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  1. Infinity.Creates

    Emma sweats

    You've got this!
  2. Infinity.Creates

    Infinity - a space ninja

    I went on a really nice walk today with my parents and sister, 7.6k in 1.5 hours. Which is a pretty fast pace, though it was on v flat ground for most of it. It didn't really do anything to remove my fears, but I'm resting in that my mother, sister, and God will all be on that hike with me, and even if it's long and doesn't fullfill the purpose of a hike being fun and beautiful, it will be a memory to share with them and the others I'm going with. I also bought new shoes before heading out today, and did a bit of a trial run. I think I'm going to add (or switch) the sole to one that I've already used, or one that's a bit softer. My feet feel really raw, and I'll also have to switch up the socks as well. It feels like so much planning for just a two day walk, but I know I'll regret it if I don't.
  3. Infinity.Creates

    Infinity - a space ninja

    !!!!! Look at you go! How's the revamp been treating you?
  4. Infinity.Creates

    Couch to 5K - 30th March 2019 to 1 June 2019

    That sounds beautiful! And probs more fun than a ParkRun
  5. Infinity.Creates

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    I don't understand meatloaf ;D
  6. Infinity.Creates

    Annyshay: Endgame

    This one and Avengers Assemble are my fave!
  7. Infinity.Creates

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    I wanted to learn arabic so I could read signs and menus, but asking people turned out to be enough. How many languages are you sort of interested in learning?
  8. Infinity.Creates

    Infinity - a space ninja

    I haven't really been on since the last big challenge, and I kinda miss it,but am struggling to justify the cost How many days along your streak are you now?
  9. Infinity.Creates

    Akura's Champion Trial

    Or can you relax the other things? Also, I figured out Link's class .... HES A BARD Chain-shirt is the highest armor that Link ever gets. The major spells he gets are all song-based. Bards are proficient with Longsword, Shield, Shortbow. Yeah, strange for a mute to be a Bard, but he is definitely a Bard. He casts spells through the power of mystical instruments and has decent combat stats. "Use Magic Device" is a class skill of course, allowing Link to activate all sorts of magic stuff even if he doesn't fully understand the magic behind them. (off reddit)
  10. Infinity.Creates

    Infinity - a space ninja

    Ninjaasss in sppppaccceee Oh you got the one year wings??! They look so good!!
  11. Infinity.Creates

    Infinity - a space ninja

    The plans for next weekend have been finalised - the penultimate weekend for the Offas Dyke that I've been doing for about three years? My walking everyday has been in part training for it, but I think it's made me more nervous. It's 20km on the first day, and I currently average 4kph on flat ground, and the Dyke always throws us terrible terrain, so if I go down to 2kph, it's gonna be a loooong hike again, and it's tiring me out just thinking about it. I'm gonna tackle it, and I'll get through it, but I hike cause I enjoy hiking, and I really want to enjoy that weekend...
  12. Infinity.Creates

    Emma sweats

    Ooft, good luck with Holy Week! One of my friends sings in two choirs, so she's being shuffled around a lot. I used to play the viola in a church band (interdemoninational student church), but I always loved how the classical church music sounds.
  13. Infinity.Creates

    Assassin's Den

    Big mood.
  14. Infinity.Creates

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    imo korean is easier than arabic, but I think part of my problem was discerning each individual letter in a long string in Arabic. But the beginning of the language really isn't too hard. (Lol Arabic is something I'm gonna focus on after I finish formalising my knowledge of Korean grammar) But then again I did pick it up whilst in Jordan, so idk how hard it is to learn properly
  15. Infinity.Creates

    Infinity - a space ninja

    I guess @SkyGirl gets some for it being on her thread? But thanks The coolest kind of ninjary?