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  1. I love it! Bring the lean meat and the dipping sauces and dressings to camouflage it. I'll eat the meat neat, the others can dive into the sauces and everyone's happy. I really am a sucker for happy endings... Now, if only the Niners could at least pretend they know what they're doing out on the field, it would all be good. Thanks Mike_d85!!
  2. I get like that too! I sometimes fear I will starve to death in front of a fully stacked fridge because I'm just not in the mood to cook. I may open all my cabinets and the fridge multiple times to see if there's anything, ANYTHING (except boring carrots and the like, of course) that I can just pop in my mouth. And I'll be like that until I get so cranky that I end up eating something I shouldn't have. (Like the time I found a big bag of twizzlers and ended up having that for dinner. Sugar high, anyone???) What saves me on days like that, though, is that I always have pre-homemade,
  3. Gosh...yes, you may say life happened... My trainer quit, so there went my Thursday training. That is the one solid thing in my life right now. The one that moves me forward. I absolutely HATE working out. When my chiropractor told me that there'd be no training, I would have expected my reaction to be like: "YAY!!! No training! I'm having pizza tonight, baby!" To my surprise, however, I was bummed. Really, really bummed. So bummed that I did 3 sets of squats and push ups on my own! The week after, I went to the park in the morning and almost finished 2 sets of a program I set up
  4. First week off to a decent start. A few losses and a nice handful of wins: Strength & Agility: Loss: Thursday training session got cancelled, as my trainer couldn't make it, and there was no backup. Normally I'd be all "YAY! I don't have to work out today! I'll celebrate that by stopping by my favorite burger joint on the way home and binge watch something on Netflix!" Which brings me to... Win #1: The weird thing is, this really upset me! I do NOT have enough willpower to push myself through a full training session on my own. But I felt cheated, and in my frustration
  5. Welcome back to the States! That IS a lot of craziness you have going on there - I know, since I moved here from Norway 3.5 years ago. It takes effort to take care of yourself when there are so many other important things pulling at you, such as running your business, taking care of family + + +. Sounds like you are motivated, though, and that's a good start! Good luck! I'll be following
  6. Holy cow! Sounds like your goals to go directly to bed and eating the wisest food choices available really are all you can fit in this time around. No shame in that! And yes, adding water is good too. How about also adding a minute or two a day to just...breathe? I mean, deep long breaths from the diaphragm (did I spell that right??) I understand you're in showbiz - maybe you have dancers or actors who can show you how if you are unfamiliar with it? Add some simple stretches (they can probably show you some good ones here too) to get your blood flowing and I'm sure it will help yo
  7. I kind of stumbeled across this... We had a health event at work in May, and I decided to shamelessly take advantage of a half hour free massage & consultation a chiropractor offered, with no intention whatsoever to buy what he was selling. Little did I know that in addition to being a good chiropractor, he is also VERY good in sales... So in June I started at his center (http://www.triadwgoc.com/) where they also offer group training sessions. Only rarely have there been anyone else there when I go, so I pretty much have a semi-personal trainer! I go once a week for training/alignment bec
  8. Ding! Round 2... Building on the successes and learnings from last challenge, this is what I'll be focusing on for the next 4 weeks: STRENGTH & AGILITY Already working out with a trainer every Thursday (and it's awesome!). Add one day of 30+ min workout on my own every week. (Ex, walk across the street to the Back Bay and do bodyweight or even dance training) @Work: Walk Walk 7x10 mins/week and stretch every 2 hours. (Copy from last challenge - too easy to forget to take these important breaks when the workload is insane) Extra points for every day
  9. Sometimes, finding as much as 3 things to be grateful for every day can be a huge accomplishment. Take care of yourself and be kind to yourself. And I agree with WritingWeaver - that is a great spreadsheet. Good luck with the challenge!
  10. I love how you incorporate the characters from this game into your challenge (and the artwork is just amazing...!) Strong goals you have too! Good luck on them, I'll be cheering from the sideline
  11. Those journals of yours look amazing! I can imagine it is fun (and a bit meditative?) to work on them. I hope you include more of them in your next challenge? Good work on the 103xp!
  12. Thank you, Love_Of_Snuggles! It has been an interesting challenge. I'm not sure what I expected, but I am satisfied with the results. Even where I have not succeeded, there have been valuable lessons learned. Also, having this forum to keep me accountable is a tremendous help! Inktober proved to be too much of a challenge this time around, but I have actively used it to "get back on the horse" after a seriously stressful Summer. Now, a week left of October, I am beginning to enjoy sketching again. Exercising. Amazing that it can be so hard to fit 15 minutes
  13. Congratulations on Well Executed Challenge! It looks like you have made some great improvements, and it really is hard to change a habit! Oooh, Tango! Fun! Well, I've never tried tango actually, but I love the temperament in the dance, and love dancing in general. A GREAT way to stay in shape, as it is so much fun that I tend to forget that I'm exercising and should be tired...
  14. That's just one of those annoying curve balls life throws sometimes. You did everything you could to achieve the camping trip goal, but believe me, going camping when you're sick is NO fun (I've done it - had to, as I was part of the scout camp staff). So put the goal up again for your next adventure and you'll have it to look forward to. In regards to the sugar intake while sick: I have a clausul in my goals (that I should probably include next time). If/when I get sick/have heavy migraines, then anything goes. All bets are off. There is something about the sugar-caffeine-ratio in
  15. We've been singin' in the rain here in dusty, dry SoCal today! What a treat to have that wet stuff falling from the skies for a change. As for my challenge: Committing to doing several different things Every.Single.Day is not realistic for me. Not at this point. It takes a LOT of planning and self dicipline. I'm getting very much better at both than I used to be, but there's still a ways to go... I can say I have either excercised or drawn every day, sometimes even both. Only rarely neither. Eating stuff that's good for me is going much better than expected. Brin
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