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  1. Infinity.Creates

    I Am Infinite - The Experiment

    I don't feel like committing to anything or even really interacting with anyone, so this is going in the Battle Log. My last post was from before uni started, getting ready to leave and start on a whole new adventure. I'm now over a month in, taken up a position role in the student TV, not joined any of the sports clubs or gym, become more organised but also have worse executive dsyfunction. I've gone from saying ' I definitely don't have ADHD ' to 'I probably do ' to 'I definitely don't ' to 'I probably do' during this over the course of watching multiple documentaries and engaging in NeuroDiverse Twitter. There was another attempt to have a therapist, and it fell through again. My body and self issues have gnawed through the roof and it's sometimes quite hard to navigate them. My major one right now is this 'people don't want to talk to me' belief. A couple bad conversations and crash goes the esteem. I'm lonely. Sort of. I have plenty of really good friends and some good support systems, but there is no one that I really vulnerable with, and its something I crave after the amazing time at DTS with total vulnerability. It's led to this increased craving to be dating someone, which is also coupled with the desire to not be left behind, especially now I'm 21 and still have never kissed / dated anyone. Creating is hard. Finishing creations is near impossible.
  2. Infinity.Creates

    I Am Infinite - The Experiment

    Lotzo here! Young, unfit, and fearless on this attempt to kickstart my future. I want to be able to travel the world, to trust and feel confident in my own body. I want to be able to climb mountains without heaving and huffing. I want to push myself in diet and exercise. I want to become stronger and better and face challenges. I'm currently balancing school and work and fitness and diet, which is honestly quite difficult. It doesn't help that I'm also balancing depression, anxiety, and ADD. Hopefully NF is going to give me the motivation and discipline to get myself into fitness. I've already being doing a ParkRun (5k) every week, been writing a diary since January, and have a beautifully organised set of bookcases. However, last years school scores were utterly terrible and I need to get my academic act up. I also want to gain enough strength to run a 10k obstacle course (WolfRun) in April, and loose enough weight to comfortably do week hikes in next October. My battle log will keep track of my stats, my challenges, and anything else I feel is important. But this is it for now, So, there may be more, but for now, conquer yourself and make physics itself obey you! ~Lotzo