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  1. what's that? you're just gonna happen to be in Mpls the weekend of Dec 13-15? and are gonna take my extra Doomtree Blowout ticket? right on. also: whiskey cures stress. also: yer fuckin' awesome as per usual.
  2. yeah....looks like tweaking my back at work during summer may be more than a muscle/ligament issue.... have a referral name from my fave spine surgeon. in the meantime no squats, deads, overhead press- essentially no lifts that increase axial load. So, bench is going well. HA. i am supposed to be doing bodyweight stuffs to continue increasing core strength and flexibility, but they aren't nearly as fun as lifting, so i've been really slack. and i have a belly! which is kinda awesome because i never have aside from being preggers but also UM WHAT. like, i was actually really enamored
  3. oh man! SO MUCH GOOD DISCUSSION in this thread!! ha, every single thing i started to say in my still-imaginary post y'all said! So all i have left is DAMN WALDO!!!! SEXY BEAST MUCH? i mean, i knew you were a badass and have always been nearly as impressed by your avatars as your wisdom, but wowza. <3 GREAT topic, anivair!
  4. Squats still just feel "weak" - plan for tomorrow includes adding back in core type stuffs. Borrrring. But necessary, i think.
  5. Wednesday 21aug 6pm Midway Racks all full; had to git er done to get coolant for my car and bus back to work so no squats. Bench 45# x 5 55 x 5 x 2 60 x 5 55 x 5 x 2 45 x 10 x 3 and time's up
  6. hmmmmmm i am missing a couple workouts.... i had one a week after the last post but no notes. last week: (monday or wednesday? i can't remember) Squat 45# x 5 - 30 sec pause at bottom, atg 55 x 5 x 5 60 x 5 (last 2 reps hips came up a bit) / 5 / 5 Bench 45 x 5 55 x 5 x 5 shoulders really tight! ---------------------------- Monday 730pm 19 August 'hood gym Squat 45 x 10 55 x 5 60 x 5 x 5 Benches were full so OHP 45 x 5 x 5 whaaaat -- the very last two reps my elbows wanted to wing out a bit but i was pretty impressed hahaha. i'll be feeling it tomorrow for sure! Deadlift to w
  7. My problem is that there is not enough of a difference between 50% max and 1RM at the moment hahahaha I HAD TIME TO GO TO THE GYM FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LIKE TWO MONTHS Hooray!!!! 02 August Friday 8pm Midway All things squatty-like were full, so Bench 45# x 10 55 x 5 x 5 45 x 10 45 x 8 felt SO GOOD55# was hard by the end, so i guessed ok in how much to deload heh Squat 45 x 8 55 x 5 x 5 felt horribleform was good - have been doing MWOD#1 and bodyweight squats at home to keep it up, but ever since I tweaked my lumbar spine twisting at work a few months back, squats make me feel wea
  8. Correct. Too busy to do more than check in on my people here and there Yep, your wife is delicious!
  9. Naw, I think it's the sauce in Chicken Fajita Pitas at Jack in the Box Oh man, sooooo many great memories of the Science center and that IMAX!! I was just thinking about that the other day; that the way I remember the science center in Seattle, it would be an awesome date spot. The science center here, not quite as much.
  10. Oh no! Wow. For someone as active as you, I can imagine it *will* be a challenge! Rooks you're doing great out of the gate as usual
  11. You not doing a challenge this time around?

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