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  1. So I started my new journey to being healthier, and back in shape. Hit the grocery store and got some great things for this. Lots of veggies and fruits-good protein. At work yesterday, I ate great, and kept track of everything. But at dinner, the wife and I decided to split a frozen pizza. It was great, but I was pretty guilty after. I just want to eliminate those poor choices. I guess baby steps, since this is a new journey....
  2. I do love the gym as well. But I'm kind of stuck right now because my left knee has been acting up. Gotta go see Orthopedic doctor and get an MRI to see what's happening. So this is all pretty frustrating right now! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks a lot. The bike has been fun.......maybe a bit too fun considering my current health status!
  4. Well, as a NEWB-I already screwed up! Wanted to post on this topic, and instead created a new post in the Guild forum. Would like to be a part of the Warrior guild for a few reasons- I'm a law enforcement officer I play hockey-Defenseman (and a pretty vicious one lol) Size- 6'1- and unfortunately a FAT 289 lbs. I love weights and HATE running I haven't seen any of the 6 week challenges though, so I'm not quite sure how to get into the guild. Thanks for any info!
  5. Hello Warriors. Since I came across and joined NF yesterday, I'm still trying to learn everything here! I'd like to be in the Warrior guild because I consider myself to be of the Warrior ilk. Reasons- Law enforcement officer Hockey player- Defenseman (and a vicious one) Size- 6'1 and unfortunately now at a FAT 289 lbs However, I have yet to see any of the "6 week challenges" I read about. So, any help would be appreciated. I did see some of the challenges from the previous link, and liked what I saw. I could start on those, and keep track. Thanks for any and all
  6. Hey everyone. I just stumbled on NF yesterday through a post on My Fitness Pal. Started reading through the website, and what it was all about, and got pretty excited. I even bought the book last night and started reading it. The reason I was on MFP in the first place was because of the situation I've put myself in. On May 2nd of this year, I bought myself a great birthday present-a new Harley. Well, all I've been doing on nice days off is riding, hitting bars, drinking beer, and eating bar food. And so I've ballooned to 289 lbs. since May. A gain of almost 40 lbs. The worst thing about this?
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