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  1. Akari: it can just become better

    The new year is already two weeks old. Time is just flying by but it still seems to be an eternity that I need to stay in my company (a little more than a year). My fellow apprentice, the technical drawer, thinks about leaving the company. His parents seem to makes his life terrible and than this company. I'm so sorry for him. I understand that he wants to go but I tried to convince him to search first another company where he can continue to learn his profession, before he quits. This weekend the sun was shining. The last two months there was more rain and grey sky than sun. I went out to go running. Even so it was really cold I felt good and enjoyed it. I just managed to run 1,5 km in intervals but that's okay for now.
  2. Akari: it can just become better

    The positive thing of 2017? It wasn't as worse as 2016. Today I got up at 5, happy that the boring last week ended. On Christmas the whole family annoyed each other like each year. That's why nobody stays to celebrate my birthday on 27th (except for my mom.) This year my sister ignored me completely on my birthday. She's jealous that she doesn't get the whole attention of my mother for herself. After 10 min at work today I wanted already to go home and hide in my bed. The year started like the old had ended. This year I need to change something. Last year I got 10 kg just because of eating out of frustration. If I continue like that I need new clothes next year. Some of my jeans don't fit already anymore. My goals for this year: - lose 10kg weight - pass the halftime exam of apprenticeship end of February with a good result - pass the English exam in March - learn Japanese - read that French book I bought last year - run 5 km at once - be more relaxed in job