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  1. Akari paints herself a brighter world

    Today I wrote a test in Human resources. Just simple theoretical stuff about how do I get new personal. The result I will receive in two weeks. It's always funny to listen what others wrote as answers. Sometimes it's so ridiculous. I hope I'll get a 1 (best grade in Germany). Last year the only 1 I had at the end of the year was in English. With more I can impress my boss. (And I can show that I tried to improve.)
  2. Elinox's Werewolf Workout: Part 2

    @elinox Before you go to France you should figure out how to order some food. I went to Poland in May and tried to learn some Polish before. I was really proud of myself that I could order lunch and coffee using Polish.
  3. Akari paints herself a brighter world

    Friday was really exhausting. I was driving around the whole day: 30 min to work, 4 hours to deliver a package to a client and return, one hour break (without coffee, cause I forgot it home), another 2 hours driving to fetch some stuff from two suppliers. The other 2 hours work time somehow passed without getting anything done. And then 1,5 hours to my parents, which I really enjoyed: half the way was through autumn woods on a sunny day. And at home my dog greeted me cheerfully. At 8 I fell into my bed, tired. My dog came with me a was happy that he could come with me under the blanket On Saturday we celebrated grandma's birthday. It was nice to have the family around. This weekend was like vacation. Btw, on Thursday and Friday I stayed with my nutrition plan and had no sugar. The reward was the feasting on Saturday. Plan is now to eat no sugar till moms birthday in 2 weeks. (I don't count fruits into that sugar goal, but I won't eat much anyway) @elinox I had 5 years of French in school. But during the past 7 years I did nothing, so I forgot a lot. I try to motivate myself to relearn it by reading a fantasy book. That's not so easy. I can deal with every English book but I miss so many words in French. But I have no trouble to follow the grammar even when I can reproduce it.
  4. Akari paints herself a brighter world

    I slept really bad the last couple of nights. I dreamt all kind of nonsense or lay awake a few hours. All because of work. This morning I had the feeling of panic. Do this, do that. Why you haven't that finished already? I told myself to stay calm and order everything by priority. I tried to tell myself that my colleagues aren't pissed because of me but because all the problems over all. All problems literally come from us having no qualified people, while having to many orders. (If our workers would be treated and payed better they might stay.) In the afternoon I should order some special electronic parts. It was really urgent. Without them the biomass combustion plant of one of our clients doesn't run. Without the plant running that client can't produce his goods. Good that someone takes his time to explain me what exactly I shall order. Pure irony! I had no clue. I had an offer from our supplier but not all needed stuff was written there. My boss searched then everything together, so I had just to call our supplier and tell "I need x, y, z." What I don't like too is that it isn't always clear who is responsible for some tasks. Usually one person is responsible for everything related to one client order. But sometimes 3 people at once work on it. I know already everything what is needed to process a complete client order. I just need a bit more practice so I learn to deal with unexpected situations. When the next spare parts order comes in and I know exactly what the client needs then I will ask if I can do it. So I can show everyone that I'm able to do this. Btw I ignored my nutrition plan today and ate sweets. Monday I was dancing and yesterday I made 50 kettlebell swings, which where pretty exhausting. I'm not used to them anymore.
  5. Akari paints herself a brighter world

    @Wobbegong I do an apprenticeship as clerk in an industrial enterprise. I finished already the first year. The exam in February is similar to the final exam. It just counts nothing towards the end. But if I'm good I can ask to shorten the apprenticeship by half a year. I have a book with hundreds of questions to prepare for the exam. 10 new questions per day and I can get through everything till end of February. Half of the topics I had already in school, so it's possible. And then there is the Business English exam in March. I want to practice 2 - 3 days per week. It's not that difficult. Writing offers, business emails..
  6. When I started to draw with Copic Markers I was disappointed. Not enough colours, not the right colours, ... My drawings looked terrible. So I put them aside and didn't used them for almost a year. Now I gave it a new try and searched the internet for tutorials. I found out that I not only can mix the colours on paper but also on the pen itself, without ruining it. When I showed my drawing to my family they were impressed. My sister shouted out: now you need to post that on Facebook and then you become famous. I'm far away from that. Goal for this challenge: each day a little drawing or a part of a bigger one. I also thought about making a calendar. I have one where all months and days are imprinted, but with empty pages. I could gift it to my family on Christmas. Nutrition: In the past month I ate a lot - out of frustration, out of boredom or because cake and chocolate taste so good. I'm now at 68 kg. Last year I was down to 62. So, next four weeks no sugar, no white flour, except on one day in the week. Instead meat, fish and vegetables. Just 3 meals per day. Training: Monday: Dancing All other days: one day bodyweight training, the other day running Exam preparations: I need to continue to prepare for exam in February. And I need to prepare for the tests in the next 3 weeks. Language learning: I want to continue with my French book. Each day one page. Trumpet: 5 minutes per day to train my lip muscles again