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  1. Infinity.Creates

    I Am Infinite - The Experiment

    My reasons to - survive the apocalypse - live my best life - become strong - not just survive, but THRIVE : 1) To travel / hike comfortably 2) To keep up with others 3) To physically help others 4) To feel more confident 5) To overcome body dsymorphia 6) To not be burdened wherever I may be 7) To best fulfill God's calling
  2. Infinity.Creates

    Infinity Wakes

    The challenge is ending, and it has been a rollercoaster in my life, if not in my challenges. They sort of fizzled by the second week, and with it came a host of different challenges. But that doesn't mean I'm going to give up, merely adapt and try again. I'll list those in a new challenge thread, but I wanted to end on a bit more introspection. Purpose has always been something that has seemed rather .. elusive? It's common to be praised if you've had a strong dream since your childhood, because then you have the most time to work towards it. When you're really good at one thing, then it's easy to pursue, and easy to get praise. It's easy to focus your energies in one place. I've been amazingly blessed with the gift of learning, and with a freedom to do whatever I want. But as Sylvia Plath said in her poem The Fig Tree, too much choice is easily paralysing. I've begin finding a purpose in media and design here, but it still feels like I haven't scratched the itch. I've also been noticing, when I get up every morning (though this past week has been really bad due to depression and sleeping 10-14 hours a night), that if I don't have anything to get me out of bed, like a specific appointment, it's so easy to not even try. I mean, for me, God is the one who makes the path and I just have to take the steps, relying on Their strength, but without knowing what the end goal is, it is so easy to stop walking for a little while. I don't actively know where I want to be in ten years, and though I trust in God to get me where I need to be, it is tiring. I think it's also tiring in that it means I want to take advantage of every opportunity, and struggle to say no to new things. My attention ends up divided in so many places, and I'm trying so hard in each of them, and I easily overwork myself. I don't know how to stop myself from doing that, or even if I need to. And instead just need to learn some moderation?
  3. Infinity.Creates

    Infinity Wakes

    I'm incredibly busy this term, but I'm actually in a pretty good place. I'm not too worried about time management or the food I'm eating or getting a ton of exercise in. They've all sort of slot in place, and it feels like being fully responsible for myself has eased the responsibility - in some backwards fashion. I have to buy all my own food, so I'm less likely to buy something that will tempt me. I'm not going to worry about writing, or drawing, or running, or korean, or music - not right now. These are distant desires - and if I work on the beginning of my day (when I know I'm most productive) the rest should begin to slot into place. But this time round - I'm going to be focusing on the foundation of the day - my morning routine. My goals are to : #1 Wake by 8am #2 Journal #3 Read my Bible #4 Memorise the Bible verse I will do this every morning (I can drop one a week just for flexibility). If I succeed, I can buy the perfume I want. If I get less than half, I will drop £5 from my weekly budget. If I get something in the middle, I will go to Whistable with a friend and buy them an ice cream.
  4. Infinity.Creates

    I Am Infinite - The Experiment

    Lotzo here! Young, unfit, and fearless on this attempt to kickstart my future. I want to be able to travel the world, to trust and feel confident in my own body. I want to be able to climb mountains without heaving and huffing. I want to push myself in diet and exercise. I want to become stronger and better and face challenges. I'm currently balancing school and work and fitness and diet, which is honestly quite difficult. It doesn't help that I'm also balancing depression, anxiety, and ADD. Hopefully NF is going to give me the motivation and discipline to get myself into fitness. I've already being doing a ParkRun (5k) every week, been writing a diary since January, and have a beautifully organised set of bookcases. However, last years school scores were utterly terrible and I need to get my academic act up. I also want to gain enough strength to run a 10k obstacle course (WolfRun) in April, and loose enough weight to comfortably do week hikes in next October. My battle log will keep track of my stats, my challenges, and anything else I feel is important. But this is it for now, So, there may be more, but for now, conquer yourself and make physics itself obey you! ~Lotzo