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  1. Honestly I've been crazy busy lately, and I just got this now. I just moved and started community college, and I'm balancing that with work. I will update with my progress soon though. I really appreciate the guidance! I am getting back into yoga, and hopefully that will help some. Would Pilates/other body weight strength work be beneficial? I do not currently have a pull up bar, but I can look into getting one. Until then, I can work push ups and planks if that would help? I will also look into using the gym I have access to. I have less experience with powerlifting and more with doing a lot
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    I am currently working from memory, but I am looking to buy the online course from rage yoga. http://rageyoga.com/rage-yoga-online/
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    Hello! This is my first challenge, and I am pumped. I know i'm a tad late to the game, but I was busy yesterday, and I wasn't sure of my goals. Anyhoo, I have taken the time to reflect on my goals and they are as follows: Nutrition: Eat at least one vegetable per day Drink at least 64 oz of water per day Fitness: Practice yoga daily. It can be as long or short as I like as long as I do it every single day Life: Write a positive intention every morning Write one good thing about my day every evening nice to meet all o
  4. Hi, I'm new and exited, it's nice to meet all of you. For years I have been passionate about learning aerial acrobatics, and I want to finally persue learning. Unfortunately, I am not in the financial position to pay for clases. Seeing as it is dangerous, and I don't have an apparatus, I'm not sure how to start. Is there anything I can do on my own? Or anything I can do to build skills and condition myself for when I have the opportunity to take classes? I have a background in yoga, pilates, ballet, gymnastics(not since I was little) and a little bit of modern dance, and while I can't take cla
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