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  1. I found that reducing lifting to three days a week (instead of the four to five I had been doing) helped tremendously. I end up working out around 5 days a week anyway, but two of those days are spent doing whatever floats my boat. I actually look forward to lifting now, where before it had definitely become a chore. +1 For taking the time to make your decision either way!
  2. Day one is officially in the books! Hoping that I can keep up all this good momentum. Think positive. Managed to fit ice cream cake into my macros without going over. Huzzah. Drink less. Nary a drop. Bro more. Trying to schedule something for this weekend, but the wife and I have tickets to a performance on Sunday, so a hike is doubtful. Will probably use Saturday as a family day and hang out with the kid instead. Dad more. Stay consistent. Greyskull 1 of 3 is in the books! Hoping to get in some bonus cardio tonight. Bench Press: 45x5, 65x5. 85x5, 85x5, 85x10 Pendlay Row: 45x5, 65x5, 85x5, 85x5, 85x10 Squat: 45x5, 70x5, 95x5, 115x5, 115x5, 115x10 DB Alternating Curl: 45x15, 45x15, 45x15 DB Lateral Raise: 25x15, 25x15, 25x15
  3. I'll take it. I need all the help I can get!
  4. WEEK 0 RECAP! Think positive. 100% - Really hard to find good things to say. Wasn't expecting this to be so challenging. Drink less. 100% - Will tighten up rules a bit for the official challenge. Bro more. 0% - Many more opportunities to get this in. Stay consistent. - 100% - Only four more weeks to go! Cutting back on social media has made it much easier to stick with the program.
  5. Think positive. AHHHH! Need to play some catch-up. I had a busy weekend. Friday, we had food and beer for payday at work. I managed to stay within my calorie target for the day. I can't remember the last time this happened! Saturday, took over kid duty from the wife so that she could get in some pamper time. Sunday, I really wanted to laze around with the wife but managed to accomplish a bunch of chores instead. Felt good to knock some things off of the to-do list. Drink less. Had booze on Friday and Saturday, both within challenge rules (out and about and with others). Need to work on the amount I drink when in an after-hours party type situation. I don't do it very often anymore and I seem to have lost the ability to pay attention to how much I've had. I think I'm going to add that rule to my goals for the "real" challenge. Bro more. Hike was canceled. Will hopefully get one in this coming weekend. My normal hiking buddy will be gone though, so we'll see if I can con someone else into coming. Stay consistent. Greyskull 3 of 3 for the week completed! Overhead Press: 45x5, 55x5, 55x5, 55x10 Chin-up: 65x5, BW+2.5x5, BW+2.5x5, BW+2.5x3 Squat: 45x5, 75x5, 105x5, 105x5, 105x10 Overhead Triceps Extension: 25x10, 25x10, 25x10, 25x10 Rope Face Pull: 45x10, 45x10, 45x10, 45x10
  6. I've just recently gotten into hiking. Not sure why but I've got a bee in my bonnet all of a sudden. It's a form of cardio I enjoy, so I try and get out at least once a week but that usually ends up being once a month. I'm in prime hiking land but will not be conquering a new mountain tomorrow... new boots and all. Thinking about a 8-10 miler.
  7. Think positive. Had the opportunity to eat pizza last night with dinner. Finished off my cobb salad instead, and ended up having some room for a piece of banana bread later in the evening. Holy crap, I do have some self-restraint. Drink less. I had a cocktail. Wahoo! Totally social and wasn't my idea. That's one drink (within the rules of this challenge) this week. Bro more. Hike destination chosen. Will be breaking in some new boots... hopefully this isn't a terrible idea. Stay consistent. Defeating Skeletor tonight.
  8. I like how you modified your routine in response to gym burnout rather than dropping your workout all together. I need to learn how to do that!
  9. It'll be interesting to see (hear?) how your wife does with French with Spanish already cemented in her head. My wife is fluent in Spanish and finds she tries to pronounce all the romance languages as if they are also Spanish.
  10. Think positive. In an effort to combat recent work down-in-the-dump-ness, I decided to do something about the whole "I don't know what I'm doing" thing. Hopped online, found some free edumacational stuffs and started learning. +1 for getting off my bum and doing something. Drink less. Yup. Still dry. Bro more. Nada new to report. Stay consistent. Greyskull 2 of 3 done for the week! Bench Press: 45x10, 75x5, 75x5, 75x10 Pendlay Row: 45x10, 75x5, 75x5, 75x10 Deadlift: 95x5, 115x5, 135x10 Barbell Curl: 50x10, 50x10, 50x10, 50x10 DB Upright Row: 50x10, 50x10, 50x10, 50x10
  11. Sorry to hear about your fish friend! #repsforjelly
  12. I really really really want to learn fire staff. Love the challenge. Here to cheer you on!
  13. Anyone can join the mini, yes?
  14. Think positive. I had a super rough day yesterday. I've recently switched jobs and it's been challenging. Also had a difficult day of parenting. Also felt gross and fat and weak. Combo of work + home + body image left me super down. Then, instead of wallowing after a couple of hours of wallowing, I actually talked to my wife about it and... felt better. Who'd a thunk it? Drink less. Still going strong. Water still sucks. Bro more. Hike scheduled for Sunday morning! Stay consistent. Defending Castle Greyskull later this evening.
  15. I'm feeling a ST:NG vibe for the next challenge... Thanks for the encouragement! BEST IDEA EVER. Don't think I'm going to drink anymore water than usual, BUT I'll be chuckling now when I do manage it!
  16. According to reviews it really gets going in Chapter 4... Good luck!
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