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  1. Ink Slingers - NFers in Oge Mai

    That's AMAZING!!!
  2. Ink Slingers - NFers in Oge Mai

    Dude even if you wrote nothing for the next three months your word count would still be flabbergasting Most of the writing is from RPing that I'm doing (wracks up a surprising number of words), but I copy paste them in. Also trying to bash away at a podcast that I thought of, just as a fun side project. Pshhhh. (A lot of thought goes into the order of those letters) (Okay maybe not a lot of thought just a moment of thought)
  3. Ink Slingers - NFers in Oge Mai

    HASHSADJ Ya'll impress me endelessly
  4. Ink Slingers - NFers in Oge Mai

    3 desert wignows towards Air for the week!
  5. Ink Slingers - NFers in Oge Mai

    sdfghj did i only just manage to get my monsters in? But this time, desert rudakai here I come!
  6. Ink Slingers - NFers in Oge Mai

    I got 4 Frizi, so 2 towards the monster count, and an extra two, worth 1 point each
  7. Ink Slingers - NFers in Oge Mai

    I managed to grab 3 Frizi. I'll get another two tomorrow, and hopefully get some Rulo to get the points in as well.
  8. Ink Slingers - NFers in Oge Mai

    Also, correction, the Desert Wignow I got yesterday actually count towards Air, not Fire. So I might continue with Air and grab some Frizi today.
  9. Ink Slingers - NFers in Oge Mai

    I mean, sure you have to get a ton of points for the individual challenge, but WHAT
  10. Ink Slingers - NFers in Oge Mai

    I got 2 desert wignows, towards fire, and should hopefully grab another three tomorrow!
  11. Ink Slingers - NFers in Oge Mai

    lmao why did i say earth? imagine all the words that wouldn't be immediately useful ... As I'm in 3pc I'll try and grab some fire monsters instead!
  12. Ink Slingers - NFers in Oge Mai

    asdfgh this week has been hectic with no writing (im so tempted to use stempos for three days and do all 444*3 writing today to make up for it) but Im here to tackle earth and get those monsters for us!
  13. Infinity Moves

    I'm moving out of the Rebels! Because I feel like this challenge is more focused on movement, which I feel is more assassin-y Last challenge was a mixed bag - good on the learning and the water, less on the running and the exercise. So, I've been working with my instructor for this month about this, and because his alias is based off the water god (or perhaps it's the other way around), he's going to be putting a focus on getting me to move smoother and stronger. I think that most of my habits are linked to when I actually get out of bed, (because I'm currently in my gap year and have no job because I've come back from travelling), so that will be one of my main points. Also, taking advantage of the sunshine while it's around in England! Oh, here's the background to what I'm talking about when I say 'my instructor': Also : Heres the email that the new instructor sent to me for this next period. He'll be training me for the next seven weeks (this week, the challenge, then the two summer rest weeks), so I'm looking forwards to it! Poseidon Instructor ㅡ 21 May 2018 To Infinity, I don't care what your previous instructors have thought. I don't care what the future ones think. You have this period to impress me. You seem to have impressed the Director, to the point where they will be providing this time, but they haven't learnt your name yet. You have to be consistently impressive, and continue to be when you get hired. I'm generally considered more lenient, but that's only because I offer better rewards. I also offer worse consequences, and the line from one to the other is more narrow that many others. I will continue to with the thing of checking in regularly and grading you weekly, but the letters don't count as much as what they bring. For example, if you perform well in this trial week starting from today, I shall be assigning you to a basic mission in the following four weeks. If not, those four weeks will become less enjoyable to you. And not just due to my instructions, but due to the accountability I will be assigning. Your training with the C25K that you started with Hades will continue. While you fell behind, there's time enough with me that you will be able to maintain it. The ocean is wide and you need both speed and stamina to survive on the earth. Complete it, and you can put £50 towards a microphone. Go ahead and print a picture of one out and stare at it. You can only buy it if you succeed. If you don't, you have to put aside £50 to give away. This can be to your sister or the church or to someone who is in need at that time. Print out this resolution and stare at it. As for your smaller exercises, they will change. Your daily plank time has increased to 20 seconds, in one go, but instead of a Daily Dare you have to do a set of stretches from GMB, or a yoga routine. Both would be best, and will provide you with extra points towards your reward. For every point you get over the required 14 a week, you get £2 towards buying a new book. For every two points under, you have to donate a book. You can print this one out as well if you'd like. Being Poseidon, I'm also going to keep watch of your water intake. I know that Hades said it was settling into something good now, but I want to continue to monitor this. Your current water bottle is 750 ml. Drink two a day. For every litre in a week above that, you can have 500 ml of something that isn't water or milk. This can be interspersed or used all in one go. For every 500 ml under, you have to pledge to do a night of dishes. Even if you cooked. Also, I'm going to be adding an extra section - do not eat sugar. You are allowed two exceptions a week. For every meal or snack with sugar above this limit, you have to cook a full meal. In summary, C25K Stretching & 20 second plank 1.5 liters water <2 sugary foods ttyl, Poseidon