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  1. Akari

    Akari keeps moving forward

    The last two weeks went by in a blur. Work is boring at the moment. I got moved to sales department and the colleague who is responsible for training me has mentally quit. In a few days he will quit physically, too. I've told my supervisor that i needs more tasks because I'm going crazy because of boredom. He told me he has some tasks where he would be glad if someone could do them, but he hadn't had the time to explain them to me. I really like my supervisor. It's an intelligent man who knows everything about the processes in the company. And he is always willing to teach me. Currently, the company is in a process of restructuring. That is really exciting and interesting. It is kinda sad that I will stop working in five weeks due to my pregnancy. But I look forward to my free time before my baby will be born. After work I played a lot of pc. Half the time with a colleague from work. Sometimes we were just talking which helped me a lot with my anxiety. This weekend I made an effort to stop playing all day. I cleaned my apartment from top to bottom. And i took my bike and explored the neighbourhood. It us the suburb of a city with around 100.000 people but it looks like a little village. Lots of small houses wuth gardens. Everything around is green and there are nice ways around the area where you can go by bike or hike and enjoy nature. When i moved at the beginning of april i terribly missed the apartment where i lived the ladt two years. Now I noticed that this area us much more beautiful than the village I lived in before. And I just need 10 minutes to work. On weekend I also grabbed my trumpet and played a bit which I haven't done in months and I painted. I really enjoyed this weekend and I want to keep this feeling and not fall into depression again.
  2. Akari

    Akari keeps moving forward

    Hey all, I'm Akari, a 28-year-old female from Germany. Some of you know me already. I am not very consistant with my challenges but I havn't given up on it yet In January I finished my apprenticeship and since March I have a new well payed job. I really like my new company. The people are really friendly and the best thing is that I can influence things. They have a new investor and this man wants to modernize the company. They offered me already to be responsible for the apprentices in the administration. I am really exiced about this task. But it has to wait after my babybreak. It was a shock for my new boss when I told him that I am pregnant. He is a straight forward man and he said he would have expexted me to tell this news already in the job interview. But I couln't do that. Someone else wouldn't have given me a job. Who wants a woman which stays 5 months and then takes a baby break? There are some other news: I have ended the relationship with my boyfriend. I realized more and more that he is still half a teenager (He is two years younger than me) while I am a grown woman. I want to live my own life and make my own decisions. And I don't want a man to tell me what I have to do what I don't have to do. He didn't take the sudden break easy. For him his world crashed. And so he accused me of not behaving like an adult, insulted me and tried to make me feel bad. In reaction I blocked him on whatsapp. Unfortuatly I forgot about facebook since I don't use it very often. I tried to explain him why I blocked him after he accused me of beeing emotionaly so instable that I would be a thread to my child. He apologized and then he tried to manipulate me again. So I blocked him there too. I don't regret breaking with him but his behavior is emotional stress for me. I know I can't deny him his child but until it's born I won't talk to him anymore. For now I just want to enjoy my single life and my new job. Learning I've started to learn French again by using Memrise and a new app called Fluent Forever. Fluent Forever is out of beta now but it's still work in progress. They have a 14 days pay free trial, if someone wants to try it out. I also try to lean Swedish and Japanese. I can't decide which language to learn first so I do all at once. French: 15 words a day Swedish and Japanese: 5 words a day Nutrition I can't do a diet with reduced kalories now. But I am currently eating for two which isn't a good idea. I want to focus more on what I eat and how much I eat. Planning ahead meals might be a really good idea to avoid overeating. Today I'll gonna make a plan what I am going to eat the rest of the week. Moving At work I sit the whole time. And at home I sit too either reading, learning or playing pc. My goal for this week is to go each day 20-30 min for a walk or to take the bike. To create some accountability for myself I am using Habitica for the past two weeks. Works pretty well.