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  1. Infinity.Creates

    Starting at the End w/ Infinity (Dungeon Crawl)

    I'm DONE with essays for this year. That crazy week is finally over, and I spent two hours cooking this gorgeous lasagne (probably not that long but you know), and then hung out with some friends in the media center then went to McD with other friends, then played card games, then played some Mass Effect 3. Some nice relaxing, and I went on a proper walk for the first time in a week. As for all my challenges, they sort of got dropped over the course of the week in the desperate hope to make my essay writing as best as possible. And now half of the goals will have to change because my situation has also completely changed. I think I'll get something new up by Sunday, maybe with a story post - depends on how bored I feel tomorrow, or whether I spend most of my time with friends.
  2. Infinity.Creates

    Choosing my Class and Continuing the Rebellion

    I was in New Zealand this past year for my gap year, though I only managed to tour the North Island. I really want to go back and explore the South, though I'm not sure when I'll have the time or funds to do so I have never been to Spain despite living in England, and it is on the to do list. Where are your favourite places?
  3. Infinity.Creates

    The Silver Archer: Chrysalis

    YOU MADE IT!!! Congrats! In all honesty, everytime you mention NASA I'm filled with awe cause that sounds like such a cool place to work and so official.
  4. Infinity.Creates

    Starting at the End w/ Infinity (Dungeon Crawl)

    I love philosophy, so these are all really interesting to talk about, they're just very rushed, which is putting a heavy strain on my enjoyment and I don't have enough for the wordcount
  5. Infinity.Creates

    Starting at the End w/ Infinity (Dungeon Crawl)

    Don't worry, you're stopping my brain from melting
  6. Infinity.Creates

    Starting at the End w/ Infinity (Dungeon Crawl)

    I'm just too used to being able to wing it and still get good marks, and the lessons I learned in A level seem to have not stuck in. (Then again, those were for exam revision and there's a reason I'm only doing modules without exams now ) Each topic is pretty interesting, but I just don't have enough time to research them in enough detail to really get into why I love it. I'm writing four essays (well, I've written two now), the first on normative philosophy in debates of politics, the second on whether children have a right to love, or merely to desirable care, the third is on whether or not society still has mythology, and the last is on whether or not neuroscience has proved that there is no free will. Each is interesting, but I feel like im underselling myself with how rushed they are, which is also making me not enjoy writing them or enjoy the process.
  7. Infinity.Creates

    Choosing my Class and Continuing the Rebellion

    ... That's actually super amazing and inspiring. I feel like discipline is one of the hardest things to ever learn, but once you understand it, you become unstoppable. And you've done the Camino? It's one of the hikes that I'd love to go on one day (the list also includes the PCT, Te Araroa, and the Great Himalayan Trek), but where do you want to adventure in the future?
  8. Infinity.Creates

    Annyshay is Feeling Festive

    WOOP WOOP! There's always going to be chaos happening somewhere, but the fact that you are still on top of everything is even more amazing. <3
  9. Infinity.Creates

    Starting at the End w/ Infinity (Dungeon Crawl)

    *hugs back* Well, it's my own fault that I'm in my mess, so I'm dealing with the consequences. I'm halfway through my essay for today, and it's already 5pm. But I need it done today so I can do my essay on free will and neuroscience tomorrow. Thankfully, I also have Friday morning to review and edit them all, before they're due in at 3pm. After that, wooop, christmasssssss. Nothing to think or worry about till January comes around again!
  10. Infinity.Creates

    Scripture Memorization for the Soul

    ... No matter how buried deep in research He is there New verse idea, anyone? But it's been really good for me in this week of essay writing to just surface and read over something I already know, and just find it refreshing me. It's a nice one to sit with, and taking a break with ScriptureTyper in the middle of writing is really comforting and a good break.
  11. Infinity.Creates

    Starting at the End w/ Infinity (Dungeon Crawl)

    I'm taking a break from all this essay writing. I was going to do an update yesterday, but that fell through with vague panic and lots of essay planning and reading. I've got one essay due in on thursday and three more due in on friday. A total of 6.6k words to submit this week. I've gotten 1k through yesterday, but I have another 1.5k to do this afternoon, then 2.5k tomorrow, then 1.3k on thursday, along with edits each morning. Eek. i honestly need to learn to never do this to myself again because it destroys me for the whole week, and I know the quality of what i'm producing is really not as good as it could possibly be. Admittedly, this is first year, so all I need to do is pass, and all I need to do for that is write on the topic for the word count. But even that is a bit of a struggle sometimes. And if its worth doing, its worth doing well, but I procrastinate until the last week and a half, so its impossible to do that well. I also just haven't been a normal level of hungry these past few days, probably due to recovering from a mild bout of a cold, but it means I've been eating later than I want to, and so go to bed late, and so wake up late, and then start the day late. But eating earlier is rejected by my body, and I'm just not hungry enough to eat anything I should. But I'm just gonna get through this week and then see where everything is at again.
  12. Infinity.Creates

    Starting at the End w/ Infinity (Dungeon Crawl)

    If it only takes January, I will be very happy But I think I'll ask my family for accountability and hope that I have the energy to cook some of my own meals. Though I'm definitely looking forwards to not shopping on such a tight budget (I just wanna buy some of the more expensive vegetables, and some seafood. Oh salmon how I miss you.) It helps that I mainly wear black, right? Now just to keep those chains off and keep moving forward!
  13. Infinity.Creates

    The Silver Archer: Chrysalis

    That's always an amazing sign for any story, and for yourself!
  14. Infinity.Creates

    Lucky Fire Dragon keeps going

    This is really interesting, and I really want to read it in more detail now!
  15. Strike looked up as the door behind her closed with a heavy thud, followed by a click of the door being locked. She had three weeks to find her way into the center of the maze, and retrieve a laurel wreath that was rumoured to be hidden there. Baron von Wittenish had been sending poor souls in to look for it since he had gotten into power, determined to find the wreath that his great grandfather had told him was magic. And now she was the latest of the unfortunate, all for the crime of having defended a friend. Admittedly, she was defending Ido from the Baron's son, Jeoffrey, and had managed to put some force into her voice to flay his skin (it couldn't be magic, she couldn't be magic), but this was as near a death sentence as anything else. It was only because her father, Bran Ghallanda, had managed to petition the king with his many connections that she wasn't being executed via hanging. Letting out a shaky breath, Strike struck a match and lit the torch they had thrust into her hands just before closing the door. She would need to find some left by others if she was to continue being able to see at all. Then, peering into the gloom, she started down a hallway that echoed with past fears...