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  1. Got a new job towards the end of last challenge and life went WHOOSHUPUPUPANDAWAYYY. In the good way. Now to balance training and... more training. This means cutting taekwondo to once a week or less, but still working in conditioning to keep up with the class--not to mention the sheer volume at my new job. Goals! Stamina. The early bird must learn to be a night owl for shifts. Skill. Full inverted sit-ups on the bar. Make it happen. Stability. Maintain sanity and control at all times. Bring it on. Will probably post once a week to update, but this is a tight time with job training and completing my tea sommelier cert at home. And still working on back kicks. In all honesty, I'll probably spend more time on your thread than mine. It actually keeps me sane. =P
  2. 24 hours ago I was heading off to the airport after a Tea Sommelier certification class in Long Beach. Spent the World Tea Expo drinking tea, eating steak, and making good on a promise to my master that I'd practice forms and kicks. Could have done more of both, but isn't that the way good training always feels? It's freaking hard to try 30 kicks on one leg in the sand. Also went on a treadmill for the first time in years. And screw it, it was fun. (Granted, this was because no one else was in the hotel gym and I could run in sock-feet.) Hooooboy am I overdue for happies. But this Expo was such a blast that I was doing it in my head anyway, zeroing in on the blessings and positivities each day, so I get a pass for the week. Back to the grind tomorrow.
  3. 100 freaking burpees? You are the man. Also congrats on the handstand progress! Been working on those as well, and in the same boat actually regarding the microbalancing off the wall. I still can't get the hang of a kickup, though. One leg will find that magical little air-anchor, but the other never wants to follow. Airbending is hard.
  4. Yes! It's like slapping someone in the face with your feet. Follow it with a roundhouse and you're essentially giving your opponent a double backhand.
  5. Also posting here for accountability: beach house training. Master Mac recommended working up to 30 kicks on each leg--roundhouse, side, stepping side, to prep for back kicks and hooks. Homg hooks. So much fun.
  6. Thank you, bro! Been packing like a mad thing for the World Tea Expo, so there goes a week+ of happy backlog. Just. Lots of stuff going on right now. Many apologies.
  7. Took the week off NF to study, and it paid off. NASM certification get. That counts as happy for the whole week and a while longer.
  8. Also thinking of trying a crazy experiment: cutting out everything in my MWF conditioning except shrimp squats, chinups, and core work. Thoughts?
  9. Thanks, Kishi. =) There's a lot that's not so happy, but it seems more productive to post the good parts--makes the bad ones seem smaller. Likewise, glad to see you're doing well in your own challenge. Sunday happy: 1) Took myself on a date to the Met. The exhibition was dizzying, requires future visits. 2) Stopped in Central Park on the way and practiced forms. Made progress on palgwe il jang, and glad I still remember ki cho il bu. 3) Bake-'sperimented an utter failure, but it was worth it for the discovery of coconut flour and practicing various frog stands while waiting for the thingies to turn out.
  10. Also, how is it that social media only realizes you exist when you post an update regarding taekwondo? (Oh wait, because you don't update about anything else, except the World Tea Expo and fandom ships that have sailed.)
  11. Lots of happy to catch up on. Holy truck, can I even believe I'm saying that? Happys for the 23rd: 1) Thirsty Thursday heralded all my favorite customers. All of them. 2) Tried inverted situps and did not die. 3) Made progress on personal projects. And yesterday: 1) Got hand-tipped by a customer for making/bagging her drink. Sweetest. Lady. Ever. 2) Broke two boards with a stepping side kick-- 3) --and now I'm an orange belt. Which leads to being very, very thankful for today. 1) Assisting the Dragons class. Have you ever raced a 5-year-old? Try half a dozen of them, three times over, and then tell me the world isn't something beautiful. 2) Huge learning experience with today's taekwondo birthday party, proving once again that my master (henceforth known on NF as Master Macaroni) is awesome. 3) Learning to balance on back kicks. Will never cease to be amazed by how muscle memory can be translated into new forms. It's just like learning languages--take familiar roots and apply new accents. Case in point: back kick. Today an old ballet memory clicked and suddenly, "Wait, this is a pirouette!" Now it's all about sticking the landing. In sum: "Horse stance!" said the martial artist. "Two-point!" said the equestrian. "Plié!" said the dancer. "Chair pose!" said the yogi. "Squat!" said the gym teacher. "...Ow," said everyone else.
  12. Dude. He's in first grade already. High. Five. Bro.
  13. /highfive, bro. Glad to have you on here, for what it's worth. How are the GHRs coming, btw? Happys for today before I toddle off to bed: 1) Bosses liked the hand-drawn menu I'd been working on (thinking it'd be temp until the official Photoshop one gets made) and they want to clean it up and put it up for the season. This is a big deal for someone who gave up being a studio art major for anthropology. 2) Stepping side kicks hitting with an actual, "WHUMP." And getting my belt stripes. =) 3) Re-discovered Coeur de Pirate:
  14. Happys for Sunday: 1) Got through season 1 of Once. Sticking it out until Mulan shows up, then peace out I need to catch up on RuPaul or something. 2) Saw a friend, one of the few who comes by regularly to my job so that I have some semblance of social life. Bro keeps me grounded--and it's always fun talking about kids and teaching. Also started reading Supple Leopard while waiting for him, so double awesome. 3) Went back to an old Spanish castle with paper and pen. Rarely write or draw outside of work/studying, so... =) Happys for yesterday: 1) Sparring. 2) Realized huuuuuuge form error in my stances/punches/kicks/everything: I throw my head forward before every motion. Yay for form breakthrough--but how the heck do I fix it? 3) Stalking Kishi's thread for conditioning/training inspo. (Hi Kishi.) Happys for today: 1) Spent half the day freaking out that my back was being wayyy too mobile after bridges. Then realized how little lat work had been done recently. D'oh. 2) Chugging through that NASM text. 3) Activated glutes! Somewhat. It takes some serious coordination to get them at the same time as pelvic floor muscles, dang.
  15. Congrats congrats congrats! Please give your kid an extra hug from me, and looking immensely forward to hearing how school goes. I had a brief stint assisting pre-K at a fancy private school, still miss it sometimes.
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