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  1. Es tut mir Leid - I am sorry. Ich bitte um Entschudigung. - I ask for forgiveness. For example if you ask someone on the street what time it is: Entschuldigung, können Sie mir sagen wie spät es ist? If you want to apologize for a bad behaviour you can use both.
  2. Hi, I saw you want to learn German. If you would like to have some talks to a real German then ask me
  3. That suits me perfectly. As a teenager I could sit for hours and read. Now I carry my smartphone with me and listen to books when walking the dog or driving around my babyboy in his carriage. Currently I listen to 'Becoming' of Michelle Obama. But I picked up a few real books to read. For example 'Le chut de giants' (Fall of giants from Ken Follett) and 'Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal'.
  4. I know I disappeared. I'm not really god at tracking stuff in the forum. Happy New Year to all Monkey Tamers
  5. Updated the sheet. On weekend I found a source for swedish vocabulary and most important example sentences. I was more busy copying and setting things up for anki than actually learning. Now I will each day review a few cards and replace the English translation with one or more pictures.
  6. There is something else I noticed about me. At the moment I'm relaxed, I have no spinning thoughts and no anxiety. A few weeks ago when my ex boyfriend wanted to visit us, I had anxious thoughts already two weeks before. The day itself was pure stress too. I'm glad that he doesn't ask for he son, so I don't need to deal with him every day. I have also every application for support from the public offices completet. (I have no clue how to describe this correctly in English) 2 of 4 things are granted, rest should be too. It's over a year since I did a therapy to overcome my an
  7. On weekend I found a source for vocabulary for my languages. Most important: There are example sentences. Swedish101pod. There are a lot of other languages too. They offer 7 days for free. I used that to copy there Core 2000 words list. (Had two click a lot of times on 'show example sentences' but okay) Now I can feed my Anki deck with this. I noticed that it's really difficult for me to mix English and Swedish. Swedish has a lot of words which remind me about German words. For example: Anställd means employee, in German Angestellter or the verb anstellen. My little boy doesn't sle
  8. On Thursday my little boy received two vaccinations. He cried load and 5 minutes later his was already talking in baby speach again. But he got high temperature on Friday. Slept a lot and when he wasn't sleeping he was whining. Last few days were exhausting. I had to visit some puplic bodies and the doctor, which both took a lot of time, and then an unhappy baby. I noticed that I didn't care for what I ate or how much. Sometimes I ate nothing over half a day. (I usually eat 5 small meals and get grumpy if I don't eat regularly) And sometimes I ate every two hours something. And I do
  9. Herbology? Are you a student or do you study this for fun?
  10. Yesterday I did 1,5 hours French. In the afternoon I practised Christmas songs on the clarinet and the trumpet. In the evening, I was in the music school and practised together with a few people for an upcoming concert. I skipped Spanish completely. Today I had some other stuff to do. I had to visit a Puplic authority, puplic body... How to I say this? I don't know a translation for the German Behörde. I was home at 3 and after a coffee and lunch I went to bed together with my baby. I definitely want to do some Spanish today. My little one refuses to sleep right now.
  11. Yesterday, I cleaned the kitchen, the bath and the living room (only to find the kitchen floor sullied again today). And laundry... my baby boy produces a lot of dirty clothes.
  12. One question: Does the week start Sunday or Monday in the sheet?
  13. Thanks for setting this up, @fitnessgurl. I have to admit I was too lazy to do it. I will practise trumpet for 30 min a day. I will review my flashcards for Spanish and French and create new flashcards. Let's say 2,5 hours per day. Swedish, Japanese and English each half an hour for reviewing and creating flashcards.
  14. So, I decided to throw my idea of eating slow carb away. At the moment I can't focus on that. My calorie intake lies around 1800 per day. And I try to eat at least 80 g proteins. I go each day for at least one walk, between 30 and 60 min, and do 5 min of exercise. Breastfeeding my little boy requires some energy too. During the last two weeks I lost another 0,5 kg. It's a slow process but it's going forward. I'm a bit proud that I went from 85 kg (with baby) to 72 kg. My little one weighs now 7,3 kg and is 62 cm tall (3 months old).
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