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  1. I’ve been working out almost entirely at home — even more so since my dumbbells finally came! — so I just put a couple inches of water in the tub and in my largest mixing bowl, and I hang out with my feet in the tub and my hands in the bowl on my rest breaks. As long as the water is cool to the touch (not freezing cold, as you don’t want your vasculature to constrict) it’s theoretically still giving benefit. If the water goes up more than a couple degrees, I just add some more cold water to bring it down. Yeah, before this heat wave it was all about eking out a little more pe
  2. Keeping that tip in the back pocket for sure... I guess we all need a statement piece somewhere in our wardrobe. -- In case anyone started thinking this West Coast heat wave is more fake news from the dang liberal media, I can certify: it is hot as balls in Seattle. That's my sole excuse for not updating in nearly a week. I'll update my goals in a bit, but for now I have a workout log to post. I took all last week off from strength training (except for a little PT here and there), thinking I'd give myself a chan
  3. Thanks!! Hoping to have a little more time to devote to the flow work next challenge. I had not heard of Displates — they DO look very expensive, but would be a fancy pants way to display the right art piece. I will definitely keep them in mind, though I’m not sure they’re in the budget just yet… (I’m secretly holding back some money, hoping to get a hardwood walnut dining table ) This is a really good point, and thank you for saying it, I had totally forgotten about the fact that most of these artists likely have their own sites where I can get pieces fee-free. I
  4. Love the sleep challenge! Reading your goal is slowly wearing down my resistance to tracking my own sleep... I'm curious what your supplement regimen is!
  5. I actually have a lot of large space to fill, but this is SUCH AN AWESOME IDEA that I want to use it anyway for some of the smaller walls! Thank you! Awesome! I wish I'd known more about how to program drop sets back when I was doing barbell work, I probably would have stuck with it longer. It seems especially useful for heavily-disadvantaged moves like OHPs, where even an itty bitty plate can kill your volume. I use Steven Low's progression charts as a base resource... but ever since @Mad Hatter made mention that his stuff is based around the recovery of teen
  6. For sure! The reason I mention anatomy is that none of the videos I’ve seen have been very clear on exactly what knee issues he’s trying to solve. Thank you for the links! I’ll watch a couple more of those videos. — Friday’s evening parkour class was lovely, though I was still pooped from Thursday’s workout. We did some flow practice as a group, which I forgot to record, and I got to work on some dive rolls through railings. Afterward, we grabbed noodles from a Vietnamese joint, which was the first time I’d eaten out all week. Life Better - 🍞 - Volunte
  7. I actually watched a couple videos after following the link in your challenge, but I haven't found much about anatomy or any explanations as to exactly what knee issues he's trying to solve. Do you have any suggestions? For my part, my plan has been to transition from archer rows to front lever row progressions, so I'm hoping to avoid the weight vest (haven't bought one yet, though I'll probably have to break down eventually for pullups and working toward slow bar muscle-ups). Let me know how it goes for you! It seems to work pretty well, though the transition to incline
  8. This video was the best cat-related thing I've seen in weeks. Also, the shrimp reminded me of that fried whole-shrimp recipe you suggested months ago. MUST MAKE. Did you make the mapo tofu??
  9. Time for a quick Workout Log Backlog Dump. Warning: I'm not 100% sure that the logs are 100% accurate. I might have cut an exercise or skill thing here and there, and forgot to delete the entry. Should be mostly accurate though. Quick recap of what's happened with my strength routine, broken down by vertical push, horizontal push, pull... etc. Skill/Ring Work: I was doing it pretty consistently, but it dropped off over the past two weeks or so. Need to get this consistent soon. I want ring dips, dammit! I need a great ring support for that.
  10. Thanks! Welcome to the thread, there will always be snacks!! Lord knows. The reputable adjustable dumbbell manufacturers seem to have had a lot of problems with supply chain/shortage issues, more than most companies. Whatever the hell is going on with the post-pandemic economy has affected shipping all over the place, though. At least in this part of the US. Lately even Amazon packages will TELL you they’re delivered within the two-day limit, and then they will actually show up a day or two later. And let’s not even talk about UPS and USPS… actual delivery fou
  11. I’m back. A combo of physical training, a suddenly-burgeoning social life, and (mainly) work kept me from properly finishing up my last challenge, and then I missed another challenge entirely... but I promise I've been busy! (Apologies for the vertical format.) The coach for my main parkour class recently moved on to new things, and she said goodbye with the parting advice that I should start filming my techniques more often. Soon, I'd like to run a whole challenge based on skill learning and an intensive focus on flow work. BUT I think I need one mo
  12. I’m beginning to understand why visionaries such as Gandhi had whole journals dedicated to tracking their BMs.
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