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  1. Week one summary: So my first week on my first challenge went pretty well I feel. Apart from Sunday when I needed a rest day, I hit my goals everyday. At least 15 flights of stairs climbed everyday (usually 16). Now that the neighbours are getting used to my strange behaviour I quite enjoy doing these after work. Step count was always over 5500, going as high as just over 7000 on Saturday. Washing up the dishes has been very satisfying, especially come the following morning when I have walked into a nice clean kichen. Filling out the
  2. Day Two Results: Floors climbed: 16 Steps Taken: 6194 Timesheet: Done Washing Up: Done Went out for the evening and didn't get home till late, found myself charging up and down stairs at nearly midnight, just to get them all done. phew!
  3. Hiya! Goodluck with your first four week challenge! I always try and get an hours reading in before bedtime as well, helps to relax the brain a bit before sleep, and usually means I get a much better nights shut eye.
  4. Even though I live on the ground floor, my apartment building goes up another two floors, so once I got home from work yesterday I was scampering up and down the stairwell for a quarter of an hour. Got a few confused looks from neighbours getting home from work, but I got them all done! As for the steps, I walk to work and take a walk around the estate at lunch time, then another short walk after dinner got the job done. Bodyweight workout 1B last night as well, so proper tired by bedtime. Day One Results: Floors climbed: 15 Steps taken: 5871 Timesheet: Done Was
  5. That's a good idea, thanks for the pointer.
  6. Hi guys, This will be my first four week challenge since joining the rebellion, so really keen to make a positive start. For my fitness challenges I decided to go with the following: Walk at least 5500 steps a day. I only need about 2000 steps to get to work and back, so going to have to make an additional effort to find the extra steps necessary. Climb 15 flight of stairs a day. I live in a ground floor apartment and work in a first floor office, so normally only do 1 or 2 flights a day, Life style challenge: Do the washing up after every m
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