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  1. Hey, just chiming in as a NFA member. There is a really fantastic queer Facebook group that is chock full of enbies and gender-nonconforming folks.
  2. Week 0 Friday Update Yesterday was a rough day, y'all. Anxiety is such a weird animal. It makes you feel jittery and unfocused. It makes you unable to be productive. It makes you feel guilty for not being productive. It makes you feel worthless. That was my day yesterday. Not to mention, I was in actual literal pain for a substantial part of the afternoon. Turns out, if you consume a large-ish amount of soy after not having soy in many months, your GI tract rebels. I also failed at least one set of every exercise I did at the gym! That's good for the self esteem.
  3. Week 0 Thursday Update The weekend is inching ever closer, and I can taste it. Four days of no stupid customer emails. Despite my being rather cranky and full of anxiety the last couple days, I've been shockingly productive. I'm kind of hoping to continue that trend today. I've been at work for an hour at this point, though, and it doesn't seem to be happening. :-P Big Picture Challenges Make new local (and low cal) friends! I emailed St. Louis Frontrunners yesterday to try and get more information. I haven't heard back yet, though. Drop 1%
  4. Week 0 Wednesday Update Ever have those days where you just want to sit and stare at the wall rather than talk to people, move, eat, drink, or metabolise? That's my day today. I'm sore, my head aches, and I'm tired. Thankfully, it's a light day at work, and it's my rest day from the gym. Big Picture Challenges Make new local (and low cal) friends! I spent quite a bit of time yesterday trying to find out how to join the St. Louis Frontrunners, but their website is pretty substantially out of date. The last member meeting they have scheduled is from this previous Ap
  5. Thanks for making me not feel alone, btw. My husband and I are planning on buying a house this autumn when our current lease is up. It's so stressful!
  6. Welcome back! I totes get you.
  7. Week 0 Tuesday Update It's the first day of this challenge. Yesterday, I didn't have any of this planned, so don't except it to be fully in line with things. I am going to go into some details for how I plan to accomplish some of these things, at least. Big Picture Challenges Make new local (and low cal) friends! First of all, I'm going to look into joining up with the St. Louis Frontrunners! This is a chapter of an international queer-focused running club. They do two group runs every week on Tuesdays and Saturdays. They also sponsored the St. Louis P
  8. I have a new challenge up! I'm going to try to be friendly!
  9. It's new challenge time already? Wow. Well, here I am! Reporting in! This month's challenge focus is on... getting social! Doing it through fitness-related things is ideal, but I'll take what I can get. An aspect of this challenge is being social without spending a ton of money or consuming tons of unhealthy calories while I'm at it. Why is this a challenge for me, you may ask? Well, the long and short of it is that I play an extrovert on TV pretty well, but that takes a lot of energy. Not to mention that I struggle on a daily basis with depression and anxie
  10. Hello! I'm here! I heard you needed a faerie for some dust?
  11. Following along, but slowly losing ground since you're so much faster than I am.
  12. I don't know too many details, but I don't know if it's a running club you'd be interested in, honestly. It's primarily an LGBT group. Everyone's welcome, but it definitely has a target demographic.
  13. I work for a mid-sized board game publisher. A major part of my job is managing our convention presence. So I'll be working in our booth, all day every day!
  14. Wrap-up Overall, I think I did reasonably well on this challenge, given the hurdles of travel. Big Picture Challenges Figure out diet. What I've learned since last Tuesday: Well, I've learned that I need more protein in my diet, in general. Also, I need to move the needle more in the green and yellow veggie direction and away from the sweet potato direction. That should help with things in general. Sign up and train for a 5k race. Signed up? I signed up and ran the St. Louis Pride 5k.
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