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  1. Welcome back, @AlaCrimsonTide2006 ! And thanks for the warm welcome guys. Can't wait to redo my challenge, haha! At least I can make it more challenging this time around
  2. Er, hi guys! Its been a while but, erm, I'm back.. So I feel awful for being such a big part of the community and for being so enthusiastic about this site - only to suddenly disappear from the face of the earth. I promise that I have good reasons, though! Hence why I'm back, ready-and-rearing. So some of you may know that I was dealing with some health issues and hoping to get back up to a healthy weight again, whilst getting stronger following my diagnosis / lack of diagnosis / misdiagnosis. Still with me? It was all going alright; slowly progressing - an
  3. Thanks for checking in on me, aw! There were a few complications so I've been back in hospital, but got home today. Overall, I'll be in a lot of pain / on strong painkillers for the next few days but after that I should be back to my self. I also managed to sod up my stitches and got a firm telling off, haha. Despite being in a lot of pain since the procedure (which will fade over the next week) I can already feel a noticeable difference in my heart defect (or, you know, lack thereof now). I guess I'll figure out how much of the fatigue has been alleviated next week since these painkillers ar
  4. @IAmInfinite and @~RedStone~ (you two really are the best XD ) @zeroh13 Me too! Haha. But feeling so much better today than yesterday; at this rate, I should be back to normal within two or three days!
  5. So had my op yesterday and thus spent yesterday being checked over and stitched back up, plus the anaesthesia didn't agree with me, so wasn't allowed to take my tablets, go for walk, etc, like you'd expect. Buuuuut I'm going to mark them as done because it wasn't that I "didn't" do it, its that I "couldn't". (Yay for self-forgiveness) On the plus side; this is one, huge step to recovering from my health condition. This ought to alleviate me of anywhere between 10% and 75% of symptoms over the next few weeks; as well as other lifestyle changes I'll make. WOOOOOO!
  6. Post-op! I've never felt as ill as I did afterwards but now home and very, very giddy on painkillers. But this is the first step to reclaiming my own body again. :D  

    1. RedStone


      Like for reclaiming? Looking for clues, but overall hope that this is an important step towards something even more important <3 

  7. Hey guys! Been a bit MIA the last few days; got one more check-up at the hospital later today and will hopefully be back on here more. I think the stress and anxiety of it all has really pushed me into some old habits, namely destructive eating ones. Suppose I'm just struggling with a desperate need for some control? *sigh* Anywho, will be working on it and trying my best to overcome it in the next few days, I suppose.
  8. I have! I actually cosplayed as Asuna at my last anime convention! Although I had no idea that it was the same voice actor!
  9. Wooooo, such great progress! Congrats on having no chocolate especially; I failed at that one today, haha! Funny how you begin to tune into your body and work out when you're actually hungry, etc, isn't it? Anywho, super well done!
  10. Ooh, nearly missed this post (lol)! I got a few seasons in but stopped about three months back. Going to start again, but all the way from the beginning because man its such a great show! I watched the dub too (I have a strange fascination with Natsu's voice in the dub, although all of the voice acting is great!) so I don't want to switch to sub either, haha!
  11. Damn, good question! I like that; I was about to say that its bound to get people talking, but it already has! Hehe. I put far too much thought into this (yelp) but I would say... Lucy Heartfillia (Fairy Tail) Elsa (Frozen, although I wish I was more alike Anna!) Amy Santiago (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
  12. Eep, just realized I wrote a bit of an essay! My bad! But no need to thank me! Here to help! *more internet hugs*
  13. I think that so many of us find ourselves slipping up one day and running off-the-tracks, and then feeling crazily discouraged as a result to the point where we think "well now there's a blemish on my perfect record on my journey to a super clean, super great lifestyle, what's even the point?". That might just be the iddy-biddy perfectionist in me talking. Often it isn't even our fault; either our bodies get in the way, or anxiety creeps up and throws your plans into discord. I suffer with anxiety and whilst it is so much better now, I would be lying if I said that there isn't an uphill battl
  14. Thank you, @six1! So the last two days have been spent feeling a bit, er, I've been suffering pretty badly with my anxiety, and fighting on through. On the plus side, I'm finding a few patterns so hopefully I'll be able to talk to my doctor or figure something out? Maybe I just need my medication twitching a tad, although its probably down to a lot of the recent medical findings weighing too heavily on my mind. On the not-so-good side... it has impacted my challenge a little, and since I've only just begun it can so easily feel discouraging to see myself slipping up so e
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