were a strain. There's no comfort or relaxation for me in it. When I started this challenge, I said: The former still holds true. Yet I find that meditation doesn't have that flavor to me anymore. It's not helping to calm down or relax, but it puts additional stress on me - both planning when I meditate as well as meditating itself. It doesn't create happiness but I feel uneasy whenever I sit down and relieved whenever a sitt
  2. Journey Progress: 23,50h/100h 05.10.2016: 0,5 hours of meditation (2 sessions: 1x10 minutes + 1x20 minutes) Battle log summary: Managed to kick in 10 minutes in the morning, which was quite good!
  3. Journey Progress: 23,00h/100h 04.10.2016: 0,5 hours of meditation (1 session) Battle log summary: Evening sitting was quite sleepy (probably because I covered myself in a big cuddly blanket. Cozy.).
  4. Journey Progress: 22,50h/100h 03.10.2016: 0,5 hours of meditation (1 session) Battle log summary: erratic session. I was not looking forward to sitting and the session was filled with preoccupying thoughts. It's a small step getting back up but it's better than lying down and giving up.
  5. Journey Progress: 22,00h/100h 25.09.2016: 0 sessions 26.09.2016: 0 sessions 27.09.2016: 0 sessions 28.09.2016: 0 sessions 29.09.2016: 0 sessions 30.09.2016: 0 sessions 01.10.2016: 0 sessions 02.10.2016: 0 sessions Battlelog summary: Not very proud of how the week went. I had an intense workweek filled with a tight workshop schedule, preparing my own lecture and socializing events in the evening. It was much, but it was very cool. However, due to this, tuesday and wednesday went from 06:00AM until midnight
  6. Welcome dribilie You know how it goes: First you conquer the wasteland and then you continue questing in the outside world. There's less Nuka Cola Quantum here, but it can still be rad as hell. See you around!
  7. Welcome Barghest Sounds like you'll feel right at home with the warrior guild here See you around!
  8. Well, you could start by having one chocolate free day in the week and experiment with substitutes (grapes, oranges and clementines are back in season, soon. Tea sweetened with stevia. hot water with honey, awesome fruit or herbal tea,...) Perhaps something like week 1 one day without chocolate, week 2 two days without chocolate etc. ? That would give you some leeway to experiment every week on what works for you. By the end of the four weeks you would've managed 10 days without and may have made some good experiences with healthier substitutes (as well as the experience that you can do a few
  9. Journey Progress: 22,00h/100h 24.09.2016: 0,75 hours of meditation (1 session) Battle log summary: Got more time in but the sitting was very unconcentrated. Meditation feels drab these days. Which is less about meditation but what I bring to it. When I sit down with thoughts like "there is so much stuff I want to do right today" "there's so much I want to accomplish but now i'm loosing time from meditation" then that is going to reflect how I perceive the sitting and how easy it is to concentrate. This translates to all kinds of things: If I do something without clear intentio
  10. Journey Progress: 21,25h/100h 23.09.2016: 0,25 hours of meditation (1 session) Battle log summary: Had family visit and didn't plan ahead enough so I only managed 0,25 hours. Should have woken up earlier to get more time in.
  11. Journey Progress: 21,00h/100h 22.09.2016: 0,5 hours of meditation (1 session) Battle log summary: Unconcentrated sitting.
  12. Tyrgal

    Akaris Challenge

    Your Questlist is awesome! I see a slight risk of overextending but give it a go and aim for the sky! It will definately give a lot of room to learn and grow so i'm cheering for you!
  13. Journey Progress: 20,50h/100h 21.09.2016: 0,5 hours of meditation (1 session) Battle log summary: Okay sitting.
  14. Journey Progress: 20,00h/100h 20.09.2016: 0,5 hours of meditation (1 session) Battle log summary: 20%. Man, it's still a long way, but's been a very good lesson so far. I enjoy the challenge even with its ups and downs as it really is a challenge where I learn more about myself and have opportunity to grow. Sitting has been quite noisy today, but especially because of that it was good that I sat down! Couple of pointers for adjustment: 1. Meditating once I get home is working better for setting up the habit and meditation quality. Get home, change clothes, make tea
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