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  1. I've been listening to this pretty much since I read this post. Thanks so much.
  2. I suppose this topic would have been more useful for me if I had made it before buying a new pair, but oh well. How often do you replace your training shoes? Are there any brands you favor? Do you use the same pair for lifting and cardio (and what do you usually do for cardio)?
  3. Awesome... now I won't get anything done because I'll be watching penguins waddle around.
  4. Heh. Thank you. Though I think I'm a little bit more like this.
  5. Well, I suppose this is the part where I say hello and tell everyone a little about myself... not my favorite part of joining a new community. My name is Olivia. I tend to be a pretty shy person. Weight has been a struggle all my life, though in the past few years I have lost 70+ pounds. I'm looking to lose about 20/30 more but my main focus is now on fitness more than a specific number. When I was younger I hated any form of physical activity but now I'm absolutely in love with working out. Some health issues caused me to take a step back from exercise for a while and I felt really awful abo
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