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  1. I have to say that with the launch of NF Prime this last week, this was almost left behind. I kept up on the same goals, but I thought I may go that way with the interaction. After scoping out the Prime I I see how it can be helpful to some, but for myself I already paid for all the programs they are giving away free and Discord appears like being in a chat room where I don't know anybody. The live videos can be helpful. Anyway...I want to finish this challenge(which is my biggest goal of this all). 42 total points possible this week 32 points scored
  2. In danger of not getting my 10,000 today I had a choice of sitting in front of the TV or going out for four miles. I took the hard way I dusted Zombies run off in my phone. I have had it on there for well over a year and finally did the second mission today. Seems as good a time as any to start working these into my workouts toward those steps. The other stuff. I woke in the 3am hour and could not get back to sleep. After a meeting this morning for work I fell back asleep and felt like....what I would imagine a zombie feels like the rest of the
  3. Off and running! A cold and windy day in Midwest USA. Getting my steps in was going to be a challenge today. I took off this morning for a walk and just thought about how it is okay that it is a challenge, I'm not walking because it is a nice day. I'm walking because I need to move. I had half my steps for the day done with that walk. The other half came throughout the day and another PM walk with my son. The toughest one here was the water. I am finishing that up as I type this. I nailed everything except strength training today, and that isn't scheduled until tomorro
  4. Thanks for stopping in Flea! That's weird, I suppose it could be possible. Though I was around a log time before it happened. Support said the first time was around when they did an update and it happened to others too if I remember right. Second time was not "resolved." Oh well, it seems to be working now, we'll see if my content makes it through the challenge.
  5. Progress Placeholder Challenge Goals: Nutrition: Track Food Daily (35 Pts Possible) Week 1 7 Points Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Total Score= 7 pts 64 Oz Water Daily (35 Pts Possible) Week 1 4 pts Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Total Score= 4 pts Physical: 10000 (35 Pts Possible) Week 1 7 pts Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Total Scor
  6. It's been a looong time. I left here without really thinking I would come back. On a couple of occasions all of my stuff disappeared from the site. The other day I stopped in to see what was up with this down time in the world and noticed another challenge was beginning. With that, I thought maybe this would help me along as the last two weeks at home have not seen me really get started on all the "plans" of good intentions I would do. Given the time I have, I wanted to be intentional about doing some of the things that I love to do now that time was not an issue. I ha
  7. I believe this is my favorite post of yours ever.
  8. My profile page shows nothing in activity, no matter which way I go about it. I don't know if that only shows so much. My link in my signature was to one of the last challenges I did and that took me to a "nothing to see here" page so I emailed support from that page. I know the last time it happened to me there was a lost challenge. Its as if I never existed. I get no results for me in te search either, yet if I put another members name in the search I get the results of their activity..like a web search.
  9. Hello there, A while back I came in for a challenge my content from a specific month was gone. Now I come back for a challenge and there is nothing to be had in my activity. Is there some sort of pruning that went on? Why does this impact my account and there is other historical data on thie site? I would like to be able to follow my story but apparently I didn't exist, although it says I have been a member since 2016. In fact, it only shows my last post although I have posted twice in my challenge thread. Any help is appreciated.
  10. It has been some time since I have been in here. I older, slower, more tired, all the other stuff...BUT ITS SPRING! Today was the most productive day I have had in a long time. I decided to come in here and found that a new challenge is starting. NICE! I just need to get moving again and eating things that make me feel better. A few weeks ago my son (15) and I signed up for a Warrior Dash race with the hopes that would push us. We have done nothing. The race will be two weeks after this challenge. Nutrition: 64 oz water a day (28 pts possible)
  11. Thanks. I have been bored out of my mind. I feel like I can be at work, but I'm reminded as soon as I'm up and moving around that I'm not 100%.
  12. Thank you for sharing your story. My advice, finish your challenge no matter how much you fall off track. Return next month and build on how you did this month if need be. Advice I need to follow myself. Missing some days can make me feel like I failed, but the real failure is when I just stop because of it.
  13. Started off great Monday! Then Monday night happened. Didn't feel all that hot Monday night and went to bed early. Woke up about 2pm feeling like my whole head was swollen. Had a 7am meeting at work, after that was done about 9 I went home. Went to the Dr. to find I had Influenza A and was ordered home and rest for the rest of the week. On top of that, a separate issue that was leading to the headache was a tooth thing...that I really can't get taken care of until after this week because I'm contagious. So anyway, this isn't my cop-out post. Just a delay and restructur
  14. Looking at the dates on this challenge I noticed this will lead right up until the time Elf will be a regular thing on TV. With that, we have a challenge dedicated to Buddy. That's about as far as i go with the theme thing as I'm trying to cram this in before I go to bed. I feel like I have been living off the elves four main food groups of candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup. It's not a thanksgiving hangover, just been bogged down all fall. as I put in the usual 64 oz water, I noticed i can't remember the last time i just drank water. It's all come in the form of coffee ever
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