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  1. Focused Flexibility current BAP Deep Squat : 4 / 10 Crosslegged Sitting : 8 / 10 Longsitting : 3 / 10 Supine Hip/Knee Flexion : 3 / 10 Crossleg Hip Rotation : 9 / 10 Shoulder Combined Motions : 5 / 10 Prone Backbending : 7 / 10 Neck Motions : 9 / 10 Areas to work on : Longsitting & Supine Hip/Knee Flexion Stretches to incorporate into yoga
  2. Daily Routine : 9 : Wake-up 10 : Exercise ( Cycle M/W/F / HomeFront Sun / Yoga T/T/Sat ) 11:30 : Bible ( CJB / Torahstudies / Life Study / Creative Liturgy ) 12:30 : Lunch ( Wrap / Burger / Noodles ) 1:30 : Korean ( Textbook/Workbook / Diary ) & Coursera ( UKP / Website Building ) 3:00 : Art ( Iterative / MDJ / Other ) 6:00 : Dinner ( Cook on ? ) 7 : Relax ( Games / Signal / Elementary )
  3. I don't feel like committing to anything or even really interacting with anyone, so this is going in the Battle Log. My last post was from before uni started, getting ready to leave and start on a whole new adventure. I'm now over a month in, taken up a position role in the student TV, not joined any of the sports clubs or gym, become more organised but also have worse executive dsyfunction. I've gone from saying ' I definitely don't have ADHD ' to 'I probably do ' to 'I definitely don't ' to 'I probably do' during this over the course of watching multiple documentaries and eng
  4. If you double click on the image in the text box, you should find a property box pops up, in which you can change the size!
  5. So far, it's been interesting. Work is finally over, and its kind of bittersweet. It wasn't an amazing time, but I got settled, and it decent. Marketing is not something I see myself doing in the future, but it was useful to learn. I'm packing all my stuff this morning and moving back to uni this afternoon, and I'll be set on a whole new adventure by tonight. Change and moving is always odd. The journalling hasn't happened, and I've definitely been using my hand as a notes pad, but I've got the pages set up and I've written some basic stuff. Creative stuff has been happ
  6. Whiskey is just smooth and warm while wine is so vinegary (there is the occasional rose that I like) and beer is so flat. And thank you!
  7. *bookmarking this whole thread to use as essay inspiration later on* Whilst I generally approach it similar to Tank, that expalation fits perfectly well. The entire point of us being human and not robots or slaves was for us to have choice. Otherwise God is just moving us around like pieces on a board and that denies the other truths about God?
  8. I personally am in love with metaphysics and particularly the questions on free will and consciousness. It's sometimes incredibly challenging as a Christian, but the ways it interacts with philosophy, physics, biology, neuroscience, psychology, anthropology, etc are absolutely fascinating. I think if I'd taken English instead of Philosophy at A-level though, the intersection of society, mythology and religion would be super fascinating and something I would have ended up looking more into!
  9. Thanks! Creativity is so important but so harddd T.T And beer just tastes like the smell of a toliet mixed with watered down apple juice. I have tried beer other people have said is good, but I've never really been a fan of any alcohol other than whiskey. I'll drink cider and champagne because they're sweet and fizzy. :D
  10. I shall have to check it out, thank you! I hope your migraine gets better, though your brainwork does just seem so - so frustrating.
  11. Offas Dyke is a 14 day hike that goes along the Welsh English border, and is determined to go up every high hill it sees along the way T.T I know that my favourite place in Wales is probably not that near you, but its a small beach called Fairbourne. Often not too populated, and is a really nice bit of ocean. And that does sound like a wonderful bit of support <3
  12. I'm glad to hear it. Whilst the interview podcasts are interesting, I really want to be in an AudioDrama? Something along the lines of Welcome to Night Vale, Lore, Wolf 395 or Ars Paradoxia. The acting part within the Voice Acting is half of why I love it. And I'm glad to hear you're back on the track! I definitely know the feeling of ignoring something cause of the guilt (hey, pile of posters I need to make by tomorrow .... ) but you're right, the guilt shouldn't be making the choices!
  13. Heyo, and thanks for the welcome! I always loved doing the Daily Dares, though partially just for the creativity of the exercises they come up with. Today is something that looks like a mermaid? Walking outside makes you walk faster and feel less tired, but also the steps counted from just going up and down the stairs are just daily stuff, like walking to and from the kitchen. OUtside will allow me to actually stretch my legs. Thankfully, I'll be living 15 minutes from campus, and 15 minutes from church, so if I find something on Saturdays and go to uni everyday, I should be good!
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