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  1. Vertical pull in my room

    Sometimes stairs creak, but if they're decently constructed and you're pulling from a weight-bearing structure, you're good. It really depends on how your house is constructed. Doorknobs are usually okay unless a person is very heavy, or unless the door is of terrible quality. Don't get that bar you linked to. Unfortunately, bathroom fixtures are weak and flimsy, and they often crumple when people try to hang from them. You're super light, but no grown human is light enough to do rows on a bathroom towel bar. If you're thinking about installing a bar, I'd recommend hitting a hardware store and getting some plumbing pipe to make a bar. It's just as cheap as the towel bars you're considering on Amazon, and much stronger. Here's how you do it. It is very easy. Just use nice long (3+ inch) wood screws, and make sure you screw it into a wall stud. It will hold your weight well for rows. It costs about $20, plus another $10 for a stud finder if you don't have one already. Not much more money than a cheap towel bar, and unlike a towel bar, you won't break this. I have some parkour coaches who have bars like this all over their houses, because they love climbing around their walls and ceiling. It's very batcave chic. Of course, there are other things you can do. For example, you can get a doorway pull-up bar and hang gymnastic rings from it -- that's what I prefer, because you can lower the rings for rows as you get stronger, do pull-ups, levers, etc. Even with access to a full gym, I do 90% of my work with rings hung on a pull-up bar. Or if you would prefer to stick with your stairs, you can take a photo of your towel on the stairs and share it. We can certainly tell you if it seems obviously bad to put weight on it.
  2. I had almost forgot about Machete's gem of a story. Looking back over it I can only say -- you were a lucky bastard nigiri was so cheap. In Seattle it's more like $10 for two. I still splurge and order the unagi, but I shed an inner tear each time I do.
  3. PaulG Keeps Cutting

    Thanks guys! I'm happy looking back on the last 6 years, but I've got a long way to go. Workout Log 9/19/17 - Just did a parkour class, including lots of under-bars and front/back flip work. Altogether I did 2 hours of practice before even starting on my strength workout. Not actually feeling tired, but I have a feeling my tank is partially tapped nonetheless. Warmup Hollow Hold - 30s Knee Planche Lean - 25s Reverse Plank - 30s Superman Hold - None Hanging L-sit 9s Knee Fingertip Plank - 13s Wrist Pushups - 6 Dorsal Pushups - None Fingertip Dead Hang - 24s Wall Slides - 5 Wall Handstand - 15s - First warmup practicing handstands! Forgot how much they wake up the upper traps. Ring Rows 9 a-x, 9 a-x, 7c1 a-y Pike Push-ups 4 a-x , 3 a-x , 3n1(4s) a-y - 3x3 officially passed. Woot! Pistols 3/3 a-x , 2/2 a-x - Front flips and runs have killed my pistol performance. Much more than I thought they would, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. - Cut them off early, started having some mild patellar twinges in the 2nd set. False Grip Chin-ups 5 a-x , 4 a-x , 3c0.5 c-y - My last cluster rep was only a partial win, didn't get the rings up to pec level -- just mid-neck. Feet Elev. Push-ups 8 a-e , 9 a-x , 7 a-y - Hey, this was actually tough! What do you know, my pushing strength sucks. Actually not too sad about this, I'd be way sadder if my pull strength was weaker than my push. Cooldown IRs - 2.5x10x2 Ex - 10x2 L 5x6x2 Y 5x6x2 T 5x6x2 - Nothing else done, the whole evening being spent at the gym finally caught up with me. I'll stretch in front of the TV. Also, forgot to practice L-sits. Fail. - One other note: I think I'll be leveling up with rows next workout.
  4. Am I upping weight too soon?

    Yes, dropping to a lower number of reps is totally fine. Consider that a more experienced lifter is also going to progress by adding 5lb to the bar -- a bar that could have 100+ lbs of weight already on it. In their case, they're only adding 2-5% to the total weight. When you add 5lb, you're adding more like 10%. That makes it a bigger, more difficult step for you. Consider also that those of us who train with our bodyweight don't have conveniently small jumps in intensity. So regularly we use a system where, when we can't jump up in intensity (say pull-up negatives to pull-ups), we instead progress by adding volume (doing more reps of negatives than we did last workout). This should all show you that in fact, you're still progressing. First, you progressed by increasing intensity (weight on the bar), even if your rep#s went down. Then, you could progress by working yourself back up to those full 15 reps at your new weight. This is a totally legit method for progression. I'm not particularly experienced with intermediate+ barbell programming, but lots of folks on these forums are, and could probably point you to barbell strength programs that use similar progression methods.
  5. PaulG Keeps Cutting

    Thanks. I think it will prove pretty conservative -- if I can do 3x3 now, and I add only 1 rep per workout, I should make it just in time. With me just starting a movement I used to be good at, I should be able to add 2-3 reps per workout if my shoulder stays solid. Cutting news and retrospective: Waist is down to a hair above 31.75", weight is 199.67lbs. I've finally dipped below 200! I'm happy to have hit the sub-200 mark, but I'm even happier that it took as long as it did. As I retain more weight even as I get skinny, I'm starting to see how much lean mass I've truly got these days. For just about all of my weight loss I've been sitting at 169-170 lbs of LBM. The longer it sticks around, the more of it is likely to be muscle rather than just retained water. And the more muscle mass, the better, in my book. To put my body in some perspective: when I finished my last bulk and cut cycle -- the last time I was paying attention -- I had about 165 lbs of lean mass. When I started my first-ever real cut in 2014, was 172 lbs and had about 145 lbs of lean mass. When I was just out of college just seven years ago, I was 155 lbs at about 15% bodyfat and couldn't gain weight. Now I'm fifty pounds heavier at the same bodyfat%. Barring crazy muscle loss, I'll likely never weigh as little as 170 lbs again, let alone 155. I'll probably hover between 180-200 for the rest of my active life. That's way more than I ever hoped to accomplish. A couple years back I confided on my daily log my ultimate vanity goal: to one day be 175 lbs at 10% bodyfat. It looks like I've overshot even that. When I someday do get the 10% bodyfat brass ring, I'll probably be ten pounds heavier. In the meantime... 14.85% and counting.
  6. PaulG Keeps Cutting

    That's the idea, yep. I've done an upper/lower split in the past, mostly because pistols are a huge time and energy sink. But I like the extra practice and the progression boost I get from full body workouts. I'll probably switch back once I start stalling. Sunday and today are rest days, but I may crack and do a little open gym training tonight. Waist is sitting at 31 7/8", putting me at about 15.1% bodyfat. My cut resumes today after taking the last week off to help me get over a cold. I thought my 3x3 pike push-up goal was a decent one, but my shoulder feels great and I just about blew my goal out of the water last workout. Time to be a bit more ambitious -- I think I'll try for 3x8 instead.
  7. Help with measurements

    It takes like ten extra seconds to weigh things. You have to accurately track the ingredients you're adding to a mixed meal (like a salad). If you don't weigh it, you've got to eyeball the proportion of the package of feta you just threw into your bowl, etc. It gets inaccurate fast if you're not very careful, so I recommend taking the extra few seconds to weigh -- or resigning yourself to low-quality data.
  8. PaulG Keeps Cutting

    As I sit here, I'm having a double of the delicious drink that Dave Arnold dubbed "Tea Time": I made the Darjeeling-steeped, milk-washed vodka myself. It's tasty and foamy when you shake it into a cocktail. It's hard to convey just how strongly it tastes of tea -- but it's not bitter or astringent at all, just refreshing. Definitely a new favorite cocktail of mine. What else is going on? Well, I worked out today, despite my illness. And now I'm thinking I may have to update my pike push-up goal, as it seems to have come close to my grasp today. Workout Log 9/16/17 - Still feelin' sick and gross. Warmup Hollow Hold - 30s Planche Lean - 25s Reverse Plank - 30s Hanging L-sit 14s Assisted Ring Support Hold (11) - 10s, 5s German Hang (15) - 10s, 10s, 10s Knee Fingertip Plank - 13s Wrist Pushups - 6 Dorsal Pushups - None Fingertip Dead Hang - 24s Wall Slides - 8 Ring Rows 9 b-x, 10 b-x, 8c2 a-y Feet-Elevated Push-ups 6 a-e, 8 a-x, 8 a-x Pistols 4/4 a-e, 4/4 a/b-e/x False Grip Chin-ups 4 b-x, 3 b-y, 3 b-y Pike Push-ups 3 a-e, 4 a-x Deep Step-ups 5/5 a-x - Stopped not because I reached failure, but because I got nauseous. Tuck L-Sit 5s c-e, 5s b-x, 6s a-x - Felt good to get back to these. Pushing yourself forward with the hands back is HARD, though. Cooldown IRs - 5x10x2 Ex - 10x2 L 5x6x2 Y 5x6x2 T 5x6x2 - No stretching right after, leaving that for tonight. We'll see how my left shoulder feels after a night's sleep, too -- it's hard to tell if I tweaked the shoulder until the day after.
  9. PaulG Keeps Cutting

    Never quite got the clean MU I was going for. I think part of it was that I just kept getting heavier, another (bigger) part was lack of consistent training. I really wanted the brass ring that was wall headstand push-ups, and I wound up getting those instead.
  10. Chimichanga Makes It Rain

    Followin'. You ever figure out what the shoulder issue was? Or was it the labral tear?
  11. I don't think MFP lets you set goals below 1200 calories, much like it yells at you if you eat below 1000 too many days in a row. All of those calculators just use different formulas. They're all crap, IMO. You'll be able to tell your TDEE after you've got 2 weeks of data or so. You could always do what I did when I first started losing weight: just multiply your weight by 10-11 and eat that many calories, then adjust after a couple weeks. It gets you as good a number as any, and it's a much saner starting point than 1200. Keto's a good shortcut for creating a deficit. I could not do it though -- can't give up pasta.
  12. NSAIDs can inhibit muscle growth

    No worries. It's an interesting study. It's unfortunate that it wasn't better-managed, because that reduced its value. But you're certainly not responsible for that, or for the news article that over-hyped the study. It would definitely be good to see more studies on NSAIDs' effect on hypertrophy, since unfortunately there's no consensus in the literature so far. Unfortunately I don't think there's enough money in it for better studies to be forthcoming, and with what we've got, it seems premature to make recommendations one way or the other. Hopefully better studies will come along eventually, and show us what's actually going on.
  13. Any info on artificial sweeteners?

    Now I'm curious. Sucralose isn't a surfactant, it doesn't contain carbon dioxide or any other gas, so it shouldn't bubble or make noise on its own. What kind of things were you doing where you noticed hissing or bubbling?