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  1. Sorry, I've been really busy lately. I have something scheduled literally every day until the end of April and I don't expect it to slow down in May. If you guys do set something up, I'll see if I can make it, but I don't want to influence decisions with my schedule.
  2. This was locked for a while, so see Mitten 2...
  3. Well, in all fairness, we are all actually serial murderers. If it makes her feel better, though, you can tell her that I went to high school with you and I never murdered you in all of those opportunities.
  4. I haven't posted in a few days, so I'll get caught up with them here. I'll post my progress for today either tonight or in the morning. DAY FIVE - 10 diamond push ups, 10 divebomber push ups, 25 wide-arm push ups. Pull ups on Friday are a repeat of the day that you had the most trouble with. I chose to do Wednesday considering that I couldn't do the wide-grip pull ups at all. This time, I decided to start with the hardest and work my way to the easiest to see if I could get through them all. I got through the wide-grip pull ups without issue. I got through the regular pull ups without iss
  5. The question about form comes from the fact that, if you are running correctly, you shouldn't be applying enough force to your heel to cause a stress fracture. I don't doubt the increased risk of bone injury from running in Vibrams, but I am wondering if those numbers might be higher due to many of the runners not using proper form while running, e.g. maybe 3-4 out of the 19 would have increased edema instead of 10 of the 19. I doubt they kept track of the running form, though, so that's all just speculation.
  6. We haven't set anything up yet, but I'm guessing we are celebrating my wife's birthday the first weekend. After that, I'm free.
  7. Like I said, the 16th won't work for me. That's fine if you want to have it that day, though; I'll just catch the next meet-up.
  8. I've got cards against humanity in my car. That should make for an interesting night.
  9. Sorry, I just found out a friend is coming into town and we'll probably be spending time with other friends in the area. I'd be down for that. Can we have a bench press competition?
  10. Side note: We are going to be doing a Harlem Shake video at work. I need some ideas for the video. I want to keep my spending to less than $50, but I need ideas for costumes and dance moves to use.
  11. DAY FOUR - It was a weak morning for push ups, which is kind of strange considering I woke up without DOMS. 12 Diamonds, 7 Pikes, 16 Wide-arm. I started out with pull ups at the gym tonight to make sure I was at full force for those. I 9 training sets of 1. I thought the goal was 9, but it was actually as many as you can do. That's ok, though, because my form was starting to take a hit on the last 2 and I was having a hard time getting that last inch to go over the bar. I'll just make sure to do more next week. Next was deadlift. I went to my previous best of 225 and did 1x10. I increased
  12. It sounds like their intention of the study was to have the runners follow Vibram's instructions for starting running in their shoes. I guess the point is that runners who switch over to the shoes and don't run properly or don't ease into it enough are going to get injured. However, this study wasn't mean to (and doesn't) take into account people who learn to forefoot strike and progress very slowly with their running.
  13. That's St Patty's weekend and won't work for me. The 29th and 30th are Easter weekend, so that won't work either. Other than that, pretty much any weekend works for me.
  14. http://goo.gl/maps/ROihv
  15. That depends...is seating going to spontaneously combust?
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