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  1. Essay Submitted after modifying the question and procastinating on it until the literal last minute, but it is off into the obscurities of the marking system, and I didn't even have to pull a single all-nighter! Insane to think that I'm now finished with uni tho. Still gonna stay in town with my flatmates to encourage them (one doesn't finish till the 27th May eeek), and work on my own proejcts and do some gaming and basically the same thing that I've been for the past year 😅 There are some thoughts to be had but I will probably process them in a year, for now I'm breathing out a sign of relief for my final long essay, and going to bed
  2. Thanks! It's been interesting to read and prep for, it's just the getting it all written part now that's the slog :/ I'd share an excerpt if that wasn't against plagarism rules :P But, 24 hours and it'll be gone out my mind! I think I'm going to celebrate with a full day of gaming? 👀
  3. Oh it looks comfy! And I adore the number of Terry Prachett books!! I think I'm missing the two most recent books, but me and my dad always pick up what we're missing from second-hand stores, which has been slow for the last year 😅
  4. It's good to see you too friend! ❤️ All the flowers this time of the year are so beautiful, I'm defs gonna have to follow your lead and go on a walk to take some more photos soon. And 100% celebrate! Working through it, especially when accepting help, is really good! Also your singing is beautiful ❤️ (hey, Elsa must just work out well) 🎶
  5. Keep it simple, keep it safe When would you ideally like to be able to do yoga during the day?
  6. Caffine headaches are the absolute worst, but how much do you normally drink? Would it make more sense to just try and cut out a single cup a day?
  7. All three sound like fun ideas! I never got past Stranger Things season 2, but hey, sometimes you need a reason to do even fun things.
  8. Sounds like a good birthday! Only three books is an impressive amount of restraint, though I've started looking into books that you sort of have to have? As they come with inserts and things (ergodic books). Which book did you buy for yourself?!
  9. Did you manage to get the bed assembled by the time to sleep?
  10. Climbing fun! I can't wait to get vaccinated so I can feel comfortable going to the climibing gym again - though I mostly stick to easier routes and train my fear of heights, and take the exercise benefits with it At least you didn't drink the togurt Greek yogurt has the most tempestuous fridge life I get scared even when I'm 80% certain it's not off. And Horizon Zero Dawn!! I got the pc version but I think my laptop is a bit too poor for it, it ran but I ended up shifting to AC:Valhalla and watching the entire series on youtube instead 😅
  11. Hey, at least you're riding the waves of the changing stress!
  12. Hopefully that means the vaccine's working as intended and well! Sorry to hear you got such a rough time of it :/ But lilac bushes! I love the purple-blue hued ones :D
  13. Let me know if I've flubbed this opening, the forum has changed a touch in the hot second since I posted outside of anything but my Battle Log ( and even that was intermittent at best ). But yes! I'm here, crash landing, thumbs up outside the crater hole I've left in the front yard. Half-way through a challenge, in the midst of changing things, but when aren't things changing and challenging? My final essay is due on Friday (3k, 99% unwritten), which is mad to think about. I joined the forums when I was starting this uni business (in philosophy), and I'm less than a week off from finishing it (unless I go down the Master's route, probably in Journalism, which is looking more and more plausible). I've realised I'm non-binary (they/them pronouns y'all please), I've had an internship, I got fired from a different internship, I've been diagnosed with ADHD (real recent - only a couple weeks back, have yet to start titration for meds), I've had my first experience with counselling, I lost some weight, I put weight back on, I truly only leave the house once a month, I'm learning to code and pentest, I built myself a dice box for my dnd games, I'm halfway through a playthrough of every Assassin's Creed game, I - Okay, summarising major things from the past three years but also just since I last posted (I have no idea when that was) is exceptionally hard. The dice box is the most recent and the one that I'm most proud of, but I can't wait until lockdown eases and I can go to a makerspace and laser cut some wood to make a more permenant version (I've found out about this thing called a living hinge that I really want to experiment with). The essay, for anyone interested, is on exploring the critcisms of modernisation projects which sparked revolution in Iran and South Korea in the 1980s by comparing the books Shah of Shahs and The Old Garden. Fascinating stuff. I just do not have enough time to finish it and I am getting stressed, despite how interesting it is. Whether or not I get a first in this essay sort of determines whether or not I get a first in my degree because of how close to the border I've managed to do it. Oops. Which all goes to say that I cannot make challenge goals for myself just yet, as I'm still climbing out the crater hole. Once my essay is done, we shall see how it goes!
  14. https://app.thestorygraph.com/profile/ebdcce08-e917-4388-8bef-5ebdab400643 Books read in 2021 : 3 Monthly Breakdown January -- 2 February -- 1 March -- 0 April -- 0 May -- 0 June -- 0 July -- 0 August -- 0 September -- 0 October -- 0 November -- 0 December -- 0 Goals for 2021 : 91 books * 150 books
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